These days it seems that there are hundreds upon hundreds of personality tests out on the Internet. We've read somewhere that there seems to be a correlation between personality types and IQ. If all wortpies are milsects, and some milsects are barfoon, which following statement is definitely true?
I intend to open up to you the corners of the internet that can help tap into the darkest corners of your own mind. There aren’t silly pop psychology tests that have no basis in fact; they’re legitimate psychological tests that are either backed by significant research or are actually parts of ongoing studies that are using your results to obtain more data. Many of the tests are parts of ongoing studies, so rest assured that the results you’re getting are coming directly from professional psychologists and researchers.
One of the site’s best features is that you can register an account and save your stats on all of the site’s tests. The Jung Typology Test reveals your personality type using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a well-established personality test first published in 1962. Results of the test will provide you with four letters that summarize your personality type (don’t worry, it also explains, in detail, what those letters and your particular type actually mean). Project Implicit is an excellent Harvard study that may reveal your subconscious biases regarding race, gender, religion, and more. For example, in the race test, you have to distinguish between faces of European and African origin and good words (like “joy” and “love”) and bad words (like “agony” and “terrible”). To participate in the tests you have to either register an account or login as a guest. These tests could reveal how you subconsciously assume things about the people you’ve just met based only on very subtle changes in their faces.

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For example, of all the people who are attracted to say, geneolgy blogs and websites, an inordinate percentage will be found to be those with careers in the harder sciences, engineers, chemists etc.
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Optical illusions have confounded and delighted humans for thousands of years, from the Parthenon's architectural trickery to M. The processor is the brain of a computer -- but understanding the difference between processors requires a lot of brainpower of your own! Last month, I brought you the best optical illusions on the web, which tested how your mind manipulates your perceptions, and now I bring you some of the web’s best psychological tests. They’ll help you dig into your mind and explore your subconscious, memorization abilities, personality, and much more. The subjects that they cover really run the gamut: you can find out how good your memory is, whether you experience synesthesia, what sex your brain is, and much more.
Many will test your reaction time and memorization abilities, and you’ll also find the classic Stroop color test on the site. It does this by requiring you to distinguish between different images and words and group them into correct categories. Then you have to group bad words and images of European American faces together and good words and images of African American faces together (and vice versa).

Here, however, you are making choices like whether faces look healthier, more trustworthy, or more attractive. If you want more information behind the results that you’re getting from these tests, consider checking out some informative psychology websites. You know, where you stand behind a cutout figure with only your face showing, of a bodybuilder or a movie actress!
There are other examples, but the idea seems to come down to the characteristics of the three personality types seem to be consistent when found in the general population. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items. These tests may reveal to you the deepest parts of your own subconscious, which may horrify and astound you “” but at least taking the tests will be fun. In all of your pursuits to better understand yourself and the workings of your mind, I wish you luck. It is a fun and interesting way of looking at the people around you and, by understanding which one they are, being able to understand why they act the way they.
Don’t you ever wonder why your husband, wife, kids, bosses,… are acting that way?

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