We are tryieng to build out a more comprehensive list of SEO and social media tools that any webmaster like you might be interested in.
Free Extras with your WebsiteAdding value to your project, even after the website's finished. Win a Free Website SEO AuditAdding value to your project, even after the website's finished. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in search engine’s usually through organic (unpaid) search results. In order to progress, you need to know where your website currently stands in the search engines.
Also, it is worth downloading the free MozBar which gives you access to important SEO metrics instantly. When you have defined your keywords, you will want to optimize content accordingly by adding terms into titles, content, images and URLs. Updating your website regularly with fresh content is a must and therefore an integrated blog is recommended. Your Domain Authority is measured predominately on the amount of links pointing to your website. There are a lot of online marketing strategies you should employ to gain Internet visibility. To your average Internet marketer or online business, SEO is the mother of all Holy Grails and seems to be a gift with only good to offer. Yes Google actually has an official SEO guide that I think every person should download and take the time to comb through. Most of the web presentations we create for our clients nowadays are based on some type of content management system (CMS), that enable them and their users to manage and update the Website easily without need of any special Website Design or Website development knowledge. Standards and requirements for a successful modern Website are dramatically changing all the time.

The Website Design we create and the content management systems that we use will help you achieve all these properties at minimal cost. Additionally to standard plain text information publishing functions, our CMS driven web presentations come with wide set of tools that may be easily integrated, such as newsletters, image galleries, on-line forums and chats, polls, news, public and private sections, customer registration, and many more. It is also possible to embed these solutions to you existing presentation and enhance its current functionality.
If you do not have own Internet domain, we can register any available domain for you, domestic or international. Please check out the additions that we've made to it so far and feel free to recommend any we may have missed within the contact form.
So on top of the professional service we provide, our unique approach, our attention to detail and technical expertise, making the most out of Special Offers and providing our clients with all kinds of useful Free Extras is just the final way that we add value to your project. By increasing your website visibility on search engines, such as Google and Bing, you will be found more easily by your target market resulting in more traffic. You should have Google Analytic set-up and you should be actively checking the statics generated. Featured on the toolbar is an important metric which allows you to watch is your DA (Domain Authority), you should work to make this higher by generating clever content and valued links. You need to determine your keywords and the terms people type in search engines to get to your website by conducting a keyword analysis. Well, in 2011 Google released the Panda algorithm which meant higher-quality websites would be ranked higher than websites with little or no content. Make sure there is no copy and pasting content, as duplicated content will lower your ranking!
We always aim to identify the client’s individual needs and suggest a solution that will help them fulfill their primary business mission. Internet is growing every day and visitors are attracted only by the site with highest quality and most valuable content.

Based on needs and agreement, this can be either some of the public mass hosting services or hosting on one of our secured servers. To manage this, nowadays a proper optimization for web search robots, such as Google or Yahoo, is required.
Luckily, if you have a seamless website which boasts an excellent user experience, you are half way there! By using this data you can find where your visitors are coming from and the search terms they use to find you. For a full SEO analysis marketing software such as MOZ and MajesticSEO are available at a monthly fee.
You can do this by using the no-charge Google Webmaster Tools to look for search suggestions. If you stuff your website full of key terms, search engines will think your website is spam and will not rank you in search results.
Even though content is a ranking factor, quality content that people actually read is preferred over quantity. This service also includes creation e-mail accounts with spam-filtering and further related services. By utilizing this tool, you can see how competitive search terms are, and how often each term is being searched.

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