Thanks for the various assets, I do love any posting with the best of anything (especially title FREE!).
The 3D Isometric Map Mockup and Pinball Responsive Grid Style Blog PSD really caught my eye as I scrolled through the entire list.
I want to contribute my grain of sand to a website, where you will find them a lot of free resources for designers, free, current and full of quality.
These free jQuery templates are well done by professional designers and developers who also create paid designs (they are rather experienced to present their works to you).
This is a great free PSD template with a flat design and a vibrant green, yellow and dark blue color palette. You can download it for free! Based on Flat Design Style, Folia UI Kit is expected to satisfy all website developers thanks to its simplicity and high usability. Flat UI Kit is a set of beautiful flat UI components, which consist out of slider, navigation, dropdown buttons and many more elements to suit your needs. This is an elegant free psd ui kit that includes buttons, sliders, widgets, icons and you can download for free. This is a free UI kit created by the designer from a bunch of assets he created over the past few weeks from a variety of projects. This old school vintage UI Kit will give your next design a taste of 1955. Take it as is or throw a modern twist on it! The goal of a user interface is basically to provide a user friendly full functioning and easy to use website or application. This is a pretty and pink perfect Jane UI kit but I’m sure you can easily adjust the colors.

About JakeI'm a full time web developer with a strong experience and a passion for website development and online marketing. In the last 2 months, I took on the task of compiling the newest free, high-quality web and UI design resources I could find that feature the latest design trends (flat UI, long shadows, iOS 7, minimalism, etc.). The XHTML compliance of the templates eliminates the necessity to multiply web pages while trying to make them compatible with all browsers.
A lot of them contain pretty animations that make the content look nicer and easier to perceive.
In this article we showcase 20 free flat PSD website templates and UI kits with impressive designs. It contains many graphic elements such as: tabs, contact form, calendar, menu box, video, mailbox. Here you will find some inspiring user interface kits that you can download for free and use on your own websites. None the less it’s a great interface kit with a professional and minimalistic design. Please consider signing up to our newsletter by entering your email address in the form below. Designers showered the web with site and mobile app designs that were elegant, tidy, clean and skeuomorphic-free. As a result, all the GUI packs that are featured in our roundup meet the mainstream at full extent. Thus a portfolio website as well as a business site made with this technology will look best of all visitors may be targeting.

More advanced web masters can edit code lines and customize their websites with convenient structure and nice designs. These flat website templates and flat UI kits will surely help you design better websites and mobile devices apps.
The PSD is fully layered so you can easily use any UI element you want with just a few clicks. These user interface kits can easily enhance the usability of your websites and applications. You will receive our recent blog updates, our exclusives, top resources and latest web trends all in your inbox. Along with this dominating tendency, Material design, principles presented by the Google team, also gained popularity. They are bright, gorgeous, and include components that boast of a harmonious alliance of design and usability. See it for yourself.
For those who don’t know, a user interface is the interface where a user can interact with a website.
Vibrant colors, intuitive icons, layout with carefully outlined blocks, and handy navigation patterns empowered every second concept.

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