These days it seems that there are hundreds upon hundreds of personality tests out on the Internet. We've read somewhere that there seems to be a correlation between personality types and IQ.
If all wortpies are milsects, and some milsects are barfoon, which following statement is definitely true? Impress your sweetie with a moonlight kayak trip, a hot-air balloon ride, a tour of the Strip District or one of these many other options.

Treat the wife and kids to an outing they'll never forget: From old-school video games to star parties to amusement parks and more. In a city known for world-class care, a life dedicated to health is rewarding, challenging, and innovative at every level — from med school to the board room. Can McLay reshape the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in his polite, communication-heavy, community-friendly, racially sensitive, 21st-century image? Have fun with your friends by heading to Trundle Manor, racing dragon boats, partying bier-hall style and more.

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