Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to look into pardoning hundreds of innocent gay men convicted of sexual offenses before the legalization of homosexuality in 1969.
Court-appointed psychiatrists examined Klippert and said he was not a pedophile or inclined to violence, but would likely have sex with men again after being released. So Justice John Sissons declared him a dangerous sexual offender, subject to life imprisonment.
For reasons not clear, Klippert was not released from prison until 1971, by which time he had already served a decade in prison. Rabat – A man who was attacked on Monday because of his sexual orientation is seeking asylum in a country where his rights will be recognized and the law is respected.

In an interview with the Arabic-speaking website posted to YouTube, the man said that he wants to leave Morocco after he had been targeted by an anti-gay attack, adding that he is seeking asylum in a country that would recognize his rights and that justice needs to be served.
He added that he is undergoing a traumatic experience and frightening memories after he received death threats from his family, including his brothers as a result of the incident. Moroccan authorities said on Wednesday that two of the assailants who allegedly attacked the man because he is gay have been arrested. The authorities said they are still looking for other suspects involved in the attack that took place on Monday, May 29th in the Hassan II Avenue in Fez. But after a second conviction in 1965, the Crown attorney in the case applied to have him designated a dangerous sexual offender.

Klippert was the first and only person to be held in preventive detention – in effect, a life sentence – because a judge found he was likely to continue to seek out other men for sex after he was released.

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