Your temper escalates with each mishap until you angrily demand an apology and a free dessert from the manager. Invite her to your house the next week, and serve her exact menu—along with a lengthy lecture on the proper way to prepare each item.
Look at your watch, drum your fingers on the table—and suddenly remember you have to make a call to Zanzibar. Pretend to be fascinated by the new boyfriend's hobby of collecting antique screwdrivers, and exhaust yourself coming up with questions about it. Remind your friend about the time you double-dated in college, and what a painful disaster it was. Announce, "This meal is not quite up to my standards, but I really screwed it up on every level, and I am so, so sorry. You are fiery-tempered and emotionally trigger-happy, and you probably should add a chill pill to your morning vitamins. You are a true people-pleaser, which is generally great if you're the person on the receiving end, but often leaves you taking care of everyone else. You walk that line between being the funny girl whom everyone loves—or the insensitive clod who hurts people's feelings without ever even meaning to.

You are complex and hard to categorize, with a sometimes sweet, sometimes salty disposition.
Integration of existing Flash application into Facebook - PHP application framework and Actionscript customisation.
Contract work, new Retirement Income Calculator for a major Aviva campaign aimed at increasing Retirement business. Contract work, Flash Website to promote the TV series "Life and Times of Tim", allowing users to build their own ending to a video by selecting pre-built clips and adding them to a timeline. Work on the open source project to add SQL transaction logging and, eventually, database synchronisation functionality to the wrapper (originally created by Peter Elst).
The waiter hands your friend the wine list—but you're the one who knows more about wine.
You and your significant other are dining out with your friend and her new, dull boyfriend. Learn to stand up for yourself and hone in on what your true needs, loves, and dislikes are. So your food style is like your basic personality: unexpected, irreverent, and sometimes over-the-top.

Charming, intense, entertaining--and face it, occasionally really annoying--you're a true iconoclast. TicTacTomato is a new twist on Tic Tac Toe, gauranteed to entertain and infuriate the whole family! Take this quick Recipe Club Quiz to find out the truth about yourself and the friends you think you know best. The waiter gets your order wrong, spills a glass of wine on your tablecloth, and finally brings you underdone chicken and overdone steak. But everything goes wrong at the last minute: you don't have half the ingredients, you burn the main course, you get out of work too late to make dessert, so you serve store-bought cake instead of the home-made one you've been bragging about. Eat foods that are self-nurturing, but don't be shy about experimenting with new flavors and new ways of expressing yourself.

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