Project Qatar 2016, the 13th International Construction Technology & Building Materials Exhibition, is taking place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC), from Monday 9 May to Thursday 12 May.
Article 1  These Implementing Rules and Regulations are issued by the Hamriyah Free Zone Authority pursuant to Sharjah Emiri Decree No 6 of 1995 concerning the formation of limited liability companies at Hamriyah Free Zone. Any company or any other establishment or person wishing to form a Free Zone Establishment must complete, execute and submit to FZE Unit an application form  and provide the FZE Unit with all such information and documentation as it may from time to time request.
Approval of any application to form any Free Zone Establishment shall be at the discretion of the HFZ Authority which reserves the right to reject any application or to require that such undertakings or guarantees be provided by or on behalf of any applicant as a condition to permission being given by the HFZ Authority for the formation of any Free Zone Establishment or as regards its registration or continuation of its registration in the FZE Register as the HFZ Authority in its sole discretion, may consider appropriate.
The HFZ Authority shall notify each applicant of the HFZ Authority's decision as to whether or not authorisation is granted for the formation of any Free Zone Establishment and as regards what (if any) undertakings or guarantees it requires as a condition to such authorisation being granted pursuant to Article 4 above within one month of receipt by the FZE Unit of a valid application form from the applicant in question duly completed and executed by or on behalf of the applicant and together with all such other information and documentation as the HFZ Authority shall have requested.

Upon authorisation being granted by the HFZ Authority for the formation of a Free Zone Establishment  and the HFZ Authority being satisfied that the relevant share capital of the Free Zone Establishment to be formed has been fully contributed in accordance with Articles 8 to 10 below, the HFZ Authority shall cause all relevant details concerning such Free Zone Establishment to be entered in the FZE Register and for a Certificate of Incorporation , duly executed by or on behalf of the HFZ Authority, to be issued.
The objects of each Free Zone Establishment shall be to carry on all such business within the areas of the Free Zone as the HFZ Authority may permit under the terms of the Licence issued in respect of the Free Zone Establishment (as the same may be amended from time to time by the HFZ Authority) and elsewhere in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, and all business and other matters ancillary, conducive or related thereto.  Such matters will include power for each Free zone Establishment to borrow, grant security, guarantee any obligation or any person or indemnify any person, to enter into all types of banking and financial transactions, to issue, make, endorse or draw any negotiable instruments (such as cheques, bills of exchange, promissory notes or bills of lading) in relation to its business and power for each Free Zone Establishment to make, alter or dispose of any investments (whether or not within the UAE) in relation to its business. Article 15  A Free Zone Establishment may have a Seal but is not required to have one.  A Free Zone Establishment which has a Seal shall have its name engraved in legible characters on the Seal. Every Free Zone Establishment shall keep a register in which details shall be entered as regards the Shareholder of the Free Zone Establishment and as regards the ultimate ownership of the Free Zone Establishment and details thereof (and of any changes therein) shall be notified to the FZE Unit within 15 days after it is made and promptly entered in FZE Register.
A copy of every Shareholder's Resolution shall be provided to the FZE Unit within 15 days after it is made and details thereof shall promptly be entered in the FZE Register.

The HFZ Authority has designated a division known as the FZE Unit, for the registration of Free Zone Establishments under these Implementing Rules and Regulations and various other matters as described herein.  In particular the FZE Unit shall maintain the FZE Register, being a register in written or computerised form (as the HFZ Authority may determine), in which shall be entered details concerning each Free Zone Establishment as described herein. While this takes into account all the projects that are currently under way, the volume of announced and planned projects in the UAE in 2014 alone is expected to be valued at $315bn, with the government announcing a number of major development projects and stepping up spending on social infrastructure development.

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