Hit Sniffer Real Time Website Analytics from Hit Sniffer using our own live website statistics software.
If you want your data live streamed to you with a chat function then take a no obligation trial.
Go back in time and see what really happened in your website on a specific day which lead to higher sales, search by various parameters. Identify your visitors quickly by assigning pre-defined labels based on their actions and get deep insight of each actions of labels.
You will receive a daily, a weekly or a monthly website analytics email report for your website or websites. Get tracking ready in less than a minute with our ready to install plugins for popular content management systems.
February 10, 2015 By david 2 Comments Website statistics free with Google Analytics provides an insight into how visitors use your website and lets you measure the sales and conversions. Google Analytics is a valuable tool and completely FREE allowing you the flexibility to set up your business website statistics and tracking to assist in driving traffic to your site. Google Analytics provides a website marketing advantage for both small and large businesses. Like all information it is of no benefit unless you are going to use it and that takes time.  So Google Analytics is not for everyone but it certainly is for those who wish to use their website to drive traffic to their business.

In this blog I will provide you with a brief overview of the benefits of Google Analytics It is free. It does come down to you deciding if you wish to increase the overall performance of more visits to your website.
Google Analytics website statistics helps you determine the quality of your website pages and blogs. If these are not suitable you can set your own goals within a choice but its  limited to a selection of 20. Google Analytic provides a real benefit to your business as it saves the expense of a costly marketing research team to carry out surveys who reports those results to you. Yes – you are going to have to spend the time on evaluaton and take action but you will save a packet of dollars. I am a professional digital marketer, website designer and SEO strategist to see that my clients have the best online presence without the hype and high costs. The SEO and Marketing advise is more suited to the beginner, intermediary and non technical reader. In website David McCracken SEO builds from scratch my client websites average load time under 2 seconds. Web Widgets provide detailed web statistics that allow you to see how many visitors you are getting, what countries they come from, what links they used to get to your site, what pages they looked at when they got here, how long they spent on your site on average, and what search engine keywords are working for you.

The Web Statistics package we use is "awstats" and is provided free with all hosting plans. The most effective way to safeguard you against people "trading off" your business name, product or service, is to register a trademark. The ability to track the entire history of a visitor on your site, and then match that history to a name, provides an unparalleled insight that helps close more sales. The real time data is invaluable, it shows me exactly what I need to know in order to run my business.
You can easily add Google Analytics code to the footer of your website and get the best of both worlds.
I recommend it to all of my clients and colleagues doing business online, and recommend it for you too. It even shows me the location of my visitors, and especially useful I know which pages generate the most interest.

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