This website has a very professional layout because it clearly shows that the site has well organised grids in 3 columns, which made the content well organised and easy for the user to find information on the website.
Overall, this site is well presentable, the design of the site looks eye-catching and good choice of images.
There is a company typeface logo, which has been well design according to their braining and there are also list of company car’s logos display as well.
This website is cleverly designed, well presentable and simple.  The layout of the site has well unique structure.
In addition, the typography on main top image has good choice of image with big heading of typeface as it looks appearing to their target users. In this article you will learn about the different large background styles and how to use them. Photographs and illustrations are most widely used, animations are still experimental, but as bandwidth is becoming cheaper and Internet connection speeds are getting faster, more websites can afford to use these. One of the most common problems with large backgrounds is that they have to conform to many different screen resolutions.
Particularly a web designer should experiment with different browser window widths, because many users don’t expand their browsers to the full screen size, even though they may have a large resolution display. Cutting an image for use as a background can be tricky, if you don’t know how the each browser will actually render and replicate the pieces of the image. Every browser can replicate images and use them on the web pages or as backgrounds, with the help of CSS (cascading style sheets). An image is repeated by using the CSS background property in order to define the image and specifying how to replicate it.
The above code inserts the sample.jpg image as a background into the body element and repeats it horizontally.
Also note that you’re not limited to setting the background image to the body element.
In order to correctly tile an image, you must ensure that the edges of the image are consistent with the pattern, therefore creating a seamless background on the website. When scaling an image, the most important factor is image quality and the target resolution.
GIF is an image format that is optimized for simple graphics, such as text or simple shapes, circles, lines, etc. In the case of large images it’s essential to optimize an image as much as possible in order to save bandwidth (more about bandwidth later in this tutorial). Large backgrounds usually equate to large file sizes which can lead to a huge impact on bandwidth and also user experience.
The bandwidth is the amount of data that is be moved from on place to another, specifically from the server to the client.
It is therefore essential to optimize your images by using the appropriate image resolution and format, as well as optimizing the website’s other resources such as CSS and Javascript files.

High resolutions are not everything to considerwhen you design websites, you should also consider smaller screen resolutions.
Sometimes you may wish to target specific web browsers based on the device that the visitor is using or based on screen size alone, by using a specific style sheet. Another trick is to use a mobile phone emulator, which is a piece of software in which you can see how your website looks on a particular mobile phone.
If the photo that you want to use in the background of your website is too small or will look awkward, then  create the whole design around the photo.
Another tip is to create single color wide space on the photo itself, then use this color to paint the rest of the background, therefore making a seamless blend between the photo and the actual background. Here the image is centered, the left and right edges are a single grayish color and the rest of the background is filled with this color.
WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! A website is a gateway for your brand and it creates the first impression of your brand in the mind of prospective customers and visitor of your website.
While you conceptualize your design, you must consider using colors those are soothing, not heavy on eyes. Smart phone revolution has given users freedom to use internet at their will, so Mobile responsiveness of websites is a “must” for a good website.
Even if you have very quality content, appealing design and engaging animation but your website does not have good navigation, your are likely to have higher bounce rate as user get confused “Where to go!” syndrome. If you are planning get new website done for your business asks experts to chart out a well defined plan keeping in view above points.
AHATechnocrats is an innovative leading web development, mobile application development and SEO Services providing company based in India that has the specialization and expertise in web development for various types like corporate website, Mobile websites, eCommerce websites, CMS website to name a few. On the other hand, the width of the main body is 990px, which could be a bit too wide for some users.
The logo, top navigation bar and main image are in center position of the page followed by 3 columns of main heading and content.
They used mainly black background image with white font, which made the font looks more standout and easy to read. A web designer has the possibility to play with different design variables that are usually used by photographers, such as depth of field or focus.
You will also find out about the impact that large backgrounds has on bandwidth and site performance in general. A web designer should test the website’s design using as many different screen resolutions as possible, to avoid one of the common mistakes that is associated with using large backgrounds. Also a web designer should take into consideration the different image formats that are optimized for each particular style of image.

This format should rather be used for photos and the GIF format should be used when dealing with graphics.
This means that each time someone visits the website 627 KB is downloaded, adding to the total bandwidth of the website.
You can use services such as Browsershots to test your website using different screen resolutions, browsers, etc. With the help of a little Javascript code you can create a style sheet switcher or you can use already made code for this.
Content must be unique, to the point, not too much stuffing of keywords, informational and logical.
We have industry proven expertise in developing trendy, innovative mobile applications on various platforms like Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Facebook. The typeface they have used is called “Tahoma”, which is reasonably good font and easy to read. The overall layout structure is well balance and show evidence of using grids to organise well structure web page.
Moreover, the site has used grids to organise the page structure effectively, which show vertical hierarchy of the contents. The background does not have to be just photos, but also any other large illustration or even video. Avoid using background images in this way, by making sure that the photo is large enough in width for the most commonly used screen resolutions.
A web designer should design for every browser, in order to present the website to a large audience.
It increases the chances of turning visitors into a prospect and it will bring down your website bounce rate sharply. Every user has his own preference to use browser if he finds a website not working correctly on his preferred browser, he is very unlikely to revisit it. Therefore, majority of their users might have wider screen monitor, which is suitable for this site witch. These days more and more visitors tend to browse the web with devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones. We have been developing lots of website since last 7 years and have noticed many striking difference between a real good website and a bad website and most of them are not rocket science.
Using too much animation make website hard for user and using them appropriate make it more attractive.

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