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Rent 1 bedroom clean, warm, bright, cozy apartment, with natural hot water, all necessary furniture, washing machine, refrigerator, TV, telephone, balcony overlooking the Kazbegi Avenue (near metro Delisi). Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. It’s no secret that real estate site Zillow has been putting quite a bit of emphasis on the rental side of the housing market recently.

According to Zillow, the new service is aimed at rental professionals “who do not have their own website, wish to improve their current website or are looking for a free custom Web solution.” Zillow’s sites come in a variety of templates, themes and colors and are obviously tightly integrated with the rest of Zillow’s suite of rental tools.
Obviously, these aren’t the world’s most exciting sites, but the point here is to help small businesses that wouldn’t otherwise have the know-how to be on the web online. Today, the company is expanding its portfolio of tools for rental professionals with the launch of its free property management websites for property managers and rental agents.
Any change an agent makes on Zillow Rental will immediately carry over to the new property management sites.

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