Quarles succeeds in pissing off Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) within the first few minutes of Justified. Raylan, who we all know really likes to be in control of every situation, no longer has control over anything. Regardless of the FBI warnings, Raylan continues in the pursuit of Sammy and discovers that the two of them may be on the same team when it comes to Quarles.
Like always Justified gave us a quality episode that flew by and made me sigh in disappointment when the credits rolled.
As an early board member of the IAB and someone who’s contributed to its efforts to build our business over the last 15 years, I loved hearing Randall speak truth to the publishing community.  More please! 2) 50% of all display advertising targeted to a specific audience will rely on real-time bidding. We empower digital sales leaders and their teams with the clarity, perspective, knowledge and motivation to grow personally and professionally.
Last year, the Old Spice campaign dominated the Internet in an amazingly comprehensive way.
Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt did an in-depth interview on their Triangulation show with Eric Kallman and Craig Allen of Wieden + Kennedy, the ads’ copywriter and art director, respectively. Here is the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the ad they are talking about in the interview. As his feud with Quarles and the Detroit mob heats up, Raylan's tactics puts him at odds with the FBI. Arlo wanders along a rural road in the middle of the night, talking to the ghost of his first wife, Raylan mother, as he approaches Limehouse's turf, Nobles Holler.
Inside the compound, Errol, who had organized the attack on the Dixie Mafia's oxy clinic without his boss' say so, prepares to process the triggerman Tanner Dodd with a power spray nozzle as he has been doing to a hanging hog carcass. Limehouse ambles outside to find Arlo demanding the return of Givens' long-gone mother who he "knows" is hiding out in Nobles Holler. Meanwhile, Givens, unable to sleep at his new hotel from the noise of the jukebox downstairs, dresses and goes down to a crowded and nosy bar -- and orders some bourbon from the barmaid.
Meanwhile, Quarles and Wynn Duffy discuss what to do with the money that was intended to bribe Givens. Quarles, in the meantime, enters the office of Harlan County Sheriff Tillman Napier and offers to make a "donation" in exchange for essentially looking the other way when Quarles makes a play to take over the oxy market. Givens, meanwhile, is looking for Sammy, but hasn't been able to find him by calling hotels all over town and asking for the name.
At Johnny's bar, Ava refuses to serve Arlo, especially after the previous night at Limehouse's compound. He is soon being questioned back in Art's office by an incredulous FBI Special-Agent-in-Charge Barkley (Stephen Tobolowsky), who doesn't buy that Givens is actually looking for a minor felon distantly connected to Sammy.
Boyd then visits Limehouse with a large sum of money and a request to look into a certain Sheriff who has taken a bribe from Quarles. In Oklahoma, Gary Hawkins is holding a seminar pitching his financial and real estate expertise to a room about one quarter full of bored and dubious potential buyers of his system. Tillman Napier - Harlan County Sheriff bribed by Robert Quarles to allow him to look the other way while Quarles moves Oxy through Harlan.
Lindsey Salazar - Barmaid at the dive bar below Givens's apartment room, who soon becomes his lover. 1) You mentioned that becoming a stay at home mama helped you realize you could use your God-given gifts of art and started doing custom work. For my animal "watercolor cuttings," I do look at pictures when I'm forming the animals, yes. 4) You mentioned your art is in some children's books, how did you get started in that?Again, when I started illustration work (mainly for children's products), I was hooked. It seems that Quarles is actually the surrogate son of a Detroit boss who didn’t make an appearance in this episode, but who we heard quite a bit about (and met his actual son, Sammy).
Quarles shows up at Raylan’s new home and offers to pay the Marshall double whatever Boyd is paying him to have Raylan working for him. I’m partial to Jim Beaver, and he reappears as security guard Shelby whom Boyd is now going to have run against Naiper for sheriff. This show goes by far too fast for me; I say we petition FX and make it at least two hours long each week. Ghostery, an application from Better Advertising, is just one of many tools available through which anyone with a browser can see exactly what pixels, cookies, beacons and other trackers are being dropped at each stage of the browse.   In 20 minutes spent across ten sites I picked up 86 trackers, many several times, for a net total of 29.

In the long term, all ads will become social as the industry moves to an always-on communication. It is a great listen, and they go into a lot of the specifics of the campaign and the ads themselves. A lot of the clip is fatuous, but the few glimpses at mechanics of filmmaking that they show are fascinating.
The Marshal explains that Quarles has moved into a home that is less than 200 yards from a piano school. I have always wanted to do children's books, so I promised myself a long time ago to delve into that market at some point. This guy sent Quarles to Kentucky to keep tabs on things, and I think Quarles might be slightly bitter about it.
Obviously this doesn’t go over real well with Raylan who, despite moving out of the seedy motel and into a much nicer room above a bar, seems to need a nap through the entire episode. He’s now involved, once again, with Duffy and Quarles… anyone care to bet how Raylan is going to take that news?
Limehouse and Boyd exchange words regarding Arlo (and some cash as well), and Raylan is never the wiser about his father’s failing sense of reality. The mobile screen will become the first screen that consumers go to on a variety of mobile devices. Some exist already: engagement and interaction rates in rich media, video view, and impact on Web search results.
Limehouse enters to halt Errol, and offer Dodd a way to avoid an excruciating death: Tanner will return to Quarles, claim sole responsibility for the oxy clinic massacre (explaining that it was an attempt to get back at the Crowders by framing them) and then act as Limehouse's spy on Quarles' activities.
He is soon joined by Quarles who buys the drinks and notes Givens' new accommodations "upstairs." "It's what I can afford right now," the Deputy Marshal says, anxious to get on with his solo pool game. So the Marshal asks Tim to call back his friends in the FBI for more information about the Detroit mobster. Quarles counters that once the oxy market is secured, it will bring in $1 million each month. Tim explains that Sammy is under FBI surveillance and he doesn't want to risk Givens going all "Raylan" on the mobster and embarrassing the Marshals. Suddenly, the doors swing open and the Sheriff, doing Quarles' bidding, and his deputy, Nick Mooney, enter. Barkley stops by with a photo of Givens and instructs her to be watchful and not let Given anywhere near Sammy.
Thanks Marta from Michigan :-) The artist that created this beautiful work of art is Marley Ungaro.
Do the two of you paint together everyday?No, unfortunately my son and I do not get to create and paint together every day. At some point you'll get seen by the right person; or someone will like your work enough to want work on a project with you. Others might include sentiment analysis to measure the viral influence and the tone of consumer chatter about the brand across the Internet.
A dash of clever writing, a pinch of technical wizardry, some good old special effects, and surprisingly little CGI. Quarles explains that he was more or less adopted by the boss, Theo Tonin, but despises the man's son, Sammy. Givens then sneak punches Boyd in the stomach, telling him "I owed you that for punching me at my desk!" He drags him into the back office, treating Johnny roughly and kicking his wheelchair out the door, and sending him face-first into the floor when he tries to come to his cousin's aid, first with a handgun, then with a baseball bat. Sammy, who occasionally stutters, warns Quarles that he is on his second and last chance after the last incident with the "rent boy." Wynn raises an eyebrow at the reference, but remains silent.
Well, a place even suspected of selling drugs could be in a lot of trouble doing it so close to a school.
So Quarles heads out to see Sammy, who explains that Quarles has not adequately taken care of local law enforcement.
They make small talk until Mike and Wynn show up on both sides of Gary at the bar, as well. There are currently 7 different curtains on Shower Curtain HQ with Marley's work on them and more will be added in the future.
When I do illustration work, it's not as important, so I usually just draw from my mind and use a more comical approach. It is implied that Quarles was passed over as heir to the criminal crown because of the unsavory habits that Givens mentioned.

The Marshal, furious that he has once again been connected with Boyd, demands to know more about Quarles. In fact, with Quarles' record, it wasn't hard to convince a judge to issue the necessary writs and notices. We actually have to 'turn him off' most days and get him to STOP creating and have him focus on his schooling.
A wonderful friend of mine had liked my work that she'd seen over the years and wanted to talk to me about a story she'd been working on (she was a writer). Givens is surprised -- and angry, noting that it's the second time as of late that someone has accused him of being dirty. He then urges Sammy to mention that Givens is "in bed" with Boyd Crowder the next time the mobster is sure the FBI is listening. She also adds some great tips for anyone wanting to make art their full time job and have control of their schedule.
For instance, when I do a floral themed calendar, I'll find arrangements I like and merge them with antique vases and make my own unique picture to work from. So, we merged our talents, and our book quickly came together: The Proper Use of One's Shell, by Jennifer Johnson and Marley Ungaro was a sweet self-published success in Greenville NC.
I am fortunate to be able to use that creativity NOW in life, but for him, it's very challenging. Givens also correctly notes that Sammy has no love for Quarles and is, in fact, fearful of him. Back at Johnny's bar, Boyd shares a drink with Shelby, a former co-worker who feels Boyd had once saved his life. He is far more creative than I have ever been, so I KNOW he will do amazing things in life with it!2) It looks like you work with a lot of watercolor. I'm currently working on a big project for a wonderful woman who worked with Mother Theresa. He offers the man a "change in occupation" and suggests that Shelby might run for Sheriff in the next election.
Is that your favorite media?Yes, watercolor is my favorite medium, because I find I can easily go from fine art to illustration art with it.
We are hoping for big things this year!5) Your United States MAP was the first sale for Shower Curtain HQ - what was your inspiration for that painting?My inspiration for my United States map came from my World Maps that I've been selling for many years.
I actually started in oils and loved it, but quickly went into acrylics and loved how quickly they dried. Of course, being a Mom that wanted to encourage her children to learn in a fun way was very important and sent me to such a fun project. When I started illustrating for a gift company (and their product line), I got hooked on watercolors and have used them every since. But, secondly, when I was growing up, my Dad would sit us down on the weekends and quiz us about all the countries of the world and the states and capitals. I am blessed that they come easy to me, especially after I hear how some other artists struggle with them. 3) 2 of my favorite curtains are your Giraffe and Panda (he is too cute!) You are clearly very talented! If you have any desire, any love at all for creating and doing for others, then by all means, find a way to make it happen. But you will be happy and thankful that you are working for yourself and running your home. I've created the watercolor cuttings (haven't seen anyone else doing them), and just started doing those because I didn't want to throw away scraps of beautiful watercolor paper that my son had painted when he was little. Also, if you DO decide to start your own little art or craft business, try and do it on your own, especially if you don't mind being on your own alot. Bringing in others is so challenging, and you really don't want to bump heads while creating what YOU want to create.
But be willing to share your ideas with other artists and crafters when they ask, no matter how new you are to the business.

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