The ELITE Template allows you to define some basic settings by default like the webpage standard color, the fullscreen mode option, inclusion of background(s), among others. If you are a student or professional who has to work with XML files on a regular basis, then these websites can prove to be helpful to quickly edit an XML file online, without a need to install a XML Editor software.
If the file content is error free, then you will see the interface as shown in the screenshot above.
For the output on the right pane, it displays the output in tree form with all tags highlighted with kinda dull orange color. Flash XML Photography & Videography Website Sexy Template is a completely configurable and easy to use Premium template with a lot of great features. CreativeMarket HTML Coming Soon Website Template 194590When you are working on your website, HTML coming soon website templates with nice counter timer are recommended to keep your visitors informed.
CreativeMarket Multipurpose Website Template 153910Multipurpose website template containing most of the elements that are needed in a website, like forms, video sliders, and hero headers. CreativeMarket Fresh App Website PSD 449Fresh is a wickedly fun and vibrant web app type theme.
CreativeMarket Template website 450093Help All text layers are full type and can be edited with the click of an object.
CreativeMarket Child Care Website PSD Template 661504Child Care Business Website Template is suitable choice for your child daycare business.
CreativeMarket Template for website 450011Help All text layers are full type and can be edited with the click of an object.
CreativeMarket New Website Pitch 37299New Website Pitch is a Keynote Template that will allow you to easily present your new project.
CreativeMarket Free Estate real estate template 49305Free Estate is clean free real estate template for Joomla 3.3.

CreativeMarket Portfolio Website Template 44050Looking for a quick way to create your company website? All of these websites are easy to use as you can add your XML file by either simply uploading the complete file or by copy-pasting the XML file text. It is basically a markup language which defines a set of rules for encoding documents in such a format which is both human and machine-readable format (Read more on Wikipedia).
This website lets you add the XML file content by 3 methods: Manual Typing, Import File, or by Adding the file URL.
It has a two-pane view; left pane is for entering the XML file content and the right pane displays the corresponding output. The coolest part of this online XML editor is that it lets you edit multiple XML files together.
It has been specifically full screen themes designed to be easily custom-made with all pages driven by XML and it’s created for flash photographers and videographers who want to make a sexy and good looking portfolio themes in few minutes. You can easily change colors For any help regarding this file, please feel free to contact me through my profile page or Email and I??ll be glad to offer support. This theme is designed with colorful and playful design, which is suitable with children theme. In the base of free real estate website that you can view on the demo is OS Joomla Blank Template and Real Estate Manager (free version). For the entered XML file content, it shows the line(s) with the error if your file content is not correct. You can enter the XML file content by manually typing, copy-pasting, uploading file, and entering file URL. In the case if you want to focus only on one pane, then you simply need to click on the Full-Screen option.

You have to enter the values in the text box and click on Add Element to add the new element. If yes,then you might want to Subscribe to RSS or even Our Newsletter for Free updates on FPT & News. It s all up to you to use this template as an inspiration or fill it with your content directly.
Also in free Quickstart Package was included free Joomla image slider (you save 15), search module, Joomla google maps module (you save 9), dummy data and more. It comes with a syntax highlighter which means you will find all the used syntax in the colored form on the left pane.
You have to click on the particular tab to access that XML file and edit it. As far as adding XML file content is concerned, it lets you add them by uploading file and adding file URL. The XML editor part is pretty simple with a blank text box where you to enter the XML file content. It is not a feature rich XML editor like the ones mentioned above but yes, it can prove to be handy when you want to edit an XML file quickly with not too many options to mess around  with.
You can make any number of changes to the left pane and you will see the corresponding results on the right pane.
Alternatively, you can also right-click on the cell to avoid the pop-up and edit directly in the cell. This website design pack consist of 13 PSD files (home until contact us page) which easy to customizable Enjoy!! It displays the column and row number and if there’s an error in that line, then it also shows that error with reason behind it.

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