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It is without question that Hillsong Music can be identified as one of the prominent and significant labels in the Christian music industry. With synthesizers and a pounding beat, the album blends energy and passion into an exciting worship experience. In tracks like “Lifeline,” ‘Close’” and “Gracious Tempest” you can here the passion and intimacy in the voice of the leaders, which listeners will recognize as authentic worship. Critics claim that this genre of worship runs the risk of leading listeners to chase the emotional “high” that this kind of music produces rather than that of Jesus Christ.

Austin Young, a senior global business and French major at AU, is a fan of the message and mission of Hillsong Young and Free.
Young said, “WATCO was created so that people could come and worship without feeling like they were being judged because they worshipped differently than others.
Young believes the new Hillsong Young and Free band is a fresh reminder that as Christians, we can make “secular” things Christian to nonbelievers. Jacob Lewis, a junior exercise science major at Anderson has been leading worship for over four years. Tracks off of “We Are Young & Free” are often played at The Well Richmond, and Lewis says the church has been receptive to this new style of worship.
Both Lewis and Young agree that worship has no restrictions, guidelines or rules, as long as you’re worshipping with the joy and spirit of God in your heart. If the point of worship is to evoke and invite the Holy Spirit, when will we hear worship music like Hillsong Young & Free being played in chapel?
Since 1992, Hillsong Music has expanded to a handful of successful bands like Hillsong United, Hillsong Live and Hillsong Chapel. This is a generation called to stand strong in their youth and in their freedom, refusing to allow others to dismiss them for their age and not allowing the chains of their history to leave them shackled. Regardless, the high-spirited atmosphere and grandiose production is used to praise and express our joy for our Creator.
When people feel judged, -they don’t want to be vulnerable.” He continued, “There was an atmosphere of worship that was different from what the campus was used to.

Currently, he leads at The Well Richmond, which is a satellite church of Fountain City Wesleyan. Conveniently, the band’s tagline “we sing and dance for we are young and free” is exactly what listeners will feel compelled to do.
WATCO was a unique and different type of worship that included rapping, dancing, community and fellowship. We Are Young & Free has forced worship leaders to ask, “Who are we playing for, and what crowd are we trying to reach?” Lewis added. Is this due to apple not allowing others to use this tech or is my image just the wrong size? The electronic dance-music feel paired with joyful and powerful lyrics is a sure-fire win with today’s youth. We need to meet them where they are, and I think Hillsong Young and Free has created an album that they’d listen to” said Young. There is an irresistible itch to belt out the choruses of tracks like “Wake,” “Alive,” and “Brighter” at the top of your lungs.

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