To promote the launch of its updated website, Gay Dating Solutions is offering 300 free one-year memberships. Gay Dating Solutions said that gay men are no different than heterosexuals when it comes to preferring a deeper, more meaningful bond with another human being.
Gay Dating Solutions added that many Americans may assume that the states of the Deep South have the smallest percentages of LGBT populations, but that would be incorrect.
Virtually all of the southern cities considered gay-friendly destinations for living and vacationing are located in the states with the largest LGBT populations, including Atlanta, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans, Dallas, Galveston, Houston and Austin. Gay Dating Solutions premier dating service for gay men brings the right people together, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet in these states and cities, by offering both a Basic Match and Preferred Match.

An additional service coming to the Gay Dating Solutions website is a directory of businesses in southern states and cities that cater to the LGBT community and welcome its members to shop for their products and services.
The custom-designed proprietary personality survey is the most complete and accurate method to connect with other gay men and the in-depth questionnaires will match members who are highly compatible and enjoy the same interests. That can be a bit more difficult for gay men in the southern US, given the region's traditional and restrictive views about homosexuality and same-sex marriage. According to a February 2013 Williams Institute study, which is the largest population-based survey ever conducted that includes measurement of LGBT identification, the states with the smallest LGBT populations are in the West: Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Utah. Gay Dating Solutions' Basic Match introduces members with similar interests and physical descriptions while the Preferred Match includes the compatibility score of the members' personality survey to recommend someone with a more comprehensive and deeper match.

As these views slowly begin to change, however, the time was right to provide a premier singles dating service for gay men across the South.

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