Small business websites win or lose their prospective customers within the first few seconds of their arrival.
Pictures are worth a thousand words, to cite the old cliché, and this adage is especially true with your small business website. Business websites require a form builder that makes it easy to collect information from customers without having to pay high rates to webmasters every time a change must be made. Yes, the bare bones version is free, which includes enabling you to do your own web design for a small business all by yourself, and without having any knowledge of programming or software coding. If you are a small business owner or stakeholder, you are likely focused on a specific geographic area, be it your hometown, your neighborhood, your county, your state, or even a very discrete market segment where there are few players and customers and the competition is fierce.
Doodlekit makes it easy for you, as an owner or manager of a small local business, to build and maintain your own website. When picking a domain name for the small local business website you are building, you should select a name that clearly identifies your business or the goods and services you are providing. Make your contact information visible on your home page, and consider including it on all of your pages by making it part of your site's standard template. A free business website helps organizations because they can be created without the task being expensive or time consuming if one has a cohesive plan for the website’s design.
The first step is to make a simple sketch reflecting the basic appearance that you want for the free business website. The second step is to identify keywords through which the search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing can find the free business website. Thirdly, identify a suitable small business website provider such as Microsoft Office Live, Google site, Moonfruit and Weebly. One has many options in setting up the free business websites and there are factors to consider for you to identify the best option in terms of complexity.
Animated image transitions, beautiful animated drop-down menus, file manager, & more gives you an elite image and powerful functionality. These are just a few of the powerful Applications that can be added to your IconoSite, totally FREE. Small Business Kick Starter , Kick Start Your Sales From an Updated Website For Your Business! Call (650) 241-9789 and Get Started Today – Initial SEO Included – Website Submitted to Google, Yahoo, And Bing ! Web Design - Web Portals - SEO - Bay Area - Silicon Valley Portals, LLC serves the Bay Area Peninsula and offers web design, web development, web portals, scalable business solutions, affordable online marketing, online ad management, graphic design, marketing campaigns, eCommerce solutions, content management systems CMS, mobile application development, and Search Engine Marketing SEM, Search Engine Optimization SEO, lead tracking, website analytics, and services that grow internet traffic, Call us today at (650) 241-9789 for a no obligation website analysis. If your state is participating, you’ll be able to find how to get your free website by performing a Google search with “(State name) Google Intuit Free Website Program." I live in Texas and found my website quickly (see screenshot to the upper left). This is especially the case if they initially find you via a search engine query particular to the goods or services you sell.
You can’t even think of selling a product or service unless the customer can see what she is buying, or she is given a visual of the service she is seeking. First things first, you need not only the best website on your block or turf, but your web design for your small business can’t take up all your time.
In other words, Doodlekit makes it easy for you to connect all your social media accounts in one place.
It has been said that President Obama won both terms because of his campaign’s support and involvement with Facebook and Twitter. What we are saying about the necessity of your small business website builder being tied to social media is a reality.
In short, we help you do it all yourself, even if you have no real computer or programming experience. Of course this assumes that the exact name which will serve you best is available, and many times it will not be.
In other words, if your phone number, fax number, email address, and physical address are not visible, you may lose a potential customer.
This is why you should consider keeping your local small business website's footer consistent on all of your pages. A complex option is needed if the website will form the basis of your online business and a great deal of resources and time may be involved in the development of the website. However, there is a company that now allows you to build a free small business websites for free! First off, Google opted not to use their website building tools (Google Sites) and instead chose to partner with Intuit; makers of the widely-used accounting software Quickbooks (do I smell another merge in the future?).
All of the participating websites for each state are basically the same with sponsors at the top and the “Get Your Business Online" motto. This is why small business website builders must offer you, the owner or stakeholder, the ability to place images wherever they are needed on your site, be they the header, a representation of your logo, or pictures of what you are selling out of your shopping cart. A good form builder allows you to do a number of boutique things, depending on the nature of your business. Especially if you are a one man band, or have more than your fair share of administration and operations duties, you don’t have hours on end each day for sitting at a computer screen. When visiting your website, assuming it is a Doodlekit website, your customers will have single click access to your small business’s Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

He captured more eyeballs faster than any of the competition relying on print, radio, or television.
All you do is sign up, and spend a little time learning how to use our point and click interfaces.
Because you are running a small local business or just starting one, and are not a professional web designer, it is easy to occasionally miss a few obvious points.
No matter where people look, especially vendors doing credit reference work to determine whether you are worthy of credit terms, they can find your true business name and cross reference it with the business filings registered with your state's corporation commission or secretary of state.
With numerous templates, tools and applications that are available, a business website can be created within a few minutes.
For example, the home page must identify the small business by name without a lengthy description. Hence, read about their customization and features limitations launching the site designer. A business owner can create a website via the state link and Intuit walks them through 1-2-3 easy steps to get a business website up and running in no time.
If you are a distributor or manufacturer, you need to be able to build Request for Quote (RFQ) forms particular to your business. Maybe, for it depends on your needs, which include a number of variables, such as your customer base, the nature of the services you provide your clients, the kinds of goods you distribute or manufacture, as well as how you sell and deliver your final product. You have to be out there selling, doing deals, pricing materials, and staying in the fight. You can give a hands-on try with our intuitive editors and applications, which are geared for simple management of text, images, recordings and videos. The problem is that the Internet has been around a while, and there are millions of domain names in use out there. If a product is being sold, contact information must prominently feature in each page while the ecommerce shopping option needs to be available to visitors. The deal is a free website for one year and Intuit offers 40 business templates to choose from and like most easy-to-use website builders, it’s simple to start and maintain yours. For this reason, you need a header image cropping tool that is easy to use and fast, so you can edit your header or logo until perfection is attained.
Customers need to be able to give you specific types of information, hit submit, and have their requests land directly in your email inbox. In the end, if a very simple business home page with blogging capability will do the trick, the free builder may work. Via our tools, anything you post on your website can easily feed directly into your Twitter and Facebook, and other social media accounts.
Because everyone is connected to social media today, namely and especially your prospective and return customers, you need to be there too!
They have gone from being newspaper readers and hand shakers, to being terminally connected to their smartphones. You can even use our template wizard to custom build your local small business website from scratch! The industry standard is to include the legal business name of your small local business in the footer of each of your website's pages.
Founded in the year of 2006, the company's goals is to ensure that people have the opportunity to share their information on the internet with a high level of ease and efficiency. Also free is email support for 30 days from Intuit (Intuit says emails are answered within 48 hours) or you can “upgrade" to phone support, although it doesn’t say how much that costs. If you provide a general service, you may need to be able to provide your customers with booking times and dates on your calendar.
If nothing fancier than a simple business Internet home is needed for your customers to go to find your phone number, email address, location, and a general description of what you do or sell, and you have no need for a direct domain name, you will likely be satisfied with the no charge version.
When you have something to announce, special discounts or coupons to offer, or otherwise wish to publish new information about your goods or services, how they are provided or delivered, you only have to say it once. They don’t just chat face to face with people that are physically in front of them any longer. For that matter, anything that is of primary importance to your small local business needs to be easy to find, so when building your website, always put what you want your customers to see right up front, so they have it before their eyes the second they land on your home page.
As you continue to make, preview the site to be ensured that the links are working and effectively utilize the spell checker option with the text for business website.
To date, well over 12 million individuals have successfully learned to build a website for their small businesses and personal pursuits. It also doesn’t say how much email support costs once the 30-day free support offer is over. Nevertheless, if you do have requirements for complex web design for a small business, you may wish to sign up for a free website just to test drive our tools and editors.
Publish your blog on Doodlekit, and it’s already up and out there on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Instead, they are constantly looking down as they are walking, or even driving, or riding the subway.
The point is, given what your local business is doing or is planning to be doing in your town or neighborhood, you want a domain name your customers will identify with you, or what you sell, or the services you provide.

For instance, if your business is focused on selling a single product on the Internet, you need to have a picture of what you are selling, and a BUY NOW button clearly displayed at the top of your Home Page.
You’ll quickly surmise just how easy to use and user friendly all of our point and click interfaces, editors, image and video uploading tools, and template wizards really are. They are in constant communication, but not in the old style which was in fashion still only a few years ago.
What you are selling has to be easy to see and even easier to buy, with as little effort as possible. If possible, use a different computer and web browsers to look and publish the website to determine whether it appears as you made it.
In short, our offering you a free website builder version of our product is one of our many ways of convincing you our shopping cart solution, forums, advanced content management and formatting systems, user registration portal, social media integration capabilities, and form builders are well worth the low price, no commitment, we charge on a month to month basis for our more advanced plans.
We want you to see just how easy it is to build your own website with your own hands and how little time it can take to do a whole lot. The Internet tells them a lot more and a lot faster than paper mailers being stuffed into mailboxes once every 24 hours.
They are continually texting and checking on the goings on of their social circles, the happenings, even passing along any good deals they hear about which small businesses like yours are offering on their websites.
If you don't believe using Doodlekit is as easy as we tout, then we invite you to sign up for your own free website for local small business plan. We’ve made being in control of small business websites a reality for owners and managers who do not possess advanced computer skills. It does not matter if you are interested in adding text information, pictures, high quality videos, or even maps - you simply take the components that you wish to add to your website and drag them to the location that you prefer within the website builder program. If you are not sold, we are pretty sure that you haven’t yet bought into the fact that just a small business website may not be all you need. Today, the things small businesses sell and the specials they offer get out there the fastest when they are announced on social media. Fewer trees are being cut down for the paper that once went into sales and marketing endeavors.
You are more than welcome to try us out for free, to see if you like our tools and are as convinced as we are that you can build your own website without ever having taken a single computer course in your life. You do not have to install any type of complicated software in order to successfully construct a website.
We know that if you like it you’ll sign up for one of our more advanced plans if they are needed.
As soon as your customers and prospective customers hear about what you are offering, they tweet or FB all about it within seconds.
To emphasize, we know what it means to keep customers happy just like you do because we too are a small business.
It all goes straight to the eyes and ears of their social media circles and friends, and then they pass it on!
We confirm you are who you claim to be by sending you a verification email address, and within minutes of your response you are on your way. By constructing an official looking website, you are bound to get larger amounts of traffic. When we say free of charge, no commitment with no gimmicks, no contracts, or cancel any time, we mean it.
We don’t take an iota or whit of your financial information as a precondition to your signing up for a free trial or free site and giving us a try.
You are getting with the times, being “liked,” positively reviewed by people with lots of social media friends, and generally getting lots of referrals via texts and posts! Not only do you have the ability to customize the overall appearance of the website with a theme of your choice, but you may also customize the fonts of the text within the website, the color of the text, and several other components of the appearance. We only take your credit card at a later time, and only if you sign up for a paid website option. You’ll take a sale where the sales are made, even if they are no longer tied to cutting down trees! The company ensures that they offer each and every single individual the ability to obtain service quickly and easily. Not only does the company provide a wide array of helpful tutorials that include step-by-step directions and screenshots, they also offer one-on-one customer support.
When you are finished playing around with your new Doodlekit after a few fun and addictive hours, we wager you'll more than agree we are the best website builder for small local business in town! If you have a desire to build your online presence and want to do it in an inexpensive manner, Weebly is the best way to go!

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