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Your website privacy policy is one of the most important legal protections you have on your site.
If there’s Google Adsense on your site or third party banner ads, think they’re collecting info from your visitors? Some business owners use a website privacy policy template if they can’t afford to retain an Internet lawyer to draft a customized privacy policy designed for their business.
It’s a form, typically generated by a computer software program, that covers most major privacy issues faced by online entrepreneurs. If you do use website legal forms software to create your privacy policy, be sure to use a program that (a) is up-to-date, and (b) includes forms that were professionally prepared by an Internet lawyer.
The big issue that one sees with most software is that the information is old and outdated. In short, you should seriously consider having your website protected by customized privacy policy prepared by a qualified Internet attorney.

To find out which legal documents your website should have (or existing site docs that need to be updated), the first step probably should be to set up a phone consult with Internet Lawyer Mike Young. The next best thing (if you can’t afford an Internet attorney), is to use a software program like Website Legal Forms Generator to create your website privacy policy and other site legal documents.
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This year, we saw something interesting that we have never seen before with our top ten free genealogy websites.
FamilyTree Now is a free family tree website that also happens to have a number of free records that can be accessed through their search engine. GEDMatch is a free website that allows people to compare and potentially match their test results with other people.
AncientFaces allows people to identify ancestors in old family photographs and to share the findings with others.
US GenWeb Archives has a straightforward and understandable way of organizing their massive collection of genealogy records.

If you do have a privacy policy, review it to make sure it accurately describes what you’re actually doing with information collected from visitors to your website. Attorney Young created the forms generated by the software…and those forms were updated by him this year to reflect changes in Internet law. Internet law has changed a lot in that time frame, particularly privacy policy requirements.
These old software programs have gaping holes in the types of protection every website owner needs in a privacy policy.

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