Chicagoland Professionals is a social group which provides gay and lesbian professionals the opportunity to meet and network.
I may have to charge a small fee ($5 or so) to off-set the cost of reserving the lanes, but it will cover the cost of bowling game. We are opening the door for networking and discussion with like-minded individuals in a safe environment that respects each individual. These men span professions ranging from business executives, artists, lawyers, doctors, software architects, realtors, educators, and countless other industries in between.

The reserved party space hosts 6 Private 10 Pin Bowling Lanes and best-in-Industry sound, lighting and music environment. We engage in a number of social activities designed to encourage interaction and enjoyment. We will list events for theatre tickets, travel, parties, networking, dining, shopping, sporting events, etc. Continued membership in the group requires all members to actively participate in group activities on at least a regular basis.

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