Tengo el dedo anular re largo,osea que soy re macho pero ???como se explica que en las fotos mire donde no debia??? If you have some funny pictures that you think should be on evilmilk please shoot us an email. As for the theme of this thread, I'm in agreement with Pseudojim, they don't offend me at all and I think they're funny.
Just lighten up already, there are jokes about everything and anything, being upset about one group you fit into is just pointless.

Originally Posted by Greendalehumans I noticed all the girls first, does that make me straight?
Will you join the crusade to find and destroy every single one of Pat Robertson's Horcruxes? So stereotypical I find them pretty funny too, they aren't too serious; just a bit of fun. I know alot of straight guys who, if that was there car, would be worried about scratches also, because they are stupid about their cars, and take them so seriously that they would explode if a scratch that only needs 30 cents of auto paint to fix were to happen.

About the ONLY thing that can happen to a guys car and they would be okay with it is if they can A) Have sex in their car with a hot girl. My first thought really was, why would she have her gahdamn heels on a ferrari, is she high?

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