Have you created a mobile website that can accomplish the same goals as your traditional website? Before you create a mobile version of your website you need to decide what information is vital to your customer’s needs. Scrolling might be easier or more manageable on smartphones but it is a hassle on feature phones. Since many people will land on your mobile site via mobile search applications and engines, make sure your mobile site is properly SEOed. While it’s not a great idea to incorporate social media feeds into a mobile website (as it is in a mobile app), your customers still need to be able to find links to your social media accounts on your site.
Maximize your online marketing efforts by creating a mobile website that can be viewed on a variety of mobile browsers. The Web Success Team is proud to sponsor ans support: Save poor Children in Asia Organization, (SCAO). What is the single most important action you want a user to take once they arrive on your landing page? The world is full of distractions for users: competing offers, texts from Mom, a nagging boss. Bored and confused prospects will quickly take their conversion clicks (and wallets) elsewhere if your landing page lacks a fun factor. If not, or if your current mobile website isn’t helping you achieve web success, your mobile marketing strategy might need some re-tweaking.

Avoid publishing images that might take a long time to load and use text links instead of graphic buttons. At the very minimum you should pay special attention to your URLs, meta tags, heading tags, and keywords in your blog. This presents a special case where you might want to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn buttons since they are popular and recognizable among millions of people. A Cambodian non-profit, non-government organization that educates, offers community service and child care. Posters offer versatility and affordability, here a few tips to getting it right.4 Rules for Creating Effective PostersKeep It Simple Stupid (KISS)Follow the KISS principle to effectively market your business with posters. They are often coupled with pay-per-click ads, email campaigns, QR codes and other forms of advertising. Speed is everything to smartphone users and they want data to load quickly over mobile networks.
Be sure to make the buttons small so they don’t inhibit your website from loading quickly.
Avoid cramming your poster with unnecessary information in favour of designs that are vibrant, clear and concise. Think about whether your target actually needs to see or know something or if it will help you make sale.
There are times however, when missing the basic details can hurt your chances of conversions.

Whatever your answer is, make sure it’s the most obvious thing on the page and guide your user toward that action. Always include your business website address and your phone number if that’s how you want to be reached. Sure, you need to provide enough content to persuade them to act, but too much content will cause users to hesitate and lead to high bounce rates.
For outdoor posters, select a UV-resistant stock to print on so that your poster doesn’t fade in the sun, where as a quality paper or card stock works well for indoor posters.
If you plan to mount your poster on a display stand, you might even get away with a less hardy (less expensive) paper stock.Proofread CarefullyTypos and errors in design layout can be costly mistakes that result in having to reprint. Play it safe by getting more than one person to proof-read and make sure your poster is checked and double-checked.
Remember, you want your poster to be flawless for maximum impact and to get results for your brand.Kwik Kopy can create a great looking poster that gets your business noticed as well as take care of print and production.
View our current Kwik Kopy Businesses for Sale.Latest Posts Simple Tips to Get More Customers into your Store 03 May, 2016 Qualities Needed for a Strong Team 08 April, 2016 Risky Business - Why Franchising is a Better Choice 31 March, 2016Did you know?Kwik Kwik Kopy are proud to be the major sponsor for Women In Print, celebrating its ninth anniversary, the women in print breakfast forums provide a unique opportunity for women to expand their networks and expand their knowledge.

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