If you’re searching for some free prank call websites like prankdial then you’re in the right place.
Note: Prank calls can go wrong so remember to use your common sense while teasing your friends. Whospy is yet another prank call website similar to prankdial, you can make unlimited prank calls for free (US and Canada). In 2008, comedy calls has started their prank call service with “Rick Roll Prank” and the massive popularity pulls wide-variety of new pranks in their row.
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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! It’s very simple to send prank calls, just enter the victim’s number and number to show on caller ID then enter the prank call message and select the prank voice; that’s it.
You will get one free call per day; if you want to make more calls then you’ve to buy credits. Making prank calls are really easy; just select the prank (prerecorded voice), enter the victim number and the caller ID number that you wish to show them, that’s it. Using operator prank call feature, you can force two friends to call each other unknowingly.

This website even offers caller ID spoofing so that you can call any ph number using fake caller ID. However they offer only 3 free calls, if you want more calls then you’ve to buy premium tokens.

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