These days we are witnessing quite a logical trend – traffic is getting more expensive.
Social media monsters, building themselves for a few years now, are now looking for more and more aggressive ways to monetize that past effort.
One (by far the most important) thing to note here is that you don’t need lots of traffic.
Relevant and targeted traffic is a much wiser time investment (even if it’s often harder).
Here are some methods that startups and small businesses are using to improve their earning potential, build relevant traffic and bring in the dollars, even when they have no money to dedicate to the task. A lot has been written on building up your social media following for exposure, branding and traffic. On the other hand, being prepared for your article going viral on social media is also essential. For example, cloud-based freelancing software Motiv didn’t initially target all freelancers in the creative field.
Again, choosing between low targeted traffic and huge irrelevant traffic – what would you choose?
Start building a relationship with these people, commenting regularly on their work and profiles so they recognize you. In the same way influencers can be beneficial, so can large websites that have a big following.
Getting free website traffic is possible, but you have to be prepared to spend the one thing you might not feel you have – time.
Yes, admittedly we are still giving away some our product revenue in the form of a generous discount. With PPC you end up in an auction system which you don’t really have any control over. But with coupon codes you know exactly how much money you’re giving away, and can place your own ceiling on this.
I don’t have such a horrible bounce rate for social media traffic – I guess my niche is social-media-friendlier! I especially like the idea of narrowing target audiences (because that’s what I did for my own business). I’d try to find target audiences that are big enough for my business and then start with a small segment of that market.
That’s why we marketers spend so much time, effort and money trying to put our offers in front of targeted leads.
Savvy marketers know that social media marketing is in its infancy – and it’s set to explode in the coming years! That’s because social media marketing is all about building relationships with others and building networks and contact lists. While powerful, these three main advertising methods are just the tip of the marketing iceberg. Today is Woo Hoo 105 Wednesday and Showdown is having a MASSIVE Joint Promo with Jason and his band of merry Grade A-ers….lol  As usual we also have a guest today and our guest this week is Traffic Gifts!
To qualify all you have to do is surf a minimum of 250 pages, each Traffic Exchange will pick their own winners, so no Admin tickets needed.
Previous post: Increase Your Website Traffic With More Email Marketing Tips at Traffic Showdown! One of my favourite blogs!Click this purple link!This is one of my favourite MUST VISIT Blogs! The crucial point lies on how you use the traffic source not how many traffic sources you know.
After you download and read the book, I truly appreciate if you can leave a honest review or blurb on Amazon so that I can beef up my kindle book in the next edition.
Todays theme seems to be all about traffic with the new WSO by Jason Parker that just came out, my lastest post, and now your Kindle book… this can’t be a coincidence!
Hey Ming, i will try your ebook tonight and i promise that i will review it as soon as my time will allow me. Interestingly, you cannot just get traffic with few weeks worth of work and then reap the rewards. Well, I am not an internet marketing “guru” that knows how to get tons of traffic to my site, but over the past 3 years, these simple yet powerful traffic building methods have worked for me very well, as it continuous to do for many others I believe.
When it comes to driving more traffic to your website for free, search engine optimization (SEO) is still the way to go.
If you were expecting some shocking “secrets,” this tip probably made you disappointed, didn’t it?
Begin creating “good” content that are useful, original, and engaging to your audience, and regularly post them on your blog. Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, LinkedIn, Delicious, and StumbleUpon are popular and free methods of brining tons of organic traffic to your website.
Another free way to get tons of traffic to your site is to get active on Social Network sites. If you become popular on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, the traffic you can get from there can easily surpass “free traffic” from search engines such as Google. Yes, it is true that it takes a lot of time and effort to build a large network of “targeted” fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, but generally, the result is worth every effort. The next popular and free method of brining more traffic to your site is getting backlinks from external sites, particularly those in your own niche. If you can get backlinks to your site without the famous “no follow” attribute, often known as “do follow” links, you will not only get free traffic to your site, but it will also be very good for SEO. Even though the links are “no follow” (useless for SEO), they can still bring you tons of free traffic to your site. For example, if you manage to insert a link in a visible place on a site having high volumes of traffic, you will likely get tens of thousands of hits from this one link alone. BUT be careful while exchanging links from bad sites as they can get your site penalized by Google. It is true that not all of these free ways of promoting your site is going to work equally well, but if you choose few places wisely where you could bring more traffic to your website for free, you would not care about those traffic sources that do not perform for you. Free content (product or service) drives more traffic, particularly if they are useful for your target audience.
For example, you can publish many guides like “how to” articles and tips on your blog to bring more traffic to your website, free.

Just like free goodies can bring more traffic for your site, viral content can do that too. Viral content can be a video production, a presentation, a good article, or an infographics. Many people have forgotten the offline method of promotion, but that is how most internet marketers bring a flood of traffic to their site for free.
Offline promotion is still powerful today as it used to be before the advent of the Internet.
Likewise, you can also sell T-shirts or any other merchandise with your logo on it to make your brand even more popular. There are popular forums that get millions of visitors a day regularly and if you are popular user on such forums, you will bring more traffic to your site for free. If people who visit these forums like your posts, they can click on the link in your signature and visit your site.
Tip: Instead of always linking to your homepage, you can also post a “deep” link (a link to an internal page of your site) to put more focus to a particular page on your site. There are systems and ad networks to jump-start traffic streams to websites, but a lot of sites don’t have the resources that others have in place in order to create additional traffic. Through online communities and forums you’ll be able to make a name for your business and build authority for your brand. About Iam HerbertHerbert is the author behind Two-sided Perspective, a blog about views and insights about Blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing and Social Media. Excellent tips Herbert, forums and communities have helped me a lot with getting traffic to my website in the past and it’s one of my favourite methods. Thanks Fabrizio, I do enjoy in discussions on forums since we learn something out of our fellow members.
Hi Herbert, some cool tips here, participating in online forums and communities can be a great one, especially if there’s a popular forum or community for your niche. I know article directories have taken a hit after panda, but they still work – I find the best reason for submitting to these directories is for content syndication. Yes Josh, Yahoo Answers works well, you just need to be patient in answering a couple of questions. To get the most out of link exchange, accept only links that are related to your niche, as what I have heard, it’s really effective if they are on your niche.
Agree with you, actively participating in forums and other communities brings good traffic. There are so many things that might work for a blogger for get traffic to one’s blog. Your tips prove that as long as you have something valuable to add to a current discussion within a certain topic, you will be drawing attention to your site and you won’t have to work as hard for traffic. Contributing and sharing thoughts on a discussion is a very effective way to drive readers to your blog. Herbert, thanks for getting back on that ?, Do you suggest that the link be highly relative to my niche. Web business ventures are consolidating into large corporations with solid income which is hard to compete with for free. It can be awesome as well — if you have a good loyal following you keep interacting with.
First Site Guide provides a very concise, yet comprehensive guide on building traffic to your site. Rather than trying to attract everyone within a niche, narrow it down further and slowly expand as you nail that particular part of the market. Their most aggressive marketing was aimed at Web and graphic designers, who they knew would most benefit from their software. Tweeting a trendy hashtag may drive a boost in interaction but creating timely and trendy content can actually bring your site to a whole new level.
My favorite example is a free shipping day. Or you can get away with a less time-consuming initiative.
You have no idea who you are competing with and are subject to the whims of Google’s Adwords system. The coupon sites will often have a one-off fee or you can just be part of their free community. But perhaps coupon codes is another avenue available to people, in particular, who have physical products.
With it, you can get people visiting your site when they search for certain keywords in the search engines. In order to win I’ll do everything to learn about those people and their needs and also find ways to differentiate my offerings. I had recently started doing some ads because it does seem hard now to get free organic traffic. Those who set up their social marketing campaigns now are the ones who will benefit the most in the future. The sooner you get started building a good reputation in your niche, establishing yourself as an expert and building social media networks, the more you stand to gain when you fully leverage your reputation, content and networks. While you should focus on finding or creating niche-specific groups on these general networking sites, be sure to always seek out niche-specific networking sites. These sites allow users to share content – and they can be a great tool in your viral marketing campaigns.
That’s because organic search engine results can provide traffic for months (and even years) after you get your pages indexed.
When you unleash these three alongside other equally powerful marketing methods, you’ll unleash a nearly unstoppable flow of qualified leads. So, by following the blueprint, you will be able to drive lots of targeted visitors effectively to your website to generate more sales for your products, affiliate offers or even CPA offers. Unfortunately, it is available in Amazon at the moment and for people reside else where (just like me), always change your address to a US, UK, Canada or Australia and hopefully this will enable you to download kindle from Amazon.
Just like every other things in life, getting traffic is an “ongoing process.” You must be doing it consistently in order to keep the traffic flowing to your site.
This simple act will not only build a “loyal” audience of recurring visitors, but search engines will also start to notice this and LOVE your site! You website pages should rank higher in search engine results and bring a flood of traffic to you. But it’s even more effective if you could create a free product or service and give it away to your visitors.

You only have to create and submit it to several different popular sites and you will be done. Although many business owners spend most of their time on computers, nonetheless, life still has not moved completely on the web too. Simply use URL in the forum signatures to build powerful backlinks to your site, and hence, bring more traffic. If you just pick few of these favorite traffic generation methods, we can guarantee that you will be able to bring more traffic to your website for free, starting this week. The good thing is, you don’t need to spend a single cent; all you need to have is the appropriate state of mind and enough enthusiasm.
The best thing in relation to forums and online website communities is that you be able to target a particular group that suits the particular demographic that you are in search of. Prove to the community what you are capable of and surprise them with your various skills about the topic, with that you’ll be able to make a name and build up reliance with people in your level of skill and awareness. As soon as people find interest in your articles they have a good possibility of following the track by knowing where the article came from. A lot of search engines capture good keywords your site utilizes and how they are utilized.
I use to enjoy doing article marketing in the past but these days I tend to stick to guest posting and writing on HubPages. There are forums, which get millions of visitors a day and if you are a popular user on such a forum, you can use this to get traffic to your site. I can appreciate that, because 9 times out 10 people are all over the place, scratching their head trying to figure out “How to get traffic to m site”?
At times it may be stressful when your site is not getting the amount of traffic that you want to get.
In the 3-4 years that I started it all payed off and now, I get stacks of traffic from lots of places. I totally agree with the points that you have stated I believe content is absolutely supreme in getting traffic to your website.
Two hundred to three hundred targeted visits a day may be a great start. Apart from traffic driving, think hard about your conversions, lead generation, relationship building, etc.
Here’s an old but good article on how uptime affects your marketing and Site Geek offers some reliable uptime statistics on each listed host.
That will help you with exponential growth over time, rather than trying to gather different elements of a market that might have different needs. If they like what you have to offer, they will tell people about it without you having to ask. Another good idea is to monitor unofficial holidays and build your content strategy around them. SEO is still a great way to get organic traffic, but only for those who know how to play the game!
We’ve been receiving great number of responses and clicks from the content we send to our mailing list, Important thing is customize content of the letter and also group the mailing list accordingly to match the needs of the recipients.
But on the flip side, pay per click marketing allows you to get highly targeted, nearly instant traffic. They shouldn’t be used individually, but rather as part of your overall marketing strategy. Just before server flip each day – I will check who has re-tweeted the daily post and you will score a freebie! Look forward to your review Any feedback will be appreciated as it will help me to revise the book in the next edition.
There are several “traditional” ways to promote your online business, like including a URL on your business card or stickers or souvenirs, etc. Getting traffic for a website is an enduring task and you need to sure you’re doing it the right and proper way.
You also need to have drive and the determination to work hard and learn the proper techniques that will help you maintain a steady flow of free website traffic.
If you make it motivating and amusing, people will be glad to subscribe to your newsletter and suggest it to other people they know. Writing articles that give good service and information to other people would give the essential mileage your traffic stream requires. Take in a link or a concise depiction of your company with the article and there’s a great chance that they will visit your site.
By means of using accurate keywords, you can obtain high rankings in search engine results without spending any money. Study everything you can regarding the methods shown in this article and you will shortly own a website with a brilliant traffic flow devoid of using a great deal of money from your pocket.
Free traffic is of course free, but it often requires time, and time is money, as they keep telling us… If you have more time than money, you should try free methods. When you post on forums and people like your posts, they tend to click the link to your site on your signature to learn more about you.
One think which I avoid is link exchanges, it can be bad for SEO if not done correctly (Google like natural link building rather than artificial). It’s getting harder and requires a more creative approach, but you can still get exposure for free.
But marketing was not directed at anyone but the most narrow audience for a more rapid growth. The more people who subscribe for your newsletter, the more people will visit your website escalating your traffic.
You can do it on your own but you need to make content for your website that is enjoyable and also informational. Plus they will gladly put a link to you on their blog and you will get some of their visitors interested in your blog. All traffic that arrives to the website could possibly click on the link of your website and stay on your website as well. The sense of community is totally understood when you get out there and check out just how many are to be interacted with and make your best effort to be in touch with most.. This works fine for generating free website traffic, particularly when both websites contain the same niche.

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