It’s a bold move, really, to proclaim there’s a kind of secret key-code for winning the game of love, but the lure proves effective.
I hear a lot of mmms and uh-huhs around me as he reveals his “secret” to attraction, and I can’t decide whether the audience is enlightened by the insight or just affirming that yes, they too believe this to be true, which makes me think Hussey isn’t really offering much in the way of anything new. The only novelty seems to be that the old chestnut is coming out of the mouth of a cute British guy in a stylish jacket, which he later removes, along with his tie, to howls of approval.
Perhaps to soften the blow, he cues the DJ to pump up the music and commands the audience to stand up and dance. God, it’s only 4:30… He urges us to assume attraction, and by doing so we will be attractive. Almost 5: My attention is waning, but Hussey is just getting into the nitty-gritty of his program. Wow he sent me this touching email that made me cry cuz I am so vulnerable right now and I gave him my phone number. THEY never seem to acknowledge the fact that there were plenty of successful relationships and marriages that existed before he was even born but he’s found himself a niche were he can scrutinise women freely then discipline women for doing the same to him. Doesn’t this man realise that some women will always be too good for him and not the other way round? Doesn’t he realise his apparent lack of education doesn’t make him a psychologist? I’m starting to really like Matthew now I was a little harsh at the start but I have come around a little inspiration from Matthew goes a long way. I personally was sucked in at a vulnerable time, I attended a retreat and I am out of pocket.
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It might be a lack of affection, it might be a lack of love, that he doesn’t feel respected, it might just be that he wants that tingling sensation of being with someone who finds him sexy. The more strict you get with rules like this in your relationship, the more he’ll feel his freedom restricted and want to break them.
If you are prone to suspicion, ask yourself: Why are you spending all your time obsessing over what your man is up to? If you want to keep your man, you need to surround yourself with good friends, hobbies, rewarding work. I really hoped I could keep old cliched dating phrases like “spicing things up” out of these articles. One reason men cheat is because their life has become so dull they just need to go out and feel something different! This is the need for VARIETY – But the great thing is, you can create that feeling yourself. Think creatively about your relationship and keep mixing things up and your man won’t feel like he’s in Groundhog Day, living the same stuff over and over again! Sometimes women get so caught up in a cycle of game-playing that their man starts feeling unappreciated.
Men want to feel like their woman still fancies them; it’s this need that gets satisfied when they sleep with other women. When a man feels left out and unwanted in his own relationship, he’ll feel the need to validate himself by sleeping with other women to feel like a man again.
Hopefully cheating isn‘t a worry you‘ll have to deal with, but if you understand why it happens in the first place you’ll have the ability to ensure your relationship never reaches that position. How Would You Like To Discover The Exact Steps To Finding, Attracting and Keeping Your Ideal Guy? Important Note: While I do believe – and have seen proof – that the advice and programs I provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results.
But I can tell you that if you read the advice and continually apply it in your life, your chances of success increase dramatically.
Read previous post:Simple Tips To Keep Your Man HappyDiscover our simple yet VERY effective tips to keep your man happy. You will know that disturbing stage when your best friend (who’s been a loser for a lifetime, I have to say) gets a beautiful woman to fall for him in, like a couple of weeks?! Easy Girl System tells you much better ways to pick up women and get their telephone numbers. Apparently, ladies, there exists a man that holds the key to your heart, or at least the map to the guy that’s holding it, and it all begins with a charismatic Brit, named Matthew Hussey.
Evidently, the love guru, life coach, New York Times best selling author, and regular on America’s Today Show, has been coaching women through the trials and tribulations of all matters relative to the heart since he was first asked to give advice to a female friend years ago.

So just what makes this fair-haired Brit stand out from any other self-proclaimed love connoisseur?
Although Hussey offers a variety of seminars, a very cool component of what he offers, are his free YouTube videos – and you can get a whole lot from them – so if you can’t afford spending a dime, you can start with the videos, and move into his book. Hussey’s YouTube videos range from basic dating and flirting tips, to more specific advice on finding and holding on to the guy. For those ladies who haven’t checked him out, it might be worth it to try this relationship expert before slashing your boyfriend’s tires. All those crazy women working so hard and spending so much time and money just to get a guy… LOL just the wrong way!! I learn so much from your videos Matthew.I wish I could have had these advices earler, it would have helped me so much in my relationships. Jesus some of these women are rough (see 2:14 when they turn around), I kind of feel bad for them. My biggest problem with women is I don't have anything to say & I hate sounding like an interview. Okay the Women watching this have been trained to be a people pleaser, that's how a lot of girls are but I don't think you should all be that way.
Gosh he's so handsome I find myself stopping following the what of what he's saying and just focusing on how he's doing it. The “ballroom,” which is really a corporate conference room, is packed with women (and one lone man in his late 50s).
The idea that confidence is attractive sounds pretty familiar—the kind of thing my mother and grandmother drilled into me as a child. Hussey may proclaim to know a lot about the male mind, but his knowledge of the female bladder is sorely lacking. He offers what he perceives to be foolproof scripts: for example, if you’re at a restaurant and see someone you like, you could break the ice with “What did you order? I start to wonder if the real appeal of this seminar is being around the charismatic Hussey; if he’s the “guy” we get out of his program.
Hussey talks about how most women don’t want to wind up with the nice guy or the “sexy dick,” but rather a hybrid of both, which he defines as a “good man with an edge.” He doesn’t go into too much detail about who that guy is and where he hangs out or how to spot him in a crowd of “sexy dicks,” but in a way he doesn’t need to. He’s also now just wearing a T-shirt and jeans and is sweaty from his own feverish dancing. Hussey announces that he’s distributing applications for his pricey retreat, which we’re told we can’t afford not to take.
Doesn’t he acknowledge that there are skilful women with happy love life’s that quite frankly disgusted with his cheap advice?
Doesn’t he realise that no we don’t have to take his advice so he should STOP FORCING HIS RELIGION ON US?
I am delighted because some of things he talks about are some of the things I have already been doing all along, now I feel confident again. If your man feels smothered by you, he’ll be more likely to wander astray to re-assert his freedom. Wouldn’t it be so? much cooler if we just knew who we would end up having a good connection with? Every little thing I? learned, I learned from Easy Girl System? Look it up and find out if they could help you out. Well, besides making his television debut alongside Eva Longoria on NBC’s Ready for Love, the charming 27 year-old actually knows what he’s talking about.
Will following Matthew Hussey’s advice, watching his videos and reading his book really help you land Mr. It makes my day to read some of the comments and how pissed off some people get about other people's comments. I don't really like to talk much as it is (at least not until I know we have something in common). The women are a diverse mix of ages and ethnicities; some are in the smooth-skinned prime of their early 20s, while others are well into their worldly wise 30s, 40s and even 50s. That exhaustion may account for the carb-loading—the sandwich-snarfing and cheese-and-cracker eating—that I see all around me. The seminar is loosely organized around the idea of being confident and being a more competent dater.
He’s teaching them how to flirt at a bar, and he’s pretty darn flirty himself, kissing and hugging and nudge-nudge wink-winking them into submission. Not because Hussey and his foot soldiers want me to, but because my butt is numb and I love this song!
He urges us to let go of whatever or whoever is holding us back, because “this is our year.” An emotional soundtrack plays—I can’t pick out the music but I know I’ve heard it before.

A few seconds in and I realize it’s a commercial for his week-long retreat on—you got it—core confidence, which he’s touted as the secret to attracting basically everything good in life all day without ever really telling us how to achieve it. One 40-year-old woman got married and had a baby after doing it, which is the modern woman’s Cinderella story.
It’s here, at the precise point that the seminar turns into a shameless sales pitch for his retreat, that I bail, and so does a quarter of the audience. I <3 this blog, thanks for helping me protect myself from these money grubbers (Matt Hussey).
Scripts are such a good idea, I can use scripts to protect myself from getting hurt and not just in dating but in life too. Every person is an individual and every situation is unique so no single piece of advice will work for everyone at every time.
I was a player but i found her really stunning and loveable i really need to settle down with her.
Like, when we got in close physical approximation with someone we are meant to be with, we’d have a ring on our finger that lights up. Now before you men (you know who you are) grab a knife to sharpen, I will admit, I do have some male friends (and an older brother) that have made a valid point, or two, but none, and I mean none, came close to Mr. Hussey’s approach, explanations, and videos, are short, to the point, unmethodical, and most importantly relevant to dating today. However, years ago, I had changed my outlook on life, approach to dating, and had come to the same conclusion on my own that you presented in this video. I do like to talk about really deep ideas & concepts but that's hardly conversation that's appropriate when you just meet and are getting to know someone. He focuses mainly on the latter and urges us to become either “moths” or “flames” to get what we want, an extended analogy that boils down to: get out there and meet some men, honey, and if you can’t be exciting and fun then hang around people who are (or “hubs”). We’ve spent our precious Saturday with a charming, WB-handsome love guru with an agenda, and we’re really tired, really hungry and really looking forward to watching some TV. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment.
Yup, Matt covers dating advice in the texting, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter era; something that he claims is quite a normal part of dating in today’s society. I've been told my male friends that I'm intimidating and one of the reasons why is because they say I'm beautiful and independent. Idk I think you guys should do a circle and you're in the circle sitting down with them but leading the talk.
And by the joyful expressions on the faces of the tired women around me, I think they’re feeling the same thing. So when there are more than 100 women in attendance and you are paying a premium price for so called ‘expertise’, one has to question the authenticity of helping or exploiting women!! If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email. Well the answer is, just like most things in life, it really depends on what you decide you so with the information. If you feel ugly, you'll attract an ugly guy, which shows you that ugliness matches ugliness.
Now don't get me wrong, once I've had some drinks in me I'll blabber on about any and every thought that pops into my mind which isn't always a good thing because my filter or lack thereof, gets me in trouble quite a bit. And he says don’t labour under the illusion that a guy can absolve you of your hang-ups; in fact, he’ll only magnify them. You can store it in the back of your brain, and let it creep up into your subconscious while you ponder while the guy hasn’t called yet, or you can use Hussey’s inside info to understand his gender a little better. However, if being ugly , you attract a handsome man, it is only to show you even more how ugly you feel and how much you don't feel to deserve a handsome guy.
I'm not offended by much, if anything at all and it's tough for me to deal with the fact that other people aren't this way and I'm prone to say whatever thought pops into my head no matter the topic. While your points and audience interaction are outstanding, if you have something like that it taps into the viewers subconscious telling them that it isnt really all that interesting.
Ok I know you’re screaming out for an example so here’s a recent one I viewed, “you have no boyfriend, because you have a lot of boy-friends.” In this video he describes the stereotypical woman who can only be-friend the opposite sex.
But it's hardly ideal to have to get drunk to talk to women (for obvious reason, plus I don't like to drink much anyway, I'm done with that phase of life).

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