Contemporary life is moving at a dizzying pace and if you have not noticed it, this is slowly affecting your emotional connection with loved ones.
While modern communication tools are way better than what used to exist, you will concur that greeting cards still have an instrumental place in enhancing relationships and strengthening these bonds.
There is no denying that modern technology has given us marvelous communication options in e-mails, instant messengers, Facebook messages among others.
According to the Greeting Card Association (GCA), the tradition of sending greeting cards goes back to the 15th century among the Egyptians and later the Chinese.
In essence, a simple card can help you communicate across generations, gender or even cultural gaps through a simple message.
So, have you been feeling alienated from your family, friends, classmates, or even your colleagues?
Greeting cards are basically tiny pieces of printed, handwritten or handcrafted paper that convey our feelings to people. Giving away greeting cards to friends, family and clients is a tradition that will continue no matter what changes technology brings. Though I have to admit that there are some good enough generic ones that are worth buying, it could be very tiresome to find that one card that fits your taste perfectly.
Below are some examples of excellent personalized greeting cards that should give you some ideas. A greeting card with a dark background and some elegant typography  would look very professional and may just help you win your client’s trust. You Might Also Want to Read:UPrinting FAQ Series: Printing Turnaround Times ExplainedWhat does Your Business Card Say About You?
Hitherto popular family gatherings and other social events have been put in the back burner and with the advent of email and other social networks, most relationships are weakening every waking day. They are a classical and ever functional tool that can help you instantly connect with family irrespective of location.
When you send out personalized greeting message, you will not only be borrowing from this rich heritage but also helping to resuscitate your family or friendship bond.

However, with greeting cards you have a chance to go all the way in terms of graphics, designs and you can easily pick a theme based on a recipient’s favorite hobby, sport, team or even movie. These cards are also important keep sakes and if you look at your childhood items, you will most likely come across a card or two and it will still arouse nostalgic emotions. Then it is time to reconnect and the best way is by using an innovative tool best epitomized in greeting cards. This means that there are no longer worries about these cards destroying the environment by having trees cut down. Most people would prefer receiving actual prints than email greetings or even electronic greeting cards for sentimental reasons. There are times when you’ll find a greeting card with a great picture, but then you decide against buying it when you get to read that awful cliche of a letter inside.
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If you think the days of the greeting card are gone, then you need to explore the adventurous delight that a simple card can bring into your relationships. If you receive a seasonal greetings e-mail from a friend or relative, this will not carry much emotional value but if you stumble upon a card during the holidays from a relative who you last saw a decade ago, a nostalgic feeling sweeps over you and this throwback effects helps you to look anew at your relationship with family and friends.
Furthermore, the fact that someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to pick a card and write a personal message definitely indicates they care and this applies too when you send such a card to another person. Additionally, these cards apply for different times of the year and hence, whether it is a birthday, seasonal greetings, business greetings or any other function, you have an opportunity to play around with the design and pick something which will bedazzle your recipient.
Not only will you help preserve memories of connection with people close to you, but also help boost their well-being emotionally in a very cost-effective manner. In spite of our current age growing into digital materials and out of printed materials, these cards will still remain relevant for numerous years. Some cards even convey emotions, like congratulatory cards, sympathy cards and celebration cards.

On the whole, buying greeting cards is a tradition that will not end this generation due to its popularity. A printed greeting card seems more sincere especially if its personally designed and not just bought from some bookstore across the street.
And when you do find that perfect card, you realize that there aren’t much copies available.
But wouldn’t it be better if you can put a photo you took or designed on your greeting card’s cover? So, get online and connect with a dependable designer and start reconnecting by showing someone that you care. In addition, people who receive them are almost always grateful; they rarely see the cards as being cheap. The best solution of course is to design your own greeting cards and have them printed by a reliable printing company. For instance, a birthday card might have more impactful words than you would have come up with. Proof of this is during holidays; people always flock to shops to purchase cards for the persons they love, whether it is friends or members of their families. Greeting cards particularly love greeting cards speak about Your unspoken love via this type of beautiful Love cards. Studies have shown that a typical person receives around 20 cards per year while he or she sends over fifty cards within the exact year.

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