I haven’t had the time to create my own mind maps, however I have made good use of the excellent resources available from my creative fellow teachers to help me with my posts. For plans and arrangements there is often very little difference, however  be going to often suggests that the arrangements are still open (not fixed), while the present continuous can suggest that the arrangement is fixed. We can use present simple or the present continuous to talk about events in the future based on a timetable or calendar. To really get a better understanding of how to use the future tenses correctly you need to see them in context.

I think they are a colourful and imaginative way of showing language points whether they are grammar or lexis.
During my research for this post, I came across this wonderful mind map created by Blog Educativo. I think it shows very clearly the different uses of the future tenses in English. In addition to these tenses we also have the future perfect (I will have done) and future perfect continuous (progressive) (I will have been doing) tenses. Reading in English is one of the best ways for you to really get a feel of how the tenses are used and in what context.

There's a table below with forms, examples and uses of all future grammar to help you understand before you complete the multiple-choice questions. This follows on from yesterday's blogpost about Kate Middleton and her baby with a future perfect focus.

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