Your clean eating diet plan needn’t fancy meals but simple healthy dinner ideas that are effortless, tasty and nutritious. InstructionsPreheat oven 350 F. Place salmon in mixing bowl and add teriyaki sauce, wine, corn starch, olive oil and soy sauce. Day 3:  We thought up this fun Thanksgiving Quiz full of turkey trivia to challenge reading age kids. With omega-3-rich salmon, potassium-dense avocado and nourishing edamame, this nutrients-rich and therefore healthy dinner option also extends flavor and colorfulness.

Place marinaded salmon in a baking dish, and bake for 15 – 20 min, or until salmon is thoroughly cooked. To make this easy feather pencil all you need are some pencils, feathers and natural colored floral tape. With a small piece of the floral tape, attach the feathers to where the eraser is and wrap the tape around. Transfer edamame to a bowl, add cubed avocado, and set aside. When salmon is done, remove from oven, and dice meat into small chunks.

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