On their homepage a big yellow button invites you to dive into the creative process, without registration or credit card information needed. The templates come in a wide variety, covering a plethora of domains, from music to restaurants to real estate and freelancing.
Stream Top 3 FREE Movie and TV Shows Streaming Websites - no sign up no registration - just watch HD online.
For now we are posting web templates weekly basis, as the requests increases we plan to give away free webpage templates. It's the way web design was brought to the level of the layman, and now everybody can make their own website in a matter of minutes.

The next big choice is deciding between working with templates or starting from scratch and building everything yourself.
Here you can add elements from a top menu anywhere on the dashboard: pictures, galleries, slideshows, video embeds, social media buttons, you name it. I'm Tom, I create handcrafted fonts under my personal brand and generally keep this place looking nice and tidy. No code knowledge needed, no hiring developers; everything takes shape as you make the design changes you want, much like in a game of creativity. I would say the template way is the one to go, and not only for beginners; every template can be edited.

With the popularity of the smart phone growing exponentially, the demand for tablet and phone websites cannot go unnoticed.

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