Zapper – a newer competitor to musicMagpie, Zapper buys up DVDs, CDs, computer games and more. CeX – specialising in second-hand home electronics, including TVs, games consoles and computers, CeX has stores around the country.
Published in association with the bank first direct, which has asked me to share some of my thriftiest ideas and inspirations with its customers. Little amount is an understatement for how much they said they would buy these 5 DVDs for, and considering the prices they sell them at I just blatantly told the cashier “Thanks.
I find Amazons P&P has gone up SO much in the past few yrs, but still bargains to be found. I put lots of DVDs on Music Magpie, most were coming up at less than ?1 but when I listed a box set of No Angels (90s drama about nurses) it came up at ?4. Well, I always used to access e-bay and amazon but I will surely try the new websites that you have mentioned because my dining table is posted on e-bay since 15 days, and I have not received any call regarding it.
Wow great article there.I love shopping for second hand items on auction sites like ebay,Asos. The Cosmo Cupcake of Win: Miss Thrifty won Cosmpolitan's Lifestyle Blog of the Year Award in 2011.
Become an expert haggler in four easy stepsEight simple ways to reduce food wasteEye on a slow cooker? There is a long list of Indian websites that allow users selling used products online and offer buying second hand things there itself.
Undoubtedly eBay is the best-known space for everyone, who is looking to buy or sell online; this broad auction site sells everything from ovens to car navigators. When someone buys your items, the money will be transferred automatically to your PaisaPay Account. Olx does not require any introduction because most of the people hear about it through newspaper and TV ads. The service of the site is totally free for sellers or buyers but sellers can upgrade their plans for premium ads differ as per the product sold.
It’s a completely free for posting ads but advertisers can use various upgrade option to attract more buyers. Second Hand Mall is also classified ads website that helps users to discover potential customers in your city. The design and navigation of the site is very user-friendly, so anyone can understand it very easily. For buyers, it offers very nice features called “Product Verification”, by which product is verified by their team for authenticity. is also good choice to those one, who want to sell their items easily to potential buyers all over India, FREE of charge. Like other online service, you can upload maximum 4 photos of you each item that you put online.
Ynew is best platform for selling and purchasing gadgets like television, desktops, laptops, and Smartphones. If you are looking for a place to buy or sell only gadgets online, then nothing is better than Ynew India.
Buyers can choose product from the wide range of pre-owned products, factory seconds and run-out models. So, get yourself a website, get some products to sell and get lots of visitors to your site. For most small independent handicraft makers, often the obvious choice is to set up shops at Etsy. Granted, Etsy is easily one of the most successful marketplaces for indie crafts, but it is exactly for this reason that the site may not be your best option. Having said that, there is no reason to exclude yourself from Etsy, in light of its vast popularity. This has to be an excellent option if you are apt at conceiving new ideas or designs, rather than be tied up with the process of actually producing them or making shipping arrangements. Personally, I think its greatest appeal is how you can put up an item on your Amazon wish list. They bring small US-based food producers and farmers to a wider market that appreciate fabulous foods and gifts. If you like getting paid for surveys and are going to join only one site, I recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. If you have a creative mind, ShopWindoz would be glad to have you on board as a shop owner and you would be promised global exposure as it has a pretty good international reach. Notmassproduced could be an ideal site to work with if you are uncomfortable in the marketing part of the business.
Basically, you still need to have your own store built up, set up the pricing and shipping, and they will do the rest.
Sellers participation is by invitation only, so every seller represented here has had their skill and craftsmanship endorsed by Notmassproduced already. I am especially impressed with their gifts under ?20 section (metaphorically as people are attracted to this eye-catching phrase in an economy downturn).
If you want to incorporate your shop into your personal blog or website, there is a “mini shop” feature that allows you to easily do that. Naturally, such restrictions cut off a great many sellers, but you are good at creativity stuff, iCraft will like you there. Whether you are looking for a curtain or a cushion cover, Spoonflower would not disappoint. Compare to sites like ArtFire, Big Cartel is really lacking in the area of the social aspect.
The set up of I Made It Market is like a breath of fresh air in the over-crowded online marketplaces. They also attempt to promote the handicraft from sellers here, but the difference is that the trades are to raise funds and awareness to improve communities. PoppyTalk Handmade is another online handicraft market, which periodically showcase international and emerging designers. Nevertheless, it allows a link to your current online storefront when the user clicks on the buy button. It helps that the site is well organized, so if you have a keen eye on opportunities, you can make some nice bucks here. They also help to impart business skills through a forum, to help you hone your marketing skills or set up a new business, for example. Even at its current beta stage, it is winning praises and attracting users to its community. While eBay may sound old school, it has a special fair-trade marketplace that is really innovative.
With its World of Good, eBay wants to encourage socially and environmentally responsible shopping. Chictopia is dedicated to modern fashion; there are tons of handmade clothes and accessories showcased here.
There is no shopping cart facility so every transaction has to be routed back to your own site. With Silk Fair, you either run a free Market Booth on their marketplace or you can use their software to build a full-fledged custom online store. In other words, your presence could be in the marketplace, your own independent store, or both.
There is also a tool to import an Etsy account, just in case you think it is time to switch. The website has stringent criteria for selecting an individual designer, artist, and craft man. Once it makes the selection, the work of the chosen individual would be featured in a personalized exhibition page that is going to last one month. This is an excellent place for you to quickly gauge the kind of response from a limited market before you bring it onto the wider market. Here, buyers or consumers can choose to make a donation or a small loan to an aspiring businessman.
If you are a small-scale farmer or an indie food producer, it could be a good idea to open a store on Fooducopia marketplace.
This certainly does away with lots of confusions and frustrations for both the traders and users. As user gets into the individual category, photo images will get displayed, with each one linking to a designer store.
Thanks to you guys for sharing and talking about this list, it has been seen by thousands of people, and consequently, I have been getting suggestions for other similar sites.
So, while I do not add every suggested site, I will add the ones that based on my initial research look promising, and more importantly, are legit. And by the looks of it, their marketplace showcases some very unique and interesting items that I personally haven’t seen on any other site.
To be eligible for a lifelong membership store with unlimited products, the vendors products must not contain animal derivatives or test on animals. EthicalStores is a voluntary organization that is funded by donations from public and business. This is a new(ish) marketplace that I came to know through our comments section below thanks to Craig who I assume is the founder of the site.

As you can see, there are tons of other sites like Etsy you can use to sell just about anything you can make with your hand. Also, if there are any other sites like Etsy that you use to sell your handmade items, please leave a comment below and I will add it to this list.
Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching vidoes, taking survyes, shopping and more. What is the new site that you post a picture and they do the description of the item and they charge when sold. Which one (other than ETSY) is the best for hand made invitations, banners, and party decorations?
Hopefully some of our readers who do make and sell handmade invitations and party decoration art, will chime in and share the best site they use. is not a good source for selling your products and their software platform is extremely buggy and a pain in the rear end to use.
Also we try to be straight-forward on everything – no listing fees, monthly fees, product limits, etc, just a straight-forward 3% commission on any sale. Etsy are flooded with mass production chinese apparel and Etsy is not a 100% handmade site anymore. The people in Etsy are ignorant for this and it is a shame for allowing them to open shops on Etsy. How long have you been up and running, and how many sellers do you have so far, if you don’t mind me asking? If you want to sell your handmade crafts online there are many Websites and Marketplaces to choose from.
Dear member, we are happy to announce that we are very close to releasing a brand new version of the website builder. Puzla€™s free website builder helps SME, self-employed and freelancers increase their online visibility with the creation of a free and optimized website.
Whether you wish to improve the online promotion of your business, or you have the desire to launch a new professional activity, building an e-commerce shop is the key to increasing your online revenues. Puzl not only specializes on being a free website builder; it also assures a high search engine ranking and therefore internet visibility to all websites created using its software.
With the integration of your services and products to the internal search engine of Puzl, yet another source of traffic and potential clients is created. For an e-commerce shop to be complete, back office functionalities have to be included in the offer. An introduction of the back office functionalities is available in a free software package directly included with the building of your e-commerce shop. Of these, musicMagpie is one of the longest established and best known.  You won’t be able to retire on the payout – most old CDs of mine have been accepted by musicMagpie for about 30p each – but if you are short of time this is a (relatively) quick, easy way to raise cash. To get their prices for sale or exchange, take your item(s) into the store or obtain a quote and arrange the sale via the CeX website. I find it difficult to make a good profit on Amazon at the moment, true, but I have also noticed a lot of people complaining that selling on eBay is not what it used to be. Got me thinking why, had a look on eBay and they were going for a fair bit – turns out they were hard to get hold of.
A few years ago I was buying and selling retro video games and made a small business out of it. Amazon, eBay and the like are fantastic platforms for selling your stuff but depending on the item it might be worth going to the places that deal in those particular things. I know a couple of people who tried to sell collections on eBay and ended up getting a lot more money taking them to Stanley Gibbons.
I was looking for selling my CDs for quite sometime and I believe Zapper or Music Magpie will do the work for me. Posting my stuff on these sites will increase the probability of getting it removed asap as I am planning to buy new stuff for the home.
As now, you can turn your trash into cash by selling it online as well as save money by purchasing used items through several renowned Indian Websites. Purchasing secondhand items is also a good way to discover stuffs that you can’t practically expect to find on the shelves of any store. Here, you can sell mobile phones, laptops, appliances, television, furniture, art-paintings, camera, bicycle, baby goods and clothes. Android users can enjoy the service of the site directly from their mobile device just by downloading India bazaar application. If the ad is not proper, then site will reject it and notify you about rejection via email. Sellers just need to post their product that they want to sell online and receive a FREE pickup service at your doorstep.
They can enjoy 30-days free serving warranty, extended warranty, as well as free delivery & installation.
The competition is so intense that it is virtually impossible to make a decent earning out of it. Go on and get yourself listed on Etsy, but cast your net wider by getting on to other smaller online marketplaces that are not as crowded, where your talent could be easier spotted. Whether you are selling handmade jewelry, mugs, T-shirts, artwork, foods, or other handcrafted items, I am sure you’ll find a site or two you can use. You can have your newly conceived design printed on a number of objects here, including but not limited to tee-shirts, mugs, apparel, and wall posters here. Basically, you come out with a design, upload it and figure what items to go with your design (it could be t-shirts and posters and many other things).
It is a stroke of genius for ArtFire to tie up with Amazon’s Amazon’s Universal Wishlist technology. It is a German registered business and it is popularly known for its innovative and non-mainstream products listed on its website.
Notmassproduced manages the sales process, you handle the shipment, and you will get payment direct from them rather than individual customers. Setting up your store is straightforward and the website regularly runs ads and promotions to attract traffic.
Instead of hawking (on the sellers’ behalf) all sorts of handicrafts, it restricts the ware to all fabric products. It doesn’t matter if that storefront is your own website, Etsy, or another marketplace. The website lets these buyers draw up a wish list of desired products and the lists are then shared among friends. There are many thousands of outstanding products originated across the globe, and with all of them earning the eBay’s stamp of approval. If you are passionate about producing food, you may want to consider setup online storefront here.
You could do bustling trades over at their online marketplace and you could pick up useful ideas and inputs from the user forum, which is made up of fellow craftspeople and artisans. They don’t charge listing fees, take no commission and you get to register a free account. As in the case of Kickstarter (the popular crowdfunding site), it is also a new kid on the block in the online world. In addition to the usual storefronts that hawk all sorts of arts and crafts, there is also a micro-finance element. It is called Integrated Micro Advance Funding here due to its slight variation to the traditional micro-finance in its working.
It is a good source to identify small farms, farmers markets, and other food supplies in our country. The website is fairly simple to navigate as the website lists products under the just four broad categories: everything, wear + carry, space + place, and paper + prints. I am sure out of the more than 40 sites listed here, you can find one or two that have just the right kind of marketplace and audience that you are looking for.
Etsy has unfortunately made lots of changes that make it difficult for sellers that actually handmake their goods. I will have to do a new post based on your suggestion (listing new out of the gate sites for buying and selling handmade stuff). Yes, Etsy is very crowded and you have a lot of competition but the Etsy community is very helpful.
If you know of an online marketplace that you can sell your handmade items that is not on this list please share it in the comments below so we can check it out. We expect this version to be released on the 1st of June.To make sure that we are able to import all of your websites and that no data is lost, we have been obliged to temporarily block the access to our beta version.
Businesses may select and personalize free e-commerce templates to build an e-commerce shop and start to sell online products and services. Today, more and more individuals resolve to using internet to find the best deals, buying products and services online. Products and services needing different e-commerce interfaces to be promoted effectively, Puzl expressly developed product and service specific free e-commerce templates to guaranty the best possible promotion.
The free e-commerce templates, necessary to build your online shop, are fully search engine optimized and integrated to the business network assuring a high search engine ranking for your products and services. Select the right sector for your goods and write a minimum of 200 words for each to assure the highest level of internet visibility for your e-commerce shop. The online payment solutions available (PayPal, Paybox, etc…) are all adapted to different business models and stages of development of your online activity.

You may then select individual business options to further enhance the running and monitoring of your online sales.
The tools of the free e-commerce shop will be updated regularly to make sure your online business activity is up to date. So before you sell to musicMagpie or list any books on Amazon, it would be worth running your products through Zapper’s barcode to find if a better deal is on offer. I stopped as it was so time consuming because every item was unique which meant every listing needed to be unique.
Spend less, live within your means and get out of debt - without resorting to recycling teabags. Still, if you are using a traditional way to sell your used items, you have to go to each and every retailer to discover who can give you the best price.
Sometimes, old goods are more reliable and long-lasting than new ones, that’s reason our grand parents never changes her toaster, oven, and her eggbeater because they know that old is gold. As soon as you provide details about items, it will show you various categories regarding your items. You just need to select the category, sub category, title, price, and write description about the items.
This is a heaven place for those one who like to collect antique items from spectacles to magnifying glasses, coins dating back to the Peshwa era to gramophones and old cassettes to vinyl records. We all have second hand, used, unused, working, mint condition products lying around in the house or in the office.
It is completely free to register and advertise up to 5 different items online, at the same time. Apart from browsing items online, you can use the Android application for snapping and uploading photos.
If you want to purchase items from the website, then you don’t need to contact the All India bazaar, you just contact directly to the product owner and make arrangement for your meeting. This platform facilitates sale and purchase of reputed and aspiration brands in the electronics segment.
After that, they will come to you for product testing, giving certification and to ask the product price. But when they can’t help you sell more, you pay nothing, unlike other online marketplaces.
But if you are thinking of getting exposure among craft buyers, this is one place you should not miss out. The deal here is that sellers can own their shops for life, with a subdomain thrown in, all at no cost to sellers.
The one for pet lovers goes like gangbusters at christmas and the jewelry shop kicked in a little this year but there are so many people selling jewelry. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and will send you an email as soon as we are ready with our release!This new version includes many new functionalities like complete background customization, product and service categorization, etc. This growing worldwide trend is accelerating with everyday more e-commerce shops being opened and selling online a wider scope of products. One of the SEO techniques put in place to improve the online sales of your e-commerce shop, to name one, is the creation of a new individual web-page for each product or service placed online for its promotion. Some may require a monthly payment coupled with a small cost per transactions, others will involve only a cost per transaction but a higher one. This business software package will support you in finding out what improvements are needed in your structure as well as save you a lot of organization and administrative time. Be aware, however, that the postage fee for a book is fixed by Amazon at ?2.80, so if your books are priced at pennies apiece, your profit margin may be slim. To enrich this blog post let me also share my experiences on two sites and they are Stuff U Sell and another Babyhoo.
In addition, shop owner does not offer you much margin as they would like to resell the items for a higher price.
One of the best things about selling on eBay is that it provides full protection for your money. In the next step, fill various details like title, condition, brand, pictures and description for the listing.
As well, you can post your items in various national and international languages, so that anyone can read your offers. It provides over 12 main categories and more than 140 sub categories ranging from Mobiles, cars, real estate, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics and others. It permits users to post free ads, as well discover what they are looking for and deal with their regular requirements by connecting other people in a faster, simpler and easier way. You have to get registered in the site to post your online requirements or your products want to sell.
Also, buyers can ask question regarding products to the owner as well as refer items to their friends. The site is not part of your deal, as well does not take any charges for hooking up with the buyer.
It is best place for sellers to ask price, reach to more buyers and Hassle-free selling experience.
At last, they assign product to a vault for the buyer to get a quick understanding about its features and price.
Think of us as the newest member of your marketing team-a curated online retailer actively promoting you and showing you off to users from all over the country. I have tried different websites to sell my items and at one point I even tried to sell my items on my own website. Since Made It Myself is still new and in Beta phase they are not charging listing fees at this time but I do not know when that will change. DaWanda only charges you a 5% commission fee on each successful sale you make through their website. Puzl, to attain leadership in the free website building market, had to include an e-commerce solution and it is with this aspect in mind that we launched fully customizable free e-commerce templates. You will therefore have the possibility to choose form a wide variety of online payment solutions to find the one that best fulfills your business needs and suits your online e-commerce shop. I used Stuff U Sell for selling furniture and I believe the price I received is beyond my expectation. They can search any items just by entering keywords in the search box and get all related listings.
That means besides searching or buying products, you can rent or buy apartments, plots as well as find tuition classes, car rentals, plumbers, and many other service providers. The appearance of the site is not so attractive but the site is very useful to buy and sell second hand items. You don’t need to waste your valuable time in searching customers; just post your deal on the site and then interested people will approach you. There is also facility to refine your search by keyword, product, category, sub-category, price range, country, state, and city. No matter, whether you are a private individual or a company, here anyone can sell their items to potential buyers and get maximum profits. The main benefits for buyers is that it offers only certified products at affordable prices with extended service warranty.
It’s a very large and feature-loaded website that no other online auction website compares it. At last, select payment option by which you would like to receive the money and provide details on how the item will be shipped. It republishes the listing every week for one month and notifies you via mail when a comment is made on the listing. Here, you can sell used car, old computer, second hand mobile, laptop, furniture, bike, etc.
It also gives opportunity to create your post attractive by making it bold, highlighting it or featuring in gallery.
One of the most pleasurable things about the site is that it allows users to save their favorites items on a favorite list so that you don’t need to search for them again.
The advertisement is completely charge less, so anyone can take the advantage of the website. You just need to post your items on the website, upload some nice price, describe something about the working condition and then you will definitely find out that selling online is as easy as cutting a cake. If you select to accept payment via Credit Card (Direct Checkout), Etsy also charges a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.25 USD for each order. Be truthful while describing details about items to catch maximum buyers and earn maximum profit. Still, Indian consumers have some doubts about the potential of online selling, that’s why they avoid online shopping. But no need to worry because now we are presenting some of the best website that is more trust-able and secure to get good money out of your old stuff.

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