Are you stuck on Christmas gift ideas for your husband?For a woman, you can always just buy something pretty. One of my most popular posts ever was my Christmas stocking stuffers for your husband–and in that post I give some really unique ideas for inexpensive products you may never have heard of to get for your man–yummy stuffers, sexy stuffers, fun stuffers, smart stuffers, handy stuffers, and more!Today I want to take a slightly different approach. The benefit of this gift is that it doesn’t add anything to your budget–he would have needed the things anyway.
You get the patented cooling technology with a mattress cover, a duvet, and pillows to help you sleep well. If your guy is stressed, or has tired muscles, or has the love language of touch–or even if he’s just HUMAN–he’ll love you pampering him with a massage every night.
If your golfer husband has never actually owned a pair of shoes specifically for golf, he’s in for a treat! This is the top of the line GoPro–with wifi capability to instantly upload, touch screen display, and more! Use it in the shower or out of the shower, this one item will replace all the razors and razor blades he’s got lying around. The post Christmas Gift Ideas for the Impossible to Buy For Husband appeared first on To Love, Honor and Vacuum. I will recommend different gift ideas, in ten different categories, that can start you thinking about your own husband and what may work for him specifically.
These Vortex ones are top of the line–10x42s, totally waterproof, and so much better than the little ones we’ve been using.If your husband has a hobby–like hunting or fishing or woodworking–maybe replacing something he already has with something top of the line would be a luxury. Imagine his hands on you–and your hands on him–as the stress evaporates and as relaxation envelops you. And maybe he can even return the favor!The MELT massage video course is meant for married couples to learn to pamper each other.
So comfortable, with lambskin lining to prevent blisters and a special air circulation system to keep the feet cool. With spikes on the bottom to prevent slipping and super comfortable soles, these will help him stay comfy all day–and even improve his game.5.
They’ve offered me a giveaway for a $50 gift card of your choice, and Canadians can enter here.6. It hooks up to your computer via a USB port, and you can scan all kinds of receipts easily.
Henckels is one of the best brands, and this set right now is over $200 off the regular price.

Christmas Gifts for Your Husband that Are Super Manly and Kinda HeirloomWant to help him feel fancy and manly at the same time?
This set comes with a stainless steel stand, a shaving brush, the razor, and 100 extra blades.
And then next time you go out for dinner, or out to a wedding, he’ll look so put together!So there you go!
So think of this post as a giant brainstorming session to help you think of a gift your husband will actually love!1.
As you fall asleep and your body temperature drops, the Nacreous Pillow Cover releases stored heat to ensure that you feel “just right” all night.
You watch about 5 minutes a night and then do it–and each video builds on the one before, until you’re able to give a super effective 30 minute massage. A Christmas Gift That Lets Your Husband Pamper HimselfMaybe money’s been tight this year and so you rarely get to spend money on yourselves. A Christmas Gift to Enhance Your Couple LifeLet’s face it–many guys would just like you for Christmas in a Santa negligee.
From Exploding Kittens to Forbidden Islands to old faithfuls like Rummikub, there’s sure to be something here that he will like!7. It fits under the seat if it has to, and it has a special compartment that fits most 15? computers. And MELT has a Christmas special going on right now, where if you buy the regular video course, you get the foot massage video course for free!
I mean quality shoes.Few adults spend proper money on quality shoes, but if your guy is on his feet a lot, it helps his posture, his back, his knees, and so much more! That’s really the best gift they can imagine.And sometimes gifts that boost your marriage are the best gifts of all!
The Gift of Technology: Gadgets He’s Always WantedChances are your husband has a list of gadgets he’s envied, but he’s never purchased. If your husband has never owned a shirt with cufflinks, consider getting him one this Christmas!
If it’s something that he actually needs, then at some point he will have to get into his car, drive to the mall, go into some stores, check the things out, try them on (if it’s clothing), pay, and come home. Best of all, it fits on top of a bigger suitcase over the handle so you can pull them both at the same time–no more pulling two suitcases at once!
And you’ll have access to the videos forever.Check it out here–with a video to tell you more.

Starbucks cards, Amazon cards, or Home Depot cards lets him buy stuff he likes without feeling like “I’m using up our grocery money.”If you’re Canadian, CardSwap is a great source for gift cards–because they sell most gift cards, but when you buy them you also earn points so you can eventually get other gift cards free!
Of course, don’t forget the MELT massage video series I mentioned above–it helps you sleep, but it boosts your marriage, too!31 Days to Great Sex – $4.99 ebook, $10.79 paperbackWhy not give him what he really wants? And you can buy some of the more basic models for cheaper, like the GoPro Hero Starter Bundle for $139.99 which comes with a 1080?60 camera, a head mount, and an SD card. Christmas Gifts That Make Your Husband’s Life EasierThe real gift is the reduced stress and the reduced time! But I hope that I’ve at least given you some thinks to brainstorm about that can help you come up with the perfect Christmas gift for your husband this year!
And they’ve got some super cute printables (just scroll down) that you can put in his stocking, too, to let you know what you’re going to do for him! We don’t want to waste money, after all.But quality shoes will often last for several years, and end up paying for themselves!This Christmas, what about getting him some shoes that will make him feel like he’s in heaven? For instance, if you buy a Future Shop card right now you’ll get 5% in points towards another gift card.
And the food jar (which comes with a folding spoon) keeps liquids hot for 7 hours and cold for 9. After all, nobody else sees it but us!But good sleep, next to a good diet, is the largest component of good health.So what about some gifts to help him sleep?
Learn to talk about sex, flirt more, spice things up–and keep the momentum going!And I’ve got Christmas coupons you can print out and give him to go with the book, too. So if your guy is a trucker or a hunter or just plain brings his lunch to work a lot, here’s a way to save him money and give him convenience. One of my favourite sleep aids is Slumber Cloud, which has patented technology so that your pillows and bedding stay at a nice temperature all night long.
No more flipping your pillow over because it’s too hot or throwing off the duvet because you’ve got night sweats (while your husband is shivering).
It regulates for both of you–even if one of you is a refrigerator and one of you is a furnace.
Christmas Gifts that Replace Singles of Something with a Big Set of SomethingHere’s another way to pamper him–Maybe your husband has plenty of singles of something, but he doesn’t have a set of anything.

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