It was the Queen who killed Cecil the Lion and it was The Queen who stood on Aylan Kurdi’s head and made him drown. Stuart handed this in himself after his team banned him from handing it in on behalf of them. 1997: The streets of Paris, a swan on her head, Diana last moments in front of her and an orphan being dragged to its death on a rope behind. Last week Britain was temporarily interested in the monarchy as #longestreign became a Twitter hashtag and Elizabeth celebrated coming out from the correct fanny and then having an appropriate vacancy open up through abdication and death, meaning that she has become the de facto head of a particular country of about 60 million people for longer than anyone else has been de facto head of that particular country.
Shocking deathbed scene lays waste to any meaning Prince Charles may have enjoyed during his life.
One day I found 10 Lambert and Butler on the bus, all wrapped up in the cellophane and everything. I don’t smoke these days, so I set a fag-contest challenge at Reverie the other night.
Following the success of our last drawing contest, it was becoming high time we had another. So, the challenge at the Newsroom quiz on Thursday was for teams to draw a picture of EITHER David Cameron riding a tiger OR Nick Clegg being sucked off by a peacock. The next showed a lot of promise and skill – particularly the scary eyes of the tiger and the top class David Cameron = Penis joke! The ultimate winner was this effort from INSERT FUNNY TEAM NAME which uses the same Cameron = Cock joke as above, but in nicer colours, and more lurid detail.

American-Scottish team INSERT FUNNY TEAM NAME HERE started the quiz disastrously but came back strong and were soon dominating the situation. Meanwhile, the highlight of the quiz was quite possibly the drawing contest in which teams were invited to draw a picture of EITHER David Cameron riding a tiger OR Nick Clegg being orally pleasured by a peacock.
Sorry to some of the others – I managed to lose the kissogram one and the builder one and maybe a few  others but take it easy, eh?
After a legend-sized battle head to head with DOM AND THE NON-DOMS, a hastily cobbled-together squad called THE SOUTHSIDE DIPLOMATS came back from a slow start and eventually won the quiz by five clear points. Step forward Rachel from LET’S GET QUIZZICAL and she blows me out of the water on warship Top Trumps and gets a crack at the Golden Putt.
Rachel’s line was true but the strength was too much and the ball skipped over the top for another rollover. Your victim will receive a call from the disconnections team after the accounts team have failed to collect payment! A hyper woman from a hire car firm wants to give your victim a bit of grief about the damage on the car they returned! C Max Solutions is an established web development company delivering web development services of any complexity to clients worldwide. This includes Consulting, Business Solutions, System Integration, Infrastructure and Application Management and Total Outsourcing services where we service all IT needs of a customer, end-to-end. Earn the money with C Max Solutions, The company has started the online and off line research in India .

That was established last month and I even had a drawing contest that was kind of a tribute.
I guess this is how they see her abroad… kind of like a lady version of Harold Bishop. Rachel did reveal afterwards that her sport is rugby rather than gold so taht might explain the weight in the shot.
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If we think it is funny enough, we'll include it in our prank list and send you a A‚ A?10 voucher.
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