Age Test is a quiz game in which one or more images of culturally obsolete objects are presented without labels to the reader, whose approximate age can be deduced from his or her ability to recognize the items or the connection between them.
Prior to the emergence of the age test, at least two similar quizzes have existed in the form of demotivational posters. In June 2011, an image of a pen and a cassette tape was shared on humor sites 9gag[1] and Make Use Of[2] with the title “Our Children Will Never Know The Link Between The Two.” Though the image wasn’t explicitly labeled as an age test, the photo was reposted with the same title on TopCultured[7] a week later. Do you realise how many holes there could be if people would just take the time to take the dirt out of them?

My pledge to stand during the Pledge, for those that can’t, because of the sacrifices they have made.
In 2007, Gay Test images began to circulate on internet humor blogs and discussion forums, pairing a picture of a bikini model with a caption observing a trivial detail found in the background. Similar variants of this image were also shared on the humor blog Eat Liver[6] and G4’s Attack of the Show blog[10] in October 2011. The logic behind this test assumes that a straight-oriented male viewing such image would be less inclined to notice anything other than the woman posing in the foreground, thus taking one’s degree of seducibility as a telling sign of the viewer’s sexual orientation.

In 2009, Otaku Test images began to surface on anime blog Neko Magic[8] and elsewhere, featuring minimalist abstract art that represents the color scheme of a character’s uniform from an anime, manga or video game.

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