Michelle Mone, owner of the Ultimo range, with Penny Lancaster, girlfriend of singer Rod Stewart, models items from the new Ultimo Lingerie Show at the Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow.
You will need: 1 cake dummy, 1 bag small marshmellows, 1 bag JUMBO marshmellows, 1 bag sucker sticks, zebra wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. Just wrap zebra wrapping paper around a circle cake dummy leaving one inch hanging over the top (this will hold the marshmellows in), add the new JUMBO Marshmellows to sucker sticks and stick in the cake dummy, Then fill the cake dummy with small marshmellows.
I found zebra curly ribbon at a local craft store and it came in handy from the party favors, to closing the cookies, to hanging the tulle pom poms.

Please, subscribe to this blog on the right hand side to get my latest post straight to your inbox. I added a few of the left over party favors, "Bling" Diamond Ring, on the tables for some extra sparkle. I set the Zebra Diva Cake on a 10" cake stand to give it some height and I added a Pink and Black Boa underneath the cake stand for some fun flare. I know it was long but I hope I gave you some creative ideas to help with your upcoming Zebra Diva Party.

She was able to send it to me in pieces so Madison and I could make it together as a craft.

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