TweetScoop.itPrezi has revolutionized the way people make presentations or at least the perception of how presentations can be made.
In recent years there have been a number of HTML5 based presentation web apps and editors launched by various developers to act as PowerPoint alternatives, with support for frameworks like impress.js and a range of elaborate editing features. The top bar provides options for adding text, images, videos, shapes and websites within your slides. The good thing about Strut is that it can be used by not only power users but even novice users who might be looking to create impressive presentations. One benefit of Strut that you might not get in common presentation apps is to seamlessly embed websites and present them in a zooming UI or with your custom transitions. As mentioned earlier, Strut supports custom CSS classes, with the utility to write new CSS rules.
You can start using Strut from the example website at or download the package at Github to install it on your server and run it locally using Grunt. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
Kumo On GitHub: here The goal of Kumo is to create a powerful and user friendly Word Cloud library in Java. Zaption is an interesting video assessment tool that I tried when it was in beta last fall.
FAQ's and Troubleshooting Just about everything in this worksheet maker requires Javascript. Teens, tweens and kids are often referred to as a€?digital natives.a€? Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, theya€™re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology. Each beautiful video theme will give a distinct look & feel to your video, just add your photos, videos, text and music! Look at SlideRocket (like PowerPoint on steriods), and Glogster (great for online interactive posters). Hi Jordi, I love reading all the responses here, and the replies in French I put into Google when I don't quite understand. A non linear presentation tool - include multipletypes of media and help readers work from the picture picture to zoom in on various arguments or illustrations. Yeah I like Prezi, important thing to keep in mind is that you need to be careful about zooming too much or flying about too much as people will feel dizzy! The fonts, background and text colors are limited, but I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing. The learning curve is fast [just follow along with the tutorial that comes up initially] and once you get used to it, it’s quicker than PowerPoint.

The big plus is that it allows you to conceptualise the flow of the whole topic – kind of like a mind map.
About Farshad Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
No longer are slides limited to basic transition effects and static imagery, as the zooming interface of Prezi has paved the way for more innovative developments in the form of fancy HTML based online editors, particularly HTML5 presentation tools.
The left sidebar is like a PowerPoint interface where you can add, remove and rearrange slides. However, the downside is that you only get limited options to save your content such as the option to export Strut presentations in JSON or to the local storage folder on your computer. You can easily import content from online and offline sources, pick a custom background with solid colors or an image and if you are tech savvy enough, you can use custom CSS and Markdown to fashion your presentations. While you can technically add webpages to PowerPoint slides, you can end up with some hiccups. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging.
This afternoon I received an email from the Zaption team asking me to take a look at the new version of the service.
It turns out that good crossword puzzles of the type found in newspapers are fairly hard to generate, and require a pool of lots of words, not all of which are used.
Common Core Explorer provides intuitive filters for teachers to use to quickly surface apps, games, and webites that support teaching specific standards.
Upload photos and videos from your computer, or import directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr or Picasa. That is education and animation working together to teach students everywhere, everything they ever wanted to know. These interesting conversations are often made very cheap viagra even more interesting through the use of this snazzy improvement on PowerPoint. Why You Shouldna€™t Use PowerPoints in (Most) Online Courses A« Northern Arizona University's e-Learning Center.
The perks of using this cloud based presentation platform is the ability to create presentations with the amazing zooming effect. While you can also host your presentations using, there is no option to create an account. Moreover, the scalability you get with Strut for your HTML5 slides is quite impressive and enables adding more content cohesively without worrying about real-estate. This activity was really easy and I always like the art activities where kids can work on one thing collaboratively.

This program puts all of the words you specify (no more, no less) into a simple crossword puzzle.
Also in March, we invited educators to write Field Notes about apps, games, and webites that support teaching specific Common Core State standards. Ted Harrison is a well known Canadian artist famous for his use of line and color in his landscape paintings around his beloved Yukon home. Moreover, Prezi is no only limited to just the cloud, as you can also save and present your zooming presentations offline.Why Use Prezi?Before we move on to the ‘how’, let’s explore why Prezi is useful in the first place.
For example, when you add text, a mini toolbar appears, giving you options to stylize your text.
This unfortunately does limit the utility of Strut for ‘novice’ users who might not be all that tech savvy. Especially something that is all about the process and not how well you can draw etc, so the three year olds were able to contribute just as much as the five year olds and you can't even tell which bits of the art work were done by which kids. In this roundup, we highlight Field Notes that provide great insights for teachers who are looking to leverage technology as they make the transition to Common Core. Some of the animation links catalogued here will give educators very basic tools and histories of animation while others have the animation already created and set in motion, ita€™s just a matter of sharing it with students. We have previously discussed this in our post about PowerPoint vs Prezi, however, you can see the brief video given below to get an overview of what makes Prezi awesome to use.Creating Zooming Presentations Using Prezi for WindowsIf you wish to use Prezi but don’t know where to start, then you should begin by downloading the desktop Prezi app to get started with making amazing presentations or login to a Prezi account from your browser. See how your colleagues around the country are using these products to enhance student learning and innovate lessons.
In this post, we will explore the features of Prezi for Windows and show you how to create zooming presentations. Furthermore, you can also import PowerPoint and PDF documents to incorporate in your slides. To re-order your slides, simply drag and drop them so that they appear in your desired zooming sequence.Share Prezis Online, Present Them Remotely or Save Them OfflinePresentations created and uploaded to Prezi are saved online and can be downloaded at any point in time. You can also save Prezis offline and present them using the Prezi app or convert them into a PDF document.

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