Web Hosting Coupon Codes Coupon Codes and Hosting Discounts for your Website Hosting Needs. This is a cool trick I accidentally stumbled into that can save you a lot of money when buying a hosting plan with Fatcow. The reviews give it an overall score in the middle, but when you look at the individual reviews it seems like they score either very high or very low, which lands them with an overall score in the middle which I don’t think is actually very accurate or fair. One of the most recent reviews a customer was upset that when he moved his online radio station from a dedicated server, the best and most comprehensive type of web hosting you can purchase (and the price definitely reflects that), to FatCow’s shared hosting, the most basic type of web hosting available, that they did not get even better service than at their old host as he expected (???), and in fact his website was shut down.
Sorry to go off on a bit of a rant there, I was just pretty shocked when I saw a lot of the negative reviews and I felt that they were completely unjustified. Answering calls in one minute – It no longer costs an entire evening waiting on hold to get help from tech support. These are the features that make Fatcow stand out when compared to other web hosting companies. Disclosure: many of the links below are affiliate links that will earn me a small commission if you make a purchase through them.
Here you'll find our official Fatcow review, as well as useful articles to help you get the most out of Fatcow.
After reading through a few of the reviews I wanted to write some of the people who wrote the super low scoring reviews back about adjusting their expectations in terms of what they are owed by a company offering them very low-priced shared hosting plans.

You may not want to hear this, but if your site is hacked that probably has a lot more to do with you not keeping your software up to date or running unsecured plugins, it’s most likely not your hosts fault. I personally think FatCow provides a straightforward, easy to use, and reliable budget hosting service at an amazing price. The company was one of hundreds of website hosting companies and didn’t do anything to really stand out from the crowd. So it’s refreshing to know that Fatcow is using money from its customer to create jobs locally to help their customers. Because Fatcow is focused on individuals or businesses that have one or a few websites, they only offer shared servers. If you are pretty much a novice when it comes to maintaing software and servers you should look into Managed Hosting. You get hundreds of free applications to build your website for free, as well as simple drag and drop functionality for an instant website. If you do, I absolutely appreciate it and if you have any questions about any of the products or services please contact me using the contact form in the footer below!
Fatcow is consistently rated as the one of the top web hosting companies in the world for customer service, ease of use and customer satisfaction. That includes a free domain name, and over $300 in free advertising credits from Google, Facebook, and Bing.

I think this is a common problem when budget web hosting intersects with customers who are novice website developers and don’t have a great understanding of how servers and web technologies work. It’s also not their responsibility to fix the site for you if it does get hacked, if you run a website you should be making your own backups nightly and know how to restore them. Also, Fatcow has a drag and drop website builder where you can visually set up your webpages with no knowledge of code whatsoever.
This means if you need a dedicated server or a VPS for your business website, then Fatcow is not ideal. If you want or require that level of service, then you need to upgrade to a higher service plan, and it will cost you more money. One thing a few customers mentioned as a unique positive is that they still, for reasons I can’t fathom, can run Microsoft Frontpage! Who says you have to jump, grunt, strain and punish your body to get amazing results from your workout? See how simple portion control, clean eating, and extreme 30-minute workouts will help you get the hardbody you've always wanted.

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