Connect to your Facebook or Twitter account and we'll fill in your registration information. Bullied high-school students are bringing hundreds of thousands of clubs, knives, and guns onto school grounds—at a time when student-on-student violence has stunned and baffled the nation, NBC News reports. Senior year may not be ending so pleasantly for 62 students at New Jersey's Teaneck High School. A 9-year-old born without fingers on one hand is getting a gift from Illinois high school students: a new hand, Fox News reports.
The College Board is winning plenty of praise for its upcoming changes to the SAT , with the editors at Bloomberg , for example, happy that the reforms might put a dent in the test-prep industry. A history of violence between white and Latino students justified a California high school's 2010 decision to order students wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo to turn them inside out or go home, a federal appeals court has decided. A Florida 18-year-old says he was suspended after word got out that he had appeared in pornographic material—a job he took to help his family financially, he told WKMG .
Why don’t we do more to help our children prepare for a financial world that can be extremely expensive when not understood properly? Yet, for some reason, we do not spend a whole lot of time educating potential college students on the less exciting topic of financial literacy, which is the elephant in the corner. Imagine that you would like to learn how to play tennis, and that I, an expert tennis player and teacher, agree to give you lessons.
I tell you to meet me at the local Starbucks, and being the really good guy that I am, I buy you a coffee (the cost of which I will more than recoup when you get my bill for the tennis lessons), and we sit down in a couple of adjoining comfy chairs.
I then spend the next hour telling you about the various shots that are used in the game of tennis, and I tell you what you have to do to hit them properly. Sure, you can survey the small handful of college students who signed up for a financial education class, and find that they said they would have liked to have received that education in high school.
You simply can not take someone who isn’t out there earning money, paying bills, and trying to start and raise a family, and expect to teach them what they need to learn about financial management six to eight years before they they need that education. In 2013, I surveyed US consumers about how their financial lives how changed from pre-recession to recession to post-recession. The Younger Gen Yers did a lot of financial growing up between 2010 and 2013 when they started off in the 18-23 year old range. My first guess was that household income might be a good predictor of improved financial literacy between 2010 and 2013. Among Young Gen Yers, a larger percentage of lower income consumers said their financial literacy improved between 2010 and 2013. Improving financial literacy (across all consumer segments, not just the younger ones) is certainly on the radar of some FIs. But if the focus of these financial education efforts is going to be heading out to high schools to get a bunch of 16 year-olds up to speed on how to manage their financial lives when they hit their mid-2os, I’m betting those efforts are going to be nothing but a big waste of time.
The health care system has made one notable change over the past 20-30 years that the financial services industry needs to emulate: A focus on outcomes. The focus, in financial services, should be on financial health, not literacy or education.
Another thing is that I think you can easily make these classes work with real life simulations. In all education, the most effective learning happens when you can make it contextually relevant to the learner. I think what you outline is with financial literacy programming for students it has to be relevant to their context in a relatively short time period because they have short attention spans.
Of course, the other side of the financial literacy in schools point is that it is a promotional activity geared to a long-term view that these naive teenagers will be profitable when they need a mortgage and hopefully they will think of you first: a) because you got them signed up and they default to thinking of you first OR b) you actually said something that stuck.
But I do know that some credit unions have programs and plans to go into schools to provide fin education.
Positive feedback from students and parents, while nice and affirming, does not necessarily move the needle. We certainly have analysis but most of the things you mention don’t apply to our goals at all. Acquire Millennial Customers with Photo Banking Zogby Analytics examined the mobile preferences of Millennials and found that what started with the selfie evolved to commerce and the camera is key for capturing this demographic. Many of the faculty, students, and parents are not anticipating this year's close because they feel it will result in the loss of the best principal Savanna has ever had.
Issues in the world that one thought would never have effect what so ever on him, will now have a great impression. This class has a great deal of potential and students of Savanna, as well as close friends, will look upon them as one that left its mark on Savanna.
So remember, as the class of '83 ventures down the road of success, they will be remembered for the stones they set in the strong foundation that they have made over the years at Savanna. On May 13 and 14 in Savanna's gym, Savanna High School presented Rebel Show '83, Savanna Night Live. Rebel Show was originally a pageant for band and drill team, but it is now open to the entire student body.
Prizes will not only be awarded to the best-looking or most unusual cars, but a sympathy prize will also be given to the ugliest car.
In conclusion, Savanna owes special thanks to Kevin Lee, chairman, Rob Ackles and Ron Miller for their help in organizing the auto show. With an incredible amount of team effort and concentration, Savanna's Tall Flag and Rifle corps has got off to one of the most unusual starts in Rebel history.
This year's color guard consists of eight flags and six rifles as well as five tubes, who meet every morning during zero and first period to practice their sizzling routines.
One of the most interesting things about this year's color guard is their unexpected enthusiasm and spirit. With a record of outstanding achievement behind them, including two first places at Magnolia and Western High Schools and a second place at Loara, the returning members are looking forward to another exciting season.
In that case, it is very hard to cheer and go all out for a team that has had the bad seasons which we had. In reply to your letter, I feel I did not in any way criticize Savanna or our school spirit. I do agree in one respect with that the past basketball season has been a memorable one, but in retrospect I cannot agree with you on your stand of Savanna's football team.
Currently, students in the Anaheim High School District must go to school from mid-September to mid-June and attend classes for six hours (not recognizing minimum day schedules). Still another major problem would be keeping in students in school during the summer months. The current idea of reforming the public school system has noble ideas behind it; however, the current approach is taking a turn for the worse. Each course teaches certain principals that can be literally or philosophically translated into average life.
Finally, I would like to thank a few people who have made my stay at Savanna worth something to me, and return perhaps a little of what I've taken.
It started out as a dream, then turned into an idea, and finally molded into an awesome reality. With the project code UNUSON (United US in Song), he brought together over 300,000 people onto a 500 acre Glen Helen Regional Park and went through three days of the best music, performed by only the best artists. Tickets started on sale in March and is predicted to be sold out by the date of the festival. In spite of the expected huge crowd, no trouble is predicted because of last year's statistics; only 38 arrests and one reported rape, less than half the usual amount of reported crimes in a city of 300,000.
Last year Wozniak lost a reported $3 million through his organization of the US Festival 82, but this year he suspects the scale will tip his way a little bit and that he should come out with not only a feeling of enjoyment but a profit as well. With over a $2 million high-tech stage, surrounded by three huge video screens, backed by a 400,000 watt sound system, the US Festival 83 should be more than one's money's worth.
As summer slowly approaches, many students are starting to plan what to do during their summer vacation.
If one doesn't have much money and can't travel very far, one can always go to Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm. If a person lives with a traveling family, the Colorado River and the deserts of Southern California are expected to be the hot spots this summer.
Many students will spend their summer working part time jobs to get a small income to cover their summertime expenses. So, Southern California has a variety of things to choose from and we members of the Dispatch hope the students enjoy their summer.
Not only is Alabama popular with the fans, but also with the music critics and several organizations that honor country artists such as the Academy of Country Music (ACM) and the Country Music Association (CMA).
During the first week of May, at Brea-Olinda High School Savanna's Varsity Gymnastic Team competed for the three individual representatives to go to CIF. In summation, this year's Varsity Gymnastics team has certainly shown a fantastic performance. Sliding into the end of the season the Varsity Girls' Softball team finished up with a 7-3 league record and an unofficial overall record of 17-4. The first round of CIF play will be a home game on Saturday May 14, on the Rebs own softball diamond. Though the team is very young, it showed a steadfast and high quality play throughout the entire season.
Though great efforts were put forth by the girls track team the season ended with a disappointing record of 0-6. Finishing the long Baseball season the boys ended with a record of 5-10 placing 5th in their league. Batting up against Anaheim High for their last game of the season the boys played their best defensive game of the season, mentioned coach Manpa.
Dave Ulery, outfielder, Rob DeYound, pitcher, and Miguel Salas and Jimmy Lamora played exceptionally well during the season. Coach Manpa was asked what will be the outcome of next year's season after losing only three seniors?
Ending the season with a splash both the Girls' and Boys' swim teams relax after a long and hard year.
Finishing their season with a 10-1 record the Girls' swim team did very well this past '83 year. Boys' Varsity swim did not do as well as the girls; yet there are many promising and fine athletes on the team. In a beautiful display of team effort, the Savanna Boys Varsity Tennis team has cinched the league title and has given Savanna an undefeated season, guaranteeing them a spot in the CIF playoffs. Because of the teams outstanding record in individual performance, Savanna will have the top three players in the league; freshman John Swaino holds the first place spot, senior Paresh Patel has made it into second, and Sam Zeller is third. Although last year's team never made it past their first CIF game, this year's team is hoping to go much farther.
If the team goes beyond their first CIF game, Boys Varsity will play a second game on May 20th and so on until there is no more competition.
With half of the Varsity team graduating, there will be a tremendous need for a good crop of new players on both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.
This website has no affiliation with Savanna High School nor the Anaheim Union High School District whatsoever.

Before she was wooing Batman and warming our hearts, Jennifer Garner was playing the saxophone in her high school music class. Say what you will about Nick Cage, but he’s an out-and-proud nerd, and there’s something very admirable about someone who embraces their own geekiness. On the outside, Megan Fox may be a stunningly gorgeous Hollywood actress but on the inside, she’s a hardcore Lord of the Rings fan-girl. Nowadays, an encounter with Adam Levine might leave a teenage girl (or even a grown woman) utterly speechless, but that hasn’t always been the case. Recent Contributors Crystal Ro13 style nightmares that only women will understandElizabeth EntenmanMichael B. HelloGiggles is a positive online community for women (although men are always welcome!) covering the latest in culture, female empowerment, style, relationships, friendship, careers, and issues that matter most to young women’s lives. Nineteen students and a security guard were hurt, according to KDKA , which reports that the suspect had two knives on him. Yet, they are signing up for student loans, opening credit cards and making decisions that will have a serious impact on the rest of their lives. As a society, we spend a lot of time, money and effort helping prepare our young people for college.
I might even open up my Macbook, log on to that free SBUX wi-fi, and show you some videos of tennis greats like Borg and McEnroe to show you how it’s done. Or say you’re going to pay off that credit card bill in order to avoid interest payments and build your credit score. But I doubt that financial education in the high schools would have had much impact on them. Among Older Gen Yers, the percentage that said their level of literacy improved was fairly consistent across income brackets.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the title of the Daily Finance article grammatically incorrect? Get a copy of his best-selling book, Smarter Bank: Why Money Management is More Important Than Money Movement. I am working on it with my 4 and 6 year olds a little now but for the vast majority of kids out there, their parents don’t have a clue what they are doing so how can they educate their kids. In your tennis analogy, of course we agree with you that the student and teacher should be on the court – it is a physical discipline.
A potential c) is that you have conditioned their parents (which I see you advocating) to think of you as experts with good products and they use that view to hold influence on their kids. And I do think the money (and time) spent on these efforts is better invested somewhere else. But I would add that my credit union has been presenting financial simulation programs for high school seniors for several years now.
Maybe it would be the spark a student needs to really get focused on their financial health but I honestly doubt it will make a huge impact.
To learn tennis, one needs to practice to develop muscle memory but to learn financial matters, one needs to learn the theories needed to become successful. Mary Franks came to Savanna in 1979; the year after the community and teachers rose to save Savanna from being closed. Franks was honored by the PTA in February and received a continuing service award for her gratuity. Also, getting up in the morning and preparing for work, as well as paying bills will become part of everyday life. People will say that the class of '83 accomplished what it set out to do and the class will be remembered for its achievements on and off the school campus. Seniors, it's time to drop the caps and gowns and put on the working clothes that millions of working adults wear to make America a stronger country as well as a better country to live in. This year-end musical extravaganza has become a tradition at Savanna and is considered the best show of the year by students and teachers alike. Performers were chosen through auditions with final decisions having been made by a council of teachers. Jazz Band opened and closed the show and sparkling Drill team maneuvers were sprinkled throughout. Flags and Rifles also gave and exciting performance for a finishing touch to a well-rounded show.
To the organizing committees also went much gratitude for helping to make this year's Rebel Show one of the best ever. There will be a small entrance fee to be paid which will go toward the prizes for the winning cars.
The girls who shocked everyone in the beginning of the year with their clever innovation of equipment have placed first or second in almost every competition that they have entered, largely due to their performance, originality, and spirit. Most recently the girls had been practicing for the Music Olympics which began on May sixth, and this year's Rebel Show Savanna Night Live. They want to make friends from other high schools, and their new equipment gives them an excuse to talk to other girls. They plan to make the upcoming year even better and are enthusiastic about their new members although they will certainly miss the departing seniors.
So, remember, our spirit is not that terrible just because there isn't an interest in games at lunch.
My article did not criticize Savanna, it only stated that students in the past years are not getting involved as much as they should in school sponsored activities.
However, State Superintendent Bill Hoenig is trying to lengthen the school day to eight hours and add two months onto the scholastic year. Teachers, administrators, custodians and other staff members would have to be paid more for the extra work, not to mention utilities. Some feel stifled as it is with a six hour day, twiddling their thumbs when they finish the homework and have no one to talk to. When the rooms heat up in July, how many students will be affected, and how many will be at the beach?
It is easy to say that more time in school is necessary, but students and taxpayers will be the proof (and victims) that this measure simply will not work.
Seventeen days to walk through halls that still seem as different and new as I first stepped foot on them three years ago.
Although it doesn't rival a college education, I can read a book that doesn't have pictures in it and I can do some emergency math when my calculator batteries go dead (I do have some math test scores that may refute this). This is the US Festival which was created by one of the most extraordinary men of this century. Last year's groups totaled 18: Pat Benatar, the Police, Santana, Jackson Brown, and The Grateful Dead naming just a few. Scheduled for May 28, 29, and 30, Wozniak has put together some of the most radical groups available for the US Festival 83. Last year the only negative part of the whole festival was the excessive 100A° temperatures.
Not only will a person be able to listen to great rock-n-roll; he will also be able to fool with computers, meet hundreds of new friends, and just kick back and relax for a full weekend.
A 72 hour party full of fun, excitement, sun, and the most radical, awesome display of music by the very best in the field, for the hardest, fastest and most fun-lovin' partiers of the world! As most people know, Southern California has a wide variety of activities to choose from as well as interesting places to go. For example, one might be interested in the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove, or even the Renaissance Pleasure Fair which many movie stars attend every year. This summer, there are expected to be at least two major surfing contests and an amateur contest complement. The hottest groups in Rock-n-Roll will be another main attraction and expense to the teens of Southern California. Payne, Alabama dreamt that they would someday be famous in the music world; today they are one of the hottest country groups in the business. In the past two years the Rebs have qualified for CIF competition and went all the way to the quarter finals both years. Only three members will be leaving the team: seniors Darlene Trenary, Becky Rediess, and Maryann Bakos. Robby DeYound, pitching, displayed a very good performance during the 10 innings losing a heart-breaker 1-2.
He replied, "The outlook is good, but most of the teams in the Orange league will also have the entire team returning, with the exception of Magnolia.
Only Sheena Clark must continue to work hard maybe even more strenuous than she ever has before; simply because she is the only member from Savanna qualifying to compete in the CIF swim competitions. Savanna went in as the first place team, Valencia came in second and Western ran a close third.
With the right amount of talent, Savanna can hope to have a fresh team with all the spirit and good attitude as that of the old one, and a chance to set a continuing record for three years of never having been defeated. According to a new study, students who are popular in high school are more likely to develop serious emotional problems later in life. Touting a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, mini-Garner was constantly pegged a “dork,” a title which she didn’t necessarily mind.
The actor, who used to collect comic books in high school, has a soft spot for superheroes, as evidenced by the name of his child (Kal-El, Superman’s original name) and his own last name (the fake surname “Cage” was borrowed from the Power Man comic series). The star, who was bullied throughout high school for her acting aspirations, has admitted to stalking LOTR online forums and debating the accuracy of Peter Jackson’s film series with other Tolkien admirers.
A platform for writers and artists to create and share, HelloGiggles welcomes reader contributions and publishes them daily. Surprisingly (to me, at least), I didn’t find significant differences by level of education, either.
But spending time and money on financial education for high school students is a waste of that time and money.
If there’s a study out there where students went through a financial literacy class and then were no different than others, that would be compelling evidence that the class was a waste of time. And hence the need to focus financial education on older people (i.e, not HS or college students). We learned how the stock market worked by getting to invest fake money and watching what happened over time (there was a contest). Heck even the really wealthy don’t teach their kids about money well, they just buy them everything they could ever want which ruins them. Again, if you don’t have a firm view as to why you are doing it (outcomes), you certainly are wasting your time and money.
The post came arose out of two influences: 1) reading the DailyFinance article after it was highlighted on CU Water Cooler, and 2) seeing the early results of the Financial Brand Marketing Survey which showed a decent % of respondents indicating a focus on financial education in 2015. We get terrific feedback from students and parents about the experience being an eye-opener. Our goal is for the students to experience some hands-on activities that stick with them when they are faced with some of the choices that are in the simulation.
PTA President, Judy Gunderson stated, "Mary Franks has always been a special and enthusiastic supporter of the PTA. She started teaching in the Missouri Ozarks and then went to Kansas City, where she taught every grade from 1 to 12.

She wants to complete some projects at home before her husband retires and they then plan to travel some. Said Wendy Trevett, "By getting more involved with other schools, we have learned more about ourselves and what it means to represent Savanna High School.
I agree that our school spirit has declined as it seems to have done at several other schools. The space taken up to write this article could have been used more wisely by motivating the student body than criticizing them.
Graduation seems to affect me differently than when I was going to graduate from Brookhurst Jr. But beyond that, I have been given fundamental education in areas that were no originally covered in grade school, such as biology, chemistry, and history, as well as training in completely unique subjects, such as driver ed and newspaper.
So much of it is alluded to in books or movies, and what was past is what society is built upon today.
I have made a terrible commotion about not liking the homework or the color of the paint or the plastic desks, but I did get something out of every class I've taken, and I couldn't do that without having good people to instruct me. Unfortunately, it's fun; and I like to argue a bit about books that are considered classics. Steve Wozniak, the man who changed the lifestyles of countless people through his incredible Apple Computers, has now again made another outstanding contribution from his own mind.
Moreover, if cooling down from the heat is what one needs, Came lots famous tubular waterslides should cool off the hottest of people. This song has both the harmonizing that made the group famous and some instrumental pieces that is not only enjoyable to listen to but also fun to see the group perform it live. Facing a second place team from the Base Line League, Upland, the Rebs will have a tough first round. This past season's team is basically a rookie team and is not geared for the high competitive play of 3A division. The season has ended on a sweet note with a very successful softball team and there is much optimism about next year's team with the many talented and dedicated athletes returning for another commendable season. Even though this past year had many strong swimmers such as Paul Woo, Joe Dudek and Dave Huff, the team was still very much a young team. Long hours and much dedication was put forth by each member of both teams, and we would like to acknowledge your individual contribution to our school.
In the doubles classification are two teams; first, is George Kaelen and senior Rob Ackles, with Greg Ducolon and Kevin Lee also placing very high on the league ladder.
Those team members who are graduating will be leaving with a record that has probably never before been attained - two undefeated seasons in a row. The pseudo-mature behavior that once attracted other students eventually translates to incompetence as teens enter adulthood and realize that there’s more to life than smoking behind the bleachers and fraternizing with “plastics.” If scientific studies aren’t enough to convince you that popularity is not indicative of future success, then take a look at these celebrity ex-nerds. And now, we are growing beyond just the website to include video, film, television and events. I have a wife and three daughters and I’ll be damned if I can figure out why they do what they do. That time and money is better spent elsewhere–specifically, on people already out of school. Until seeing such results, I don’t know whether teaching financial literacy is a waste of time.
I like the idea of school at least trying to establish a baseline…and who says it has to be elective. They are learning for when they will be in a match.Similarly, a stock market exercise is only effective if the students are actually going to be directly investing in the market in a recent timeframe from when they learn it.
No, of course they are not positioned to step up and make perfect financial decisions after a few hours in our simulation. She is especially proud that she came to Savanna in the first year of girls' Softball and that they have gone to CIF every year.
Because of her interest and concern for students she knows that PTA fills a special need on campus and encourages all their efforts on behalf of the students. Upon arrival in Anaheim, she taught at Anaheim elementary school, Benjamin Franklin elementary school, and then Fremont Jr.
The Franks plan to return to Missouri and set up several scholarships at Missouri Central State College and in the School of the Ozarks, a school which helps those with no money. Now, it is time for them to go out and face a world that is so unclear as to what the future has in store. They brought the idea to life for two reasons: To help promote school spirit and to give a chance for students to show off their cars. Such a radical change in the school year could only heighten absenteeism and general animosity toward authority figures. High; this time, I do not have to go to another school with different teachers and a new school song. All of these subjects, no matter how much I may have complained about at one time or another, has each contributed to my understanding of what is going on around me. At any rate, when I'm old enough I'd like to drink a toast to all three of them for the great way they've put up with my cracks and their good humor.
Yet one factor must not be overlooked, that is the record the team has to boast about from this past season. She has contributed greatly this past season to the many victories the Girls' team has been able to tuck under their belts. They all had a highly successful season and with a record of 10-1, they must be very proud. A very positive not is that the Boys' Fresh-soph team placed first in league for the second year in a row. We were founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer, and Sophia Rossi in 2011 as a place on the Internet to inspire a smile. BTW, I think there are studies (I don’t have the time to research, but I recall hearing this) that sex ed classes taught in grades like 5-7 correlate with reduced instances of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Enough with physics, trigonometry and other awful classes I knew I’d never even think about again. I still have the designs for my restaurant in a folder at my house and its made MANY moves over the past couple decades. We get sex ed, home economics (do they still do that?), art, tech ed, and a bunch of other soft skill courses like that…add fin ed to the mix.
When a student comes back a few years later to tell me how the experience helped him make choices that quickly built a good credit score or that she had managed to save enough money for a down payment on a piece of property, I know it made a difference. Upon arrival at Savanna she found the kindness of the students and staff most welcoming and that people were willing to help in any way possible. Rob Ackles, member of the auto show committee, believes that, "It's a great activity for the students to compete in. Some of my most memorable moments were watching the student body storm the basketball court after the team had defeated Brea or even Anaheim when we clinched our first league title in our history.
It is easy to sit back and criticize, but it is the solutions which are more difficult to come by. This time I get to choose where I go and when I go, as well as why I go (by choice, as opposed to compulsory attendance). Eubanks, I would like to dedicate my third grade report card which gave me an 'A' in penmanship.
Many of the teams which fell to defeat against the Rebs are currently participating in CIF or placed high in their various leagues.
This is a very promising outlook since many of these younger swimmers will, stay together until their senior years and be able to compete on the Varsity level with much experience backing them. I could see similar types of exercises in choosing careers, learning about incomes, where you spend your money, simulate what happens down the line when people make bad choices with their money, etc. A surprising number of the students follow up with a visit to the credit union to get started.
One even told me the program made him re-think his career choice and he enrolled in a different course of study based on information that was included in the simulation. Our principal seems to care more for the students than any other principals have in the past. Franks never ceases to be amazed that the students of auto shop actually know what they are talking about even though she doesn't understand a word they're saying. After that she got her administration credential and took the post of vice-principal at Brookhurst Jr. Franks commented that she plans to continue to follow student activities and will probably have more time to attend the activities.
As a member of the Student Council, we can set up more competitions and activities, but there has to be an interest from the student body. Savanna is making a name for itself in many sports and the students are proud because of this. Parents have said that their son or daughter even taught them a few things after participation. She also loves that students want to talk to her and is very proud of her open door policy. Lunch time activities have decreased because of no school spirit; spirit hasn't decreased because of no activities. Shore I would like to dedicate my picture of my cat reading the Grapes of Wrath, and telling what he thinks about it. Yigst, I would like to leave all my passes I've used to get out of a class to photograph someone or write a story.
Or if one's to spend the summer relaxing, one can spend a few weeks in their campers or RVs. If hard dollar return on investment is your only measure of success, then maybe failure is inevitable. Franks has given to clubs and activities on campus are too great to list, but on behalf of the Dispatch staff, I would like to thank her for buying a layout table and for being on our side in any disputes. Franks was also very pleased to start a computer program at Savanna with the help of George Brown and no District assistance. Schmaus I dedicate my beloved Facit typrewriter which is sitting up on a shelf in the back of her room. I would have been all over that and I came from a situation where I was pretty savvy already.
McPherson I leave my boots, for she says she can hear me (and distinguish that it is me) as I walk down the hall.
I remember when computers were growing in popularity and we had these optional typing and pc literacy classes.

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