Previously, Microsoft Outlook for custom domain was top in providing free email hosting since November 2005.
Since the two biggest players, including Google Apps for free and Microsoft custom domain, ended the free email hosting for domains. On the next page you will have to create your first account and verify your existing contact email address.
This will be another simple form asking for name, email, username for your custom domain, and password for that. The domain I added is hosted on HostGator and the DNS (hostgator provides) is also managed from the cPanel. If you want to receive emails in your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or Mobile devices then the following details you will need. I was planning to start using Zoho for my new domains, thanks for providing a wonderful guide.
Can email IDs created on ZOHO be opened in Gmail or it will have its own webmail interface?
Thank you so much for your valuable time and efforts to put in a great and helpful article. Anyone interested to sign up for zoho email hosting AND get 5 bonus users which brings the total to 15 instead of 10 mailboxes? There’s an on-going promo which allows both the sender and recipient of zoho mail invitation to receive 5 extra mailboxes. Sep 16, 2014 By Tuan Do 2 CommentsYou are probably aware that both Google and Microsoft ended the support to create free custom domain email and use their services to manage email addresses.
You can verify your domain easily using one of the 3 methods, adding a CNAME record, adding a TXT record or uploading an HTML file to your site.
As I’m using DigitalOcean, I can easily add the new MX records by going to my dashboard and choose DNS to edit my domain. You will be navigated to your account’ control panel where you can manage users, groups, access to different services, etc. If you prefer accessing your emails on email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, you can easily configure it to work because Zoho supports both IMAP and POP. I’ve been pulling my hair trying to make my NAS a mail server to no avail but this is a much smoother solution! Web hosting south africa domain free website builder, Web hosting south africa only r49 per month. We have an collection of Unlimited Free Web Hosting Free Domains Easy Website Builder in various styles. It’s been almost 6 months since Google closed off new free accounts for its Google Apps service.
I’ve recently been working on setting up a few new domain sites for a small company, and this resulted in me looking for free options. This is where Zoho & Windows Live Domains come in, and they have the analytics to prove it. With Zoho and Microsoft being the only two players left in the free game, how do they compare?

If an organization primarily uses email and Microsoft Office, Windows Live Domain hosted email is a winning choice.
I only ask as I have seen this exact response on several forums and it looks like it is not a genuine comment form a genuine user. In the post Free Outlook for Custom domain and Google Apps, this is the most reliable and free service available. This contact email is required to activate your account and reset your admin password, in case you forget in future. I was disappointed to read Outlook no longer is providing free domain e-mail but this lead me to Zoho which offers just as much as Outlook and they look more suited to businesses and that’s what I need. I’m using free Google apps for my domain as of now but I need one for my client so decided to go with Zoho. Do u know if it’s possible to still use the existing outlook account that I have and create the new ones with Zoho, or do they all have to be provided from the same service?
This is bad news for webmasters and startups because sometimes we just need to create a custom email for a single user.
They are offering 4 different packages, I’d recommend you to try with the free option first and upgrade it later to paid packages or to Google Apps or Outlook when your business needs to expand.
You just can add your existing domain because the option to buy a domain is available on paid plans only.
This is the most important step and you should strictly follow the instructions so that you can send or receive emails properly. You can click on the drop down list on the bottom to see detailed instructions for your hosting provider. Then you can start trying the web interface of Zoho Mail here or install its mobile app to use it on your smartphone.
Here is some inspiring pictures about Unlimited Free Web Hosting Free Domains Easy Website Builder.
Despite the change, both Microsoft and Zoho have stuck to their guns and continued to offer free domain email & other services. In a somewhat recent blog post from Zoho* it reported a 100%-200% increase in registrations immediately following Google’s termination of its free apps program. Well the first thing to look at is the user number, storage, and other administration features. Sycing between their IMAP server and my own laptop (I use Mac Mail) is silky smooth, and fast.
As most probably know by now, the newest Mac OS — Mavericks — essentially broke the native Mac Mail app with regard to Gmail.
Here is how to Setup Zoho mail for your custom domain email hosting.After shuttering Microsoft Outlook for Custom Domain there only a few options remaining for free email hosting.
I had wrote aboutA setting up Outlook Custom Domain but since the free option is no longer available people started asking me about hidden tricks to get it for free. If your DNS provider is listed there then you may check the help article, in case you need. You can ignore this step if you don’t need your old emails or you are creating a new custom email address on your domain.

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Further, in lieu of Google’s absence from the free domain apps market, Zoho has recently increased its maximum users from 3 to 5. This is no surprise, but it really goes to show that there is a huge relatively large market for free domain hosted email. When I compared differences between apps found on both hosts, Zoho still seemed to come out ahead. Most people seem to blame Gmail itself for this, citing Google’s wonky implementation of the IMAP protocol. So in addition to having a bunch of my own domained email addresses served through Zoho, I also have Gmail forward all my Gmail mail to my Zoho address as well. But you will probably need a web hosting and know how to upload the file to the root directory of the domain.
If you are out of time or these things complex then you may hire me to do all these things. In this step, you should also add a SPF record (Sender Policy Framework) to identify which mail server is authorized to send email on your domain. Because of this, everything else offered in the suite is just extra stuff that is almost never utilized.
For example Zoho’s calendar has a ton of more features, and the interface is much more intuitive.
This allows me to access all my email — both my own domained email and my Gmail — through my laptop’s Mac Mail app without ever having to deal directly with Gmail’s wonky IMAP servers. This service is provided by Zoho and already been featured on various top blogs and news sites. Not only this but if you already have active service then soon you will not be able to add more users to those domains.
When I ask someone about it, it’s always the same response – “Why should I pay for extra stuff I’m not using.” One could argue that Google Apps Gmail alone is worth the $5 monthly fee per user, but when you’re a profitless startup with 5 employees and that is all they use from the service – it can feel pricey at $50-$60 per year per user.
If web-apps and an online suite of business apps is what’s needed then Zoho easily provides a better service. However, Zoho do not provide as much as features as Outlook and Google Apps provided but it has some unique features also which can’t be expected in a free email hosting solution for personal and small business. It all depends on the circumstances, both of these free domain hosts offer a decent free service. So if the space is not enough for you then you may send and receive emails from other services like GMail, Outlook or Yahoo mail.A Initially, free signups comes with 5 free accounts (if you have a domain).

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