About ten years ago, Marketers mainly used the following methods: telemarketing, e-mail blasting and advertising. OK before going any further, I have to admit that the title of this article is a bit of an exaggeration.
If you fancy transforming your website into a Marketing Hub, start by positioning yourself at the strategic spots. Google is fighting Black Hat SEO (Fear the Panda!) and Inbound Marketing is going in the same direction by emphasizing quality content and legitimacy. In France, Inbound Marketing is not yet a really famous topic but in the US a book has already been written about it: Inbound Marketing. Those figures reveal, among other things, that Inbound Marketing enables to increase traffic but more so: to acquire consumers.
Like for all Marketing actions Inbound Marketing’s success will be determined using analytics. The final step then is to choose the right metrics, analyze and… be delighted with the results! This entry was posted in News and tagged Blog, Google, Inbound Marketing, leads, Marketing, Outbound Marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, traffic.
If you’re looking for free website traffic then I have the best resource for you … EVER. Join me for my Unique Traffic Source Webinar to discover my own secret traffic source PLUS get free software to help use it. Hi Besties, So many of you have been emailing me and while I don’t have time to respond to everything, I’ve read every single email, and clearly a lot of you have questions about traffic. While I’ve made several videos about how to bring in traffic, I do have a lil’ bit of a secret weapon I myself use.
But Renae, why does your traffic source need software and why don’t other business analysts talk about it?
Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to post a webinar replay so try to register and try to show up on time.

Be used to easily get free traffic to your website: put some content on your website, get a lot of links to low cost, maybe some better quality links and wait a few days (or, in the worst cases cases, a few weeks) before reaching the valve and sent the traffic. Plus, I Added 371,488 Subscribers To My Opt-In Subscriber List & I'm Ready To Guarantee You Can Do It Too With My '$625 Cash - Better Than Money Back Guarantee'! The traffic sources used by Inbound Marketing are free but creating and managing them requires work and thus human resources. It enables you to attract Internet users, to maximize inbound links and thus get a better page rank. Spend some time on improving your website general organization, page titles (keywords at the beginning, not at the end), page content, URL names and so on.
For example, create a fun Facebook page, a LinkedIn Group about an important stake for your business, answer questions on Quora, try to get a first position on Digg or StumbleUpon. This can sound pretty lame but many of us do not spend enough time and energy doing this right. The more you blog, the more pages Google has to index, and the more inbound links you’re likely to have.
Other business coaches and analysts will NEVER tell you about this new source of traffic because. Those days are long gone-probably for the best, and that does not help people looking for things, are intended for webmasters to get involved in this kind of activity publicity committee. Yourself to add new content to your site Ideally every day, but if you can handle that, no doubt, at least weekly. What is true though is that Outbound Marketing techniques mean recurring costs (each new campaign has to be funded) while Inbound Marketing enables to start a virtuous circle where traffic and lead generation costs are paid off on the long run. The more pages and inbound links you have, the higher you rank on search engines like Google—thus the greater amount of traffic to your website.
Using efficient call to action buttons can increase your conversion rate from 0.5% with a lame one (like “Contact us” without a form to fill in) to 5% with an efficient one like a webinar, a white paper or a free trial.
In true Renae Christine fashion, I’m going to host a one hour webinar to not only tell you about my number one secret source for traffic but I’m also going to give you a software that I personally created just for you so that you can use that secret traffic source.

Weird But Google and the other search engines are much better understanding of what the words are to understand the images. Then interact with them by commenting their articles and when it is appropriate mention your own blog: “We also had a passionate debate on this topic, see this article”. My secret traffic source is NOT Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media site.
First, my Traffic Jacking mini-site concept is 100% proven to work for anyone (watch my video for proof). You may have noticed that the videos show regularly in the search results appear in the results, because that’s what people want. It really is that simple no conspiracy theory in question, people like the video to mix with the Google search results.
Alternatively, you can use one (but good) good piece of software called Screencast Matic, which is easy to use and produces professional videos that part of the screen (ideal for websites detailed procedures, programs, etc. To do so many tools were developed: spam filters, Caller ID or Do Not Call Registry and so on. The search engines Most of the time you do, the more excited I get and search and indexing new content faster than if you add a page in a blue moon once. When a new product launches, there isn’t much information about it yet on the internet. Between these two methods the time it does regularly you should start getting more traffic to your website. With the added benefit that it will be targeted traffic because visitors or seen one of their videos or find a link to one of his articles on the site. This is a very different kind of system (one that actually works).And it's not going to set you back $100.

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