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Have you divulged that you have taken a photo of everything you’ve worn in the last two years on the first date? Wardrobe Design & Consulting for Businesses, The Closet Analysis, Virtual Wardrobe Styling, Gift Cards, and more! You did the cleavage thing on the first date, so why not show him or her how awesome you look in a dress?

Schedule a FREE 20 minute phone or skype chat with Laurel & find out if personal styling is right for you. The DateMeNow logo and name are regsitered trademarks both in United States and European Union. If you choose a simple one you know you look good in (see summer date dress tips here and here), all you have to do is add a little personality with the tights and shoes. You can even wear some more girl-friendly ankle boots instead of sexy heels since since you’re wearing a short skirt and already got the sexy part covered (is that a pun)?

Your date might not notice your booties, but the hostess at the restaurant will, which will expose how cool you are, and you’ll get the confidence bost you need to relax a little bit and engage in unfettered dinnertime gabbing.

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