To really understand sexual sin and why it is wrong and harmful requires us to understand our human sexuality and how it was created and designed by God to function. God made marriage to be a “covenant” between a man and a woman – that means a binding agreement.
Marriage ceremonies have taken place in many different shapes and forms throughout history. Of course, the marriage relationship is not all about sex, but it has sex at its centre, protected by everything else around it. God has given us this relationship of sex as the holy of holies of all our human relationships. In fact, the nature of the human body shows us that marriage too is a kind of blood covenant. If you enjoyed reading this article, please like and share it with your friends, thank you. God’s gift of sex to mankind was one part of His covenantal blessing to us and was created by Him to be the holy of holies of human relationships within the bounds of marriage.
The marriage covenant is also intended to be a “public” covenant that is open and recognised before society.
It has parallels with the pattern that God used for the design of the Old Testament tabernacle, which is why I refer to sex as the holy of holies of marriage. When a husband and wife unite with one another in the act of sex, it is to be within the protection, covering and context of covenant, like the protective outer courts of the tabernacle.

The Bible confirms the fact that we are “spirit, soul and body” people in 1 Thessalonians 5:23. God’s intention is for a man and woman to both be virgins as they come to the marriage bed. It’s not an agreement that couples can make five minutes before having sex in an “I love you, you love me, so it’s alright” kind of way! But marriage has always been from the beginning, an open declaration to society that this man and this woman are covenanting together. Because God has revealed Himself to us in covenant relationship, it indicates that He wants human relationships, especially marriage, to mirror our relationship with Him.
When you covenant with your husband or your wife in marriage, you are promising to be one another’s companion for life.
The tabernacle was a tent-like cathedral, a house of worship that was prefabricated and could be carried around as the people ofIsraeltravelled through the wilderness. When we present ourselves to the Lord as living sacrifices, as Paul instructs us to in Romans 12:1-2, we are giving the whole of ourselves to God, spirit, soul and body.
When two people have sex, it is not just a physical act as the world would like us to believe. As the husband penetrates his wife for the first time there is a separation or tearing of the woman’s hymen which produces a small amount of blood.
There was an outer court, inner courts, an altar of sacrifice with a basin to wash in, and then there were two separate sections which were hidden from view.

If it is taken outside and abused, then it is outside God’s order and becomes a destructive force.
Even if the hymen is broken or not totally intact due to some activity other than sexual intercourse such as physical exercise, there is usually a small amount of blood produced by the first act of sexual intercourse. It is not like the companionship between a man and his dog; it is not even like the companionship between a man and his brother, or a father and his son. One was called “the holy place” and the other was called “the most holy place” or the “holy of holies”. In that act of union we are not accomplishing something merely in the physical realm, but in the spiritual as well. It is like a blood seal on the covenant of marriage and is an important reason why you should remain a virgin until then. It is a form of companionship between a man and a woman that goes far beyond such relationships into a place of deep intimacy where two people become effectively “one person”.
God designed the act of intercourse to be a “seal” on the covenant of marriage, just as other types of covenant are sealed with blood.

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