Inside most updated web browsers you’ll find super handy extensions that, believe it or not, can make designing a website even easier.
Before you brave your web browser’s extensions page on your own, join us for our tour of the 5 Google Chrome extensions that we simply can’t live without! Probably our favorite extension on the list, PicMonkey not only gives you the capability to take screenshots online, it also lets you edit images from the web instantly. Promote your business, showcase your art, set up an online shop or just test out new ideas. Most bloggers and content creators can be very obsessive with spelling and creating titles. To use Respelt, you can either copy and paste the article into the Respelt dashboard, enter the URL, or even enter your RSS feed. SpellCheck is simple and quick spell check app which lets you check words or a body of text (up to 20,000 characters) for spelling mistakes. is a free to use website that helps you determine which one of two phrases or sentences is the right one to use. The website ConfusingWords lists thousands of words in the English language that seem to confuse others. TechPaparazzi is run by Sarvanshu, I party with my friends ,a web enthusiast and a part time blogger. Thanks very much for sharing these tools, I am not an English man so I know how difficult it is to write a blog post. Yes, both me and you know :) I really like this post because I am in grade 11 in Viet Nam so my writing skill is not good. I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog. Visitors become distracted if your article contains so many grammatical errors.Though my English is not that good, but Grammarly just improved my writing by correcting errors I usually overlook. Even Search Engines can down rank your site if your content has so many spelling and grammatical errors.
Grammarly website has a new look and feel in this new year and now it is very easy to use its website.
If you have ever visited Grammarly then you will find that the website itself is very self-explanatory. Click on ADD to Chrome so that Grammarly can help you everywhere you type anything like on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Works anywhere on the web: With Google Chrome Addon You can use Grammarly everywhere where you type. 250+ points of grammar: With Grammarly Premium Subscription you can check even more grammatical errors. Vocabulary Enhancement: You can choose perfect synonyms from the list provided by Grammarly.
Microsoft® Office™ add-in: You can add Grammarly Add-in on your Microsoft Office software to check grammatical errors of your document files on the fly.
Plagiarism checker finds if someone copy pasted your documents or if you have a copy pasted from others and generate citations where necessary. After uploading is complete, Grammarly will automatically check for Grammatical errors and Plagiarism if you have enabled this feature. On the left side, you can see your document and on the right side you will see the errors in red color and possible correction if green color. You can download Grammarly Add-In for Microsoft Word and Outlook to use it seemingly with Word Documents and Emails. I use Grammarly, would recommend you to use it as regular basis to make fewer mistakes in your writing.
While such tool can really help with respect to dealing grammatical and misspelling errors, but as a blogger who is writing on a regular basis, you should invest some time working on your grammar.
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If you were like me, you would have dreamt of owning a stunning website that’s impressive to your visitors. Founded in 2006, Wix is a website builder that allows you to own stunning websites without requiring any coding or design skills. In a short period of 6 years, Wix have reached 25 million users, launched an apps market as well as developed WixMobile for mobile website building solution. The eCommerce, Unlimited and Combo yearly plans come with great discounts and you will also receive $75 Google AdWords voucher, $50 Facebook vouchers and a free domain name! Most of the templates are designed with lots of space dedicated for pictures and background images. Check out the following website demo with the website builder’s most popular templates. Wix looks really good and I especially like their website builder as it’s very easy to use. A friend of mine is using Wix I think and she says Wix is really easy to use, even with the free version. Eye Dropper takes the mystery out of color matching by finding the exact Hex # of any shade of color on the web. An extension created by Google, in the browser invented by Google, that conducts Google searches – Search by Images is the stuff researchers dream of.
And when your words need an extra layer of  protections, Grammarly’s Extension is a real lifesaver for your spelling and grammar needs. Wix is a website builder thathas everything you need to build a fully-personalized, high-quality free website.

Bloggers and content creators should be very particular with spellings, creating a killing title with a clear sense along with a selection of keywords in the title.
As owner of blogs, we can’t let our awesome articles get knockout due to wrong spellings or grammar mistakes. While entering the URL of your article is pretty straightforward, this tool also alerts you by checking your RSS feed for spelling mistakes and then letting you know when there is a problem.
People don’t seem to know when to use these words, what context the words should be used in, and what the meaning of the word is.
Actually I had an experience with wrong spellings , It had a negative impact on my blog but it also put my blog in front of about 50k people(Yes you read it right fifty thousand views) and also I learned few more things from social media and blogosphere.
You can also check more details by clicking on the down arrow or simply ignore any correction. You have a choice of starting from scratch on empty templates or customize the many ready-to-use websites.
However, as things change, Flash was considered not as useful as it used to be because of mobile incompatibility and not search engine friendly. You can easily add apps like Tumblr, Instagram Feed, LiveChat, Contact Form and a rating widget.
There are also extensive documentation online, video tutorials and also active forums, from where you can find help and advice from Wix users. This means that while they provide free website building and web hosting service, they do also offer premium plans. You can find various templates for personal websites, businesses, entertainment, online store, restaurant & hospitality, photography, creative arts, designers, fashion and even Facebook pages too! Nevertheless, Wix is very functional and for a free website builder with free web hosting, it offers quite a lot for those who are looking for a reliable and convenient free website solution! I believe in time to come, they will add more features and improve their technologies and support.
If I can use it confidently, I am sure many other people will be too and will like the website builder. 100 Web Hosting is setup to help you with anything related to web hosting, including finding the best web hosting deal for your needs.
However, please be rest assured that my reviews and articles are absolutely true and not biased in any way. Not to be confused with web browser apps, extensions are elements that are easily added to your web browser’s URL bar. Simply select the color that you want to replicate, and Eye Dropper will extract the details you need, all while never leaving your web page. This extension works to identify the name, size and color of any font on a website. Once you’ve found your perfect font, here’s how to change the font scheme on your Wix website. Open it on any website and it will add all of the images from that page onto an amazingly useful image catalog that you can see when you click on the app. Catching those small typos on any web page, Grammarly highlights any diction mishaps just like a classic spell checker would. If ever you are confused about how to use a word, ConfusingWords is the first place you should look at.
If you want to use full feature then you have to buy its premium subscription that starts from 29.95$ per month. All you have to do is participate in this giveaway, and we will contact you if you are the winner.
First, You have to sign up at Grammarly and install its Google Chrome Add-on from this link. Please mention what you liked and what you want from Grammarly in future in the comment section. But in the past, I had felt that this was tough since beautifully designed websites that works are quite costly and I have limited programming and web design knowledge to create one for myself. The best part is that creating a website can be done using Wix’s drag and drop Web Editor. Build your website and have it hosted and if you wished, upgraded, all of these can be done through one provider. Their knowledge center is separated into different categories and is packed with step by step guidance.
I love how the light and high contrast isolate the couple from the rest of the crowd, indifferent, busy going their own way. They’re extremely useful, visually unobtrusive and at least in our opinion, the best ones are free!
Once you’ve found the perfect color, copy & paste the Hex # in paint, photoshop or your Wix Editor, and voila, the perfect color is yours for the taking!
This extension is a real life saver when you’re crafting social media posts, emails and just about anything else on the web. Respelt is a cool tool for writers and editors who want to make sure that no spelling mistake gets overlooked.
You simply enter your two phrases in the boxes available and the number of results is shown next to them. Search for words you can’t spell by adding a ‘?’ to a search term to represent a single missing letter or add ‘*’ to the search term to indicate a string of missing letters. These tools are best in checking and correcting English grammar and spellings.Advertisements If you want to be a successful blogger it is important that you write your posts in correct language. Anyway, if you are the creative type, you can opt to use their blank templates to design your own website. You don’t need coding knowledge to have such impressive functions either as they are incorporated into the templates.

Here, you will find help on topics like how to build a website, add an app, create an online store and improve your website’s SEO.
The websites are created by different designers thus resulting in a wide range of designs, which means there definitely is one that suits you! The basic version of tool is free &  they also have a premium version with advanced feature. No matter which language you use in your blog, your posts and documents must not contain any spelling or grammar mistakes.
But after using Wix for awhile now, I’m happy to report that overall, Wix is an awesome product after all! For now, get started with their free version & you will thank me throughout your writing career. Provides number of search results for the phrases and actual search results for the phrases. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly proofread text and check grammar before posting it online.
Not only it marks the spelling and grammar mistakes for you to review, MS-Word also provides facility of auto-correcting the often made errors.AdvertisementsTo use MS-Word, you would not need to have Internet connection and you can easily save your work in your local computer.
So, when you copy text from MS-Word and paste it in your blog post, instead of plain quotes, what you get are the curly quotes. There is no real drawback or advantage of either.Top 10 Free Online Proof-Reading ServicesThere are a lot of free online proof-reader tools —some are good, and some are not-so-good. Grammarly Proofreading ToolGrammarly can be installed as an extension in your web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. It is also available as a plugin for MS-Word and MS-Outlook.The tool makers claim that Grammarly checks your text for more than 250 grammar rules.
Going even further, Grammarly will make suggestions to enhance your documents vocabulary by suggesting better words as replacement, according to the context.Try GrammarlyBecause Grammarly works as a browser extension, everything that you will type within your browser will be automatically scanned for grammar and spellings. As I have been constantly telling all the bloggers, copying material from anywhere on the web is the worst thing you can do to your blog. But search engines will not be able to distinguish if this similarity was intentional or not, they will all the same put a penalty on your website. Once done, go to Users > Your Profile and select the proof-reading options you would like to use. Google DocsGoogle has been developing online office tools under the Google Docs project, and they have succeeded in creating very useful products!
In addition to the in-built proofreading features from Google, you can extend this functionality by using suitable add-ons. For example, Consistency Checker is an add-on that will check consistency of word usage in your document (like, US and U.S. When you submit text, PaperRater actually asks you about the education level of the writer and then it checks the text on the basis of your input. It is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.In addition to grammar and spelling check, Ginger also provides some more interesting features. It has an in-built sentence rephraser, a tool that can suggest you different ways to write the same sentence. After the Deadline has a WordPress plugin that you can install on a WordPress website or blog. Developers have also created After the Deadline extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Windows Live Writer. If you don’t want to install any plugin and just want to do a quick proofreading, the developers have created a simple web interface at Polish My Writing. The thing I really like about Slick Write is that its interface is very clean but still it is a power-packed tool. After analyzing the text submitted by you, it shows a good deal of useful information about the text. For example, it will show flow related information (structural flow, sentence length flow and word length flow) for various sentences and phrases in your document. Slick Write gives you statistics like how many function words, adverbs, pronouns and uncommon words have been used in your document.Slick Write website also has a word association game to help you develop new and creative phrases!8.
Google Docs also provides features that allow concurrent editing and version management of a document.10. This tool is a bit slow in doing proofreading but it produces a comprehensive report on all the errors and suggestions related with the proof of your text.ConclusionWith the help of technology, it has become pretty simple to do all the basic and advanced grammar checks on your text. I would suggest that you try all these websites and see which one provides you the results that you’re seeking.
Therefore you should select a tool that suits you the best.Importance of proofreading and posting correct error-free text can not be overstated.
You must make efforts to remove all the grammar and spelling errors from your posts, documents and papers. Make sure you present the perfectly crafted document to your users.I hope you found this information useful. He loves finding useful things on Internet and knows how to put them together to create a bigger solution.

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