A website questionnaire template is made to administer it among those end users who want to use the website for meeting their needs. You can Download the Free Website Questionnaire Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
A web questionnaire template is used as one of the most effective tools in order to understand the exact requirement of the prospective client, who is seeking to design a website for certain purposes. Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page. As part of our free web design consultation process, we ask that our clients complete our web design questionnaire.
We need to know as much information as possible about our client’s business and the website they require in order to establish what kind of website we should develop for them and the features it should have. The intention of this checklist is to establish a common understanding of the website you want and the steps involved in achieving this. 2.Please briefly describe your business, what services you offer, how and where you operate and who your customers are. A new website is a fantastic advertising tool in its self but it will also compliment and be complimented by any other advertising you do.
Chinkin Design offer a comprehensive Logo, Signage and Printed Media design service to create the perfect consistent image for your business.
With knowledge of your competitors and their websites we can identify niches in the market for your website to exploit and ensure that where it does compete head-to-head it has the advantage. A website can serve any of a number of purposes and fulfil a multitude of functions depending on the nature of your business and what it offers. Budget can be a sensitive area and we respect that costs should be kept as low as possible while achieving what is required. Identifying the right key words and phrases is important as these will form the basis of the search engine optimisation of your website.
Chinkin Design offer a keyword research service where we identify the most appropriate words and phrases for the SEO of your website based upon actual search data. Many of our clients already have a domain name registered, but for those who don’t, Chinkin Design offer a domain name research and registration service to help you secure the best domain for your website.
12.Please list 5 websites that you like (or would like your website to look something like). It is helpful to know what sort of websites you like and what you like about them so that we can ensure that we design you a website that you will also like. 13.What different web pages do you want to have on your site and what different features do you want to include on these pages? 14.Are you able to provide all the content (text and images etc.) for the different pages of your site?

Normally our clients are responsible for delivering all content for the pages of their website including headings, text, images (and other media) etc.
Chinkin Design offer a complete website copywriting service for clients who are not sure what they want to say or how to say it. 15.Are you able to provide us with high quality images to be used on your website and do you have permission to use these images? The more fantastic images of your business and the services it provides the better from a web design point of view.
Chinkin Design have access to thousands of stock images and also offer a website image photography service to capture the right images for your website. Social Networking is an important way of generating interest in your business, connecting with its customers and driving traffic to your website.
Social bookmarks are a powerful tool in marketing your website by allowing 1 click linking to your site for your visitors. We design all our websites to be accessible and to work on all browsers and platforms including mobile phones and tablets. 21.How often will your site be updated and do you need to be able to make frequent updates yourself? Websites are programmed in html and other code and are not normally updatable by their owners unless they have some web design knowledge.
Chinkin Design offer a complete website maintenance and updating service for all our web design clients.
23.Please list any email addresses you want us to setup with your website and indicate which one(s) to publish on the website and use for any contact forms etc. When transferring email accounts that are already in use there can be a delay of up to 48hrs before everything is up and running so we normally like to keep the original service running as well in this time and forward emails to a third party email provider for a few days to ensure no email is lost.
Once the template is chosen and the agreement has been approved, we will begin customizing your new website. Upon your site’s completion, we will test the website to ensure that all features are working properly. In the final step of the process, we will publish your new website to the domain of your choosing. We thoroughly test the website to ensure all features are 100% functional on your new domain. The main goal of the website questionnaire template is to understand the features that users are looking forward to when they would like to use the website. Sampletemplates.org is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal.
This questionnaire template is commenced by the web designer firms and is filled by the clients. Are you interested in setting limited access and restrict research options for your website?
It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app.

Using the editor, a questionnaire could be composed within minutes and then published to your site straight away.
We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. By completing the web design questionnaire, we can work out what web design options are most appropriate for each client and which of our web design services they could best utilise.
Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all the questions, but the more information you are able to give the better. Understanding your current advertising will help us know where we are pitching your website.
However, an idea of budget will enable us to steer you towards the most appropriate type of website for your business. We need details of each page and the key points of information and functionality that they will cover and as much detail as possible - e.g. Having a feed on your website can act as a news stream and link website visitors with a way to get in touch. We get your pages setup and ready to go so that you can concentrate on dealing will all the new customers you will have.
However, some clients prefer to have different ‘skins’ or styles for their website available for different types of visitor such as a mobile version or a controls that allow high contrast or larger text for low sighted visitors etc. However, a website can be designed with a Content Management System (CMS) to allow authorised users a secure way of adding and updating content with no web design knowledge. We will make any updates that you require for your website; or we can build in a CMS if you want to be able to do this yourself. We are happy to upload your site to another host if you prefer to arrange your own hosting. Once you are 100% satisfied with your new website, final approval and payment is submitted. The inferences generated from the analysis of the website questionnaire template are shared with the website developers so that these things are kept in mind before the website is fully developed.
Reply retreival is integrate seamlessly with Outlook, or you could connect to your POP3 server directly to access the responses.
We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. It is also helpful to know what your unique selling points are and why potential customers should choose you over your competitors.

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