Social housing provider QSH Ltd has become the first website provided an ongoing hosting and backups service by Friendly Creatives, along with gaining a refreshed new website (enhancing the look and content of their existing site), and graphics for their social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) and homepage slider, and a new high-resolution version of their logo.
New-look, modernised website styling and navigation, based upon existing graphics and content from the client’s previous website.
Ongoing hosting, backups and updates, plus twice-yearly reports into what changes and improvements can be made to the website and what they might cost.
Promotional graphics and other improvements to launch the QSH Facebook Page and Twitter feed.

We also previously provided training for QSH to run their own WordPress website more effectively, as discussed in this article. Ian has provided an excellent service working with us to develop our website and help it to grow.
We use the latest web hosting technology, our hosting platform is built in clusters for top of the line reliability. Friendly Creatives, FriendlyWebStarter and IQK are trading names for Ian Kennedy and where applicable partners.

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