If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could have only one item, what would it be?
The lines of communication are wide open partly because Jeff and I ask our kids a lot of questions during carpooling to swim practice, family dinners, and on family outings. Mid-Week Focus this week is a sweet approach to teaching kids to have a heart for good manners!
Today’s Attentionology tool and trick is short and sweet, just like the satisfaction of eating a candy conversation heart. If you have conversation heart candy leftover from Valentine’s Day or other message candy on hand, grab a handful and head to class to lead a lesson on good manners. Show Responsibility and Respect – Use quick conversation starters about good manners as part of your character education curriculum. Circulate around the room and drop conversation hearts or other message candy on each student’s desk or table space. When everyone has a piece of message candy, call on volunteers to read their candy messages. Turn Candy Messages into Good Manners Messages – As each student reads, repeat the words and add a quick phrase or sentence that connects with showing good manners. Use Message Candy to Reinforce No Bullying Policies – As you and the class listen to students read their candy messages aloud, take the opportunity to add manners messages that underscore the importance of not bullying others. Choose a time after you use candy conversation starters about good manners to reward student efforts with a sweet treat that they can eat!
Barbara Cleary has been serving as a resource to hundreds of educators for more than 25 years. An award-winning writer, producer, teacher, and trainer, Barbara’s focus is on offering easy, fun tools and tricks that support K-5 curricula and assist teachers with classroom management.
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This is a great icebreaker that gets someone talking about the past, which often puts others at ease. Instead of asking what people are reading right now, which can be a bit too intimate, asking about a book they love can create a mutual connection. Even at a corporate gathering, inquiring about someone's dream job is a fun way to get a conversation started.
Even if you haven't traveled the world, asking if others have encourages someone to share memories. This is a great conversation to get people talking about their favorite local hangouts, which puts everyone at ease. Jump in with a question that involves everyone and will get a group chatting over new releases.
This is another question that won't offend and is open-ended, encouraging even the supershy to start chatting.
Another easygoing question for one-on-one conversation or for jumping into a group conversation. For those who are ready to make a bold first impression, this is a question that gets attention and can lead to fun conversation.
Here's a question that works well with the "it's always easy to talk about the weather" concept. Asking a semipersonal question encourages others to share information about themselves without feeling guarded. Here is another fun way to start a conversation about your community without being threatening. Hey, even if you know the tune, asking someone else about the music playing is a simple start. Even at a corporate event, asking others about their job titles, roles, and how long they have been at the company breaks the ice.

A bit more direct, but asking a specific question that requires thought can really make an impression.
Pick something pretty generic, remembering to stay away from politics and religion, and the conversation will get rolling. Also an often-used convo starter, this question has lasted the test of time, which makes it a winner anywhere, anytime. It feels good when you win something, so asking someone about this special moment encourages sharing.
Slightly personal without requiring too much info, asking others about their family is a smart way to make connections. A brush with a famous person is always a thrill, making talking about it with a stranger a fun icebreaker. Explain to the class that stories, like airplanes, require clear "flight paths."Related Posts: Become the Classroom of the Traveling Story! Instigating conversation can lead to amazing connections that help you obtain your dream job or lead you to a new best friend — or great date! And it's a great question to use when you feel awkward joining a group that's already chatting. As my oldest daughter told our neighbor, a€?Thata€™s the price of being a Meyerson kid.a€? The main purpose of these questions is to foster healthy relationships with my kids and challenge them to think about why they have their opinions and why they make the choices that they do. Read more… These funniest grammar fails will make you die out of laughterHave you ever came across any funniest grammar fails in your life?

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