Many Facebook users have been inundated with updates from quiz applications in recent weeks.
Bei uns findest du taglich handverlesene Infos zu Smartphones, Tablets, Apps, Diensten, Deals, Gadgets und Zubehor. Integration of existing Flash application into Facebook - PHP application framework and Actionscript customisation.
Contract work, new Retirement Income Calculator for a major Aviva campaign aimed at increasing Retirement business.
Contract work, Flash Website to promote the TV series "Life and Times of Tim", allowing users to build their own ending to a video by selecting pre-built clips and adding them to a timeline.

Work on the open source project to add SQL transaction logging and, eventually, database synchronisation functionality to the wrapper (originally created by Peter Elst). Now, a quiz application not listed in the Facebook application directory called How Well Do You Know Me?
In the end, the results aren’t based on impersonal predictions of your personality, but speak for themselves, indicating how well your friends know you and your quirks. After creating your own quiz, you can invite friends to take it, and a Facebook Request is sent to them. TicTacTomato is a new twist on Tic Tac Toe, gauranteed to entertain and infuriate the whole family!

Das Spiel wie gesagt ganz nett gemacht, man kann es sich also ruhig mal anschauen, ein Must-have ist es aber meines Erachtens nicht.
According to AppData, the application currently has over 28 million monthly active users and has been showing signs of consistent growth over the past 30 days. Users are often accidentally directed away from the app to IQ quiz websites that clutter the page as part of the app’s monetization strategy.

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