Pada isian I want to host my own domain : Isilah dengan nama domain yang sudah anda miliki.
Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk menempuh jalur darat menggunakan alat transportasi Bus menuju ke Kota Jombang. WordPress installation is little bit difficult as far as 000webhost and other free webhosting services are concerned .
Here we have to upload WordPress installation files manually to the root directory public_HTML. After registration, we need to point nameservers of required domain  to 000webhost servers. In the next page, they will show up nameservers, note up that and change it your domain control panel.

It will finish up in a second, and a new window appears with admin as your  user name and a randomly generated password.
Selanjutnya, Bukalah email anda untuk mengaktifkan Account anda yang baru saja dibuat dengan mengeklik Link yang diberikan oleh 000webhost pada email anda. We also provide tips on Blogger, Wordpress, social media services, SEO and useful Web apps. Nowadays, People are moving to WordPress due to its user friendliness, advanced themes, plugins and options for customization. So make sure to use different characters in each line and should contain letters and numbers.
Either some weirdo n00b fed you misinformation, or you (or someone you knew who used it) broke the Terms of Use.

They delete accounts without warning and notifications even though you are not violating their terms. So I advise you to go for any professional web hosting companies like Hostgator or Dreamhost.
The Dreamhost promo codes let you to enjoy their web hosting for half price, without any limitation for the first year.

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