I think that the vast majority of 2D games that competed with Runescape have been shutdown. People don't tend to associate Research in Motion's BlackBerry platform with games?for good reason, honestly.
Certainly then, there must be plenty of great games available for an app-based platform that serves tens of millions of customers. Even though certain thematic elements?such as bubbles?defy category, the top games divide neatly into four basic types: matching, problem, memory, and wordplay. I would love to see this roundup outdated by the time of its publication, but I'm not banking on it. First Person Shooter, it incorporates elements of strategy into the game, making it more akin to Tremulous or Wolfenstein than, say, OpenArena.
Like the original game, you have to establish bases where you research future technologies, train troops. OpenTTD is a remake of the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe, the mother of all business simulation games.
OpenTTD released a whole new dimension of building possibilities that did not exist in the old version.

For those who have no idea what Transport Tycoon is, here's a teaser intro, partially taken from my review three years ago. You start a game as a young and eager entrepreneur (yes, it's an ugly word) with a small loan.
You had a huge number of weapons to choose from, and each one offered a unique visual effect. There you go, the finest quintet of free games for Linux that will make you happy and addicted. Tekken 4 is the fourth and installment in the series of tekken fighting games, The game is much interesting and  with good graphics, Tekken 4 game is developed and published by Namco. Also, if you know any games that are like Cubeworld or Neverdaunt 8Bit, that would be awesome.
Tibia, Nexus the Kingdom of the Winds, Adventure Quest, Maple Story, Terraworld, Ultima Online, and Dofus are still around. If you like casual games, it turns out there are plenty of free offerings for your RIM smartphone. Compared to the iOS, Android, or even Windows Phone 7 platforms, BlackBerry gaming offerings are thin on the ground.

Despite the rise of iOS and Android, BlackBerry still accounts for about 29% of all smart phones sold in the U.S. I also included one outlier that represents one of the best card games available for the platform.
BlackBerry remains more business-focused, and for enterprise it's the dominant platform?for now. For example, as an engineer, you will avoid direct combat and focus on repairing defensive structure. For the past couple years, BlackBerry App World has provided developers with a centralized marketplace, and despite a bumpy start, the Playbook has promise. Nevertheless, there's no reason that you can't have a bit of fun after that boardroom meeting; this roundup will add a little sugar to your coffee break. While you shouldn't expect arcade-style action, BlackBerry has a lot to offer casual gamers.

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