It happens that you own a website that has content that’s not appropriate for all ages from moral or legal reasons? Age Restriction Plugin is perfect for Wineries, Bottle Shops, Adult Content Websites, Bars, Taverns, Cigarettes Stores, Online Videos that have Restricted Audience, Beer Shops & the list can just go forever.
You can have Multiple Restrictions on the same Website, for example you can setup a template on a custom page, another template on a custom post and a third template on a custom taxonomy page. Also, for each restriction you will have Statistics, you will be able to see how many impressions has, total authentications, facebook authentications, google+ authentications, manual authentications.
You also have statistics for how many views had on the following devices: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. If you wish to have a list with all the users that passed the restriction you can easily see & export them intro a CSV file. The original post below has since been augmented by an unbelievable series of pictures taken while Goslar Way was closed!
There are also some of the A4 sized "signs" in the Coach Park by the ticket machines, but are already looking tatty ! Tuesday lunch-time, spotted a passing Policeman near the Co-Op in Arthur Road, stopping vehicles that had turned right from Alma Roadinto Arthur Road. I did notice that Siemens were working on the lights, but even when they were packing up, the long delay coming from Alma Road - coach park end - continued. Obviously very few drivers seem to be obeying the "no right turn" restriction from Alma Road into Arthur Road from the Coach Park end.
It's a good job Oxford Rd is now one way otherwise the coaches might have tried that to get out to the M4! Traffic chaos in Alma Road as predicted this lunch-time, I did tell a few of the coach drivers about the closure of the Goslar Way and Clarence Roadroundabouts, some turned right into Arthur Road, some turned left, used the roundabout by King Edward Court, and then on their way. Sterling effort by Menace, and congratulations to any coach driver who actually succeeds in following the diversion route fully and correctly without passing 'Go'! I do know of one coach driver who followed the route to Goslar Way and back, but when he got as far as the Co-Op on the return leg, he turned left against the instruction and headed west without going to King Edward Court [shock-horror]. Nice one, Menace.All those confuzzling circles, triangles and squares remind me of those Extra Sensory Perception tests we did years ago.

The diversion is just for coaches from the coach park, not local buses which don't serve the coach park.
Those diversion signs create what we superannuated computer programmers used to call a 'closed loop'.
If one of the coaches was silly enough to follow these signs it would probably finish up disappearing up its own exhaust pipe. Just by way of an update, the police (well, one and a half officers if you take my meaning) were back today, watching, standing on the pavement outside the shops as has happened before.Yesterday from just one change of lights I saw a (British) coach and three cars ignore the signage and turn right into Arthur Road, much to the annoyance of a van waiting to turn right into Alma Road.
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Know others ip address via messenger onlyAdd the person in yahooif the person comes online you can know his ipnot needed to chat with the person or send him a fileI found this trick now.Install kaspersky internet security. Some people say Google Talk is nice because of its minimalistic design, but they coudn't use an Instant Messenger that doesn't have smileys and font customization. You need to protect yourself from the law (drinking age in US is 21), and the kids as well.
See below.  _____________________________________________________________ I have noticed that a no right-turn restriction has been applied in Alma Road, at the traffic lights on the junction with Arthur Road. I did watch a few light changestoday, and it seems that the phasing is playing up as the red lights coming from the coach park end of Alma Road seem to miss two or even three "turns"causing frustrated drivers to go on red. The reason why I had time to take the picture was because it took ages to get through the junction. However, it seems to me that although well-meaning, this restriction should have been delayed by a few weeks. Total lack of anysigns coming from coach park end to warn anyone so many vehicles just got to Goslar Way roundabout and had to come all the way back again.I did email Cllr.

Find the "skin_name".xml file, where "skin_name" is the name of the skin, and open it using notepad or wordpad. There is 3 options for that: Simply verifying age, connecting to the website by facebook account, connecting to the website by Google+ account.
Thiseffectively prohibits traffic from making a right-turn from the Coach Park end of Alma Road into Arthur Road westbound.
An A4 sized notice fixed to two posts, one at the entrance to Alma Road Car Park and one on the traffic light, [with an even smaller Police sticker] to warn of the prohibition for all traffic.
A few minutes later and he was gone. I suppose that is the enforcement forMarch, then ! With the Clarence Road roundabout closed for part of the weekend coming up, and closed to traffic from Clarence Road and Goslar Way all weekend, any vehicle NOT turning right will have a lengthy diversion to get back towards the M4.
You still come across this malfunction (due to faulty programming) occasionally when your PC just seems to keep talking to itself without achieving anything - until you are forced to take really drastic action.
Pedestrians crossing Arthur Road north - to - south using the push button facility on the traffic light post eventually received a green man to cross Arthur Road.
Today, two coach drivers looked a little lost on seeing the "no right turn" as I was passing, as satnavs probably tell the driver to turn right. However, I think that the green man was based on thenew "No right turn" being obeyed, as although Arthur Road traffic was stopped, vehicles were still turning right effectively behind and then into any crossing pedestrians.
A left turn to make use of the King Edward Car Park roundabout to do a 180 and back along Arthur Road towards the M4 is a pretty tight turn for a long vehicle, so I suggested the approved route of Alma Road, Goslar Way and the Clarence Road roundabout - not an option this weekend. I think that this was the problem being worked on today, [as in the photograph] as following their visit, the green man only showed when northbound Alma Road traffic was on the move and not when southbound had priority.

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