Google has quietly updated its official Google Play Distribution Agreement to introduce some new clauses that are targeted at developers to take more responsibility for their products, which should, in turn, make things a wee bit easier on us, the consumer.
The first of these new clauses states that developers who offer paid applications or in-app purchases will have a maximum of three business days to respond to customer support inquiries, or just 24 hours if a customer’s issue is deemed urgent by Google. Next we’re looking at amendments to some of the company’s marketing language, which now prevents developers from embedding links directed to people, applications or games that aren’t supplied through the Play Store. If you’re a developer we’d love to hear what you think of the new Distribution Agreement clauses, so be sure to drop us a comment in the section below. During the recent Google IO keynote, most marketers probably didn’t pay attention to the presentation on the Google Play Developer Console. According to Google, there are now 900 million active Android users, up from 400 million activations in 2012. The Google Play Developer Console is the central command center for an Android app publisher.
The next edition of the Play Developer Console will be able to help developers (and marketers) optimize their applications based on usage information from the Play store.
This service helps you find professional translation providers who can translate your application into a different language. The console will show you where your traffic is coming from with drill-down capability along each referral channel to show you the number of users that have viewed, and installed your app. Google has added a new tab in the developer console to show you how much revenue your app has earned. With the Beta Testing and Staged Rollout functionality, you can preview new features with a small group of alpha testers.

Independent app developers will certainly appreciate the marketing insight these tools afford.
Starting today, the firm will handle all VAT charges for applications and services purchased via the Play Store. This COULD eventually lead to Google removing virtually anything they don’t like from your device.
So, if you care about the Android mobile app market , and you probably should, here are some interesting marketing takeaways from the presentation by Ellie Powers, Product Manager for Google Play.
The console allows developers to publish and distribute their apps directly to users of Android-compatible devices.
Because Google is building tools to help developers more effectively market their applications. For example, if a large percentage of people are using your application with a tablet, the console will suggest opportunities to optimize your application to appeal to that audience.
The next edition of the Google Play Developer Console will provide a new conversion funnel report based on data from Google Play. You can always use Google analytics, but soon you will be able to see this information integrated right into the developer console. You can even see a breakdown by geography to see how your app is doing in each major market. If you want to invite a select group of users to try out your app before you release it to all your customers, now you can. Once you are satisfied with the feedback, you can expand the rollout to a larger group of beta testers.

Hopefully savvy marketers will use these features to work with their development partners and squeeze a little more from their Android apps. But in today’s competitive market, developers need to be marketers and marketers need to understand development capabilities. It also lets developers manage their entire application portfolio including information about downloads, ratings, and user feedback. These tools can help you reach a larger audience and help you more effectively tune your message to that audience. You can ignore that fact and continue to offer only English language content, but you lose an opportunity to engage a substantial part of your user base. The App Translation Service can then facilitate the process by listing providers, pricing and other relevant details. The publisher can even modulate the percentage of users in the rollout and increase that percentage over time. This is where the optimization tips can take advantage of another new feature, the app translation service. But marketers do need to understand what’s possible so they can adapt their marketing strategy to take advantage of the latest capabilities.

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