Come join us for a fantastic hour-long stand-up solo show, at one of the coolest alternative scenes in Berlin - Teepeeland! Daniel-Ryan Spaulding is an internationally-touring Stand-Up Comedian who has performed in 35 countries worldwide. Expect a wild ride through the world of international culture, national identity, gender & sexuality, family, politics, stereotypes -- and the perils of dating Europeans! Come meet new people at TeepeelandA?s cozy Boathouse stage, have some drinks, and enjoy the show! Besides attending public events, we host our own semi-private large parties like the "Cupid is Stupid" night held on Valentine's Day, attending the "St Patrick's Day Parade" to welcome Spring, and maybe others like a Stinko-de-Mayo on May 5th. PS - BTW, Please do not post a suggested Meetup to this group without discussing it with me first.
PPS -  If you are truly new to Berlin, please watch out for pick-pockets as you go about town! Meet up with fun and interesting people to explore the emerging English-Language Comedy scene in Berlin, make new friends and have a laugh. Whether it’s for protests and demonstrations, casual meet-ups, club nights or private parties—all the buzz and activity seems to take place on Facebook.
This group is for people who want to get out and explore this city and make some new friends along the way. At the end of the bridge - turn right down the stairs, follow the trail along the water, 200 meters into the Forest, and you will find Teepeeland!
In my first few months here that first Berlin summer, I even met a few guys who purposely didn’t even have a Facebook account. Past events include park outings, BBQa€™s, club nights, Christmas markets and many other events.

We all know that the further you are away from those that you know, the more difficult it is to stay in touch (unless you’ve got one of these apps). In this city, it’s become my go-to place to find out about events, parties, clubs, protests. So if you're looking to expand your circle of friends or enjoy a drink with like-minded people, then join us this Tuesday at 8pm! Because we just love meeting new people and talking about travel, we’ve teamed up to start hosting weekly meet ups in Berlin. If any of you see an event you would like to go to or have a particular venue in mind please feel free to post it. You can expect these to be very casual and hopefully a great way to meet new people. Come by this Wednesday, July 15 for a night of talking about Berlin, travel, being an expat and whatever else you want to chat about. Meet other travelers, Berliners and enjoy some delicious Italian wine and snacks at the always fun Facciola bar in Kreuzberg, just around the corner from Gorlitzer Park.Fuck it, let’s meet up!
5, 10999 Berlin, GermanyHow to Use Facebook in Berlin to Meet People & Find EventsFirst—obviously, you need a profile. But, in Berlin, despite Facebook’s official guidelines, it seems you can get away with semi-fake names.
If you'd like your event to take place as one of our regular weekly meetups, please post it before the Friday of the previous week. I guess that’s one way the Berliners are fighting for their privacy with strangely abbreviated first and last names. The most important part about using Facebook to find events and make friends is to know which groups to go to for what.
I do this for my favorite Berlin clubs and museums to find out about special club nights and new art exhibitions.Note: Some of these groups are in German, though most are also in English, too!

Please note some posts do make me some money but I never sacrifice my integrity in exchange for a favorable review. Our friendships didn’t last long, because without WhatsApp and regularly “seeing” them on Facebook, it just became hard to keep in touch.”I assume there were no friendships in this world before social media and apps!
It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I do find it difficult to keep relationships when communication between people becomes increasingly difficult. You’re probably right, this city is so diverse I wouldn’t be surprised if the non-Facebook users live in a totally different world than myself!
So I didn’t have Facebook page and any other, but I realized that I lost so many opportunities without social networking. I’m living in Berlin for years now, I don’t like Facebook – but still, I’m on it and I can’t imagine my social life without it.
Weird :) Everything happens on Facebook… Anyway, Berlin has a very active Twitter scene, too!
We are heading to Berlin soon and it’d be super handy to check out some events we might want to attend. You’ll find gay travel stories, nightlife tips, photos and all-too-personal stories from my travel adventures around the world. To learn more about how this life as a full-time traveler began, read how Iceland changed my life.Hotel Deals - up to 75% offWhere do you want to go?

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