Catalyzing the computing research community and enabling the pursuit of innovative, high-impact research. Here’s how two companies, both far from Silicon Valley upstarts, used new flows of information to radically improve performance. At the time, the airline was relying on the aviation industry’s long-standing practice of using the ETAs provided by pilots.
After switching to RightETA, the airline virtually eliminated gaps between estimated and actual arrival times. Twitter has once again looked at alternative ways to make money and is now focusing on its logged out audience.
The micro-blogging site ahem I mean news company will serve its logged-out ads to the mobile web in Q2.
Google HAVE confirmed they removed the ability for some airline sites, such as Trip Advisor and Expedia, to show product rich snippets in the search results. Google’s John Mueller confirmed it about two weeks ago via a Google Hangout and mentioned that these travel pages were making up multiple different types of products in a way that you would for one product. Vine has become the latest app to join the Windows 10 contingent and as expected you can create and share your 6 second Vines from any video saved on your PC or tablet. As mentioned in The Next Web, though Vine will likely always be a mobile-first platform, desktop compatibility means makers can more easily use professional video equipment and software for editing their videos; expect vines with more fancy production values to start showing up.
Yubl, the social media app that uses buttons to encourage people to interact in new ways via their smartphones has claimed fourth spot in Apple’s UK ranking of free social networking apps, just 10 weeks after launching on the App Store. The app is currently placed fourth behind WhatsApp, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger – and ahead of app titans Skype, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Periscope. What’s particularly interesting is that the app debuted at 501st overall in apps and 29th in the social networking category when it launched on February 24 according to app analytics company App Annie. In addition, users can choose whether to share their interactive posts publicly or in closed groups. The Foxes exceeded expectations to win the Premier League, and this sparked a lot of attention from brands on social media. Below are some branded tweets that got involved with Claudio Ranieri’s team winning their monumental title victory. Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, celebrated its one-year anniversary on Saturday, reporting it had reached more than 200 million live broadcasts.
According to company team members, more than 110 years of live video is watched daily iOS and Android devices. You may remember (yes it is hard to believe that Periscope has been around for a year – where has the time gone?) that Twitter purchased the video app in January last year and was available as a Beta. The video streaming app has over ten million active users and with video dominating it looks like this figure will continue to grow. Snapchat has acquired the Bitmoji app as it steps up Facebook competition according to many sources. Aleh mentions in his article that Facebook Instant Articles could affect every publisher’s website SEO, ultimately for the better.
As you’ve probably guessed it, it also comes down to keyword optimisation in every Instant Article that is published. Content formatting will also be key, Facebook will be acting like Google and will be looking for those H1 and H2 headers as well as image and video captions, author attribution, and related article links for Instant Articles.
Recently quite a lot of people from the SEO community have talked about witnessing signs of a Google update. Ummm… a lot of movement in UK SERP results today for sites we monitor… anybody else notice anything? As Barry Schwartz mentions in his article for Search Engine Roundtable this is all very early, so it is hard to say if something is 100% going on. Continuing with Google – Late last year, Google introduced a new feature to its image search on mobile browsers.
The search engine giant is finally making the feature available on desktop and this with this new search feature, you really don’t need anything else other than your browser. The new image search feature is available only in The States, currently there has been no word yet on when it will spread to other Google users around the globe.
Hi guys hope you had a great weekend and welcome to our weekly 5:5 digital marketing news edition.
Samsung’s recent Galaxy S7 keynote was full of surprises when Facebook head honcho Mark Zuckerberg walked on stage to talk about how putting on a VR headset can actually be social.
In addition, the Facebook CEO mentioned that more than one million hours of video have already been viewed in Samsung’s Gear VR headset, and millions of new users will be able to try the VR headset this year. The social VR team will explore how people can connect and share using today’s VR technology, as well as long-term possibilities as VR evolves into an increasingly important computing platform as mentioned on the company blog. Google’s desktop search results page is undergoing a change that will mean fewer ads displaying for many queries.
The search engine giant is rolling out a change globally which will elimate the ads that we are so used to seeing on the right hand side of Search.
Good news for content writers out there, Facebook,s Instant Articles feature will available from the 12th of April. Previously, the platform was only available to a small test group of a few hundred publishers.So what’s the purpose of Instant Articles? For most advertisers, the quickest win available to them on the social app has been to bypass its enormous ad prices and get influencers to push messages out through their channels.
The messaging app wants to be a premium media buy and executives have been meeting with agencies in the UK since the start of the year to discuss future opportunities around sport and music, both of which are pitched as big opportunities for potential advertisers.
As we all know, predominantly, Snapchat has a teen based audience, however, brands such as Unilever believe that if an older audience starts to use Snapchat more, then even more revenue would soon follow. The issue at the moment, as The Drum discovered when interviewing industry based people is that some aren’t sure whether to build an audience now, while there’s a lack of competition, or wait to see what tools they are given. A creative strategist and digital experience specialist from Adidas told The Drum that it is going to be interesting to see how Snapchat grows up because it’s just so fundamentally different and offers a unique experience. It seems that brands such as Adidas are testing the water so to speak with the platform, for now there are a quite a few uncertainties to use Snapchat for marketing.
This is embarrassing for Google, they have spent $1 billion to secure its spot as Apple’s default search engine on iOS.
On Friday Buzzfeed reported that the micro-blogging platform is planning to introduce an algorithmic timeline (similar to Facebook) as early as this week. On Google.DK (Denmark) one business thought they would try and add an emoji in its Google shopping ads campaign, they were kind of successful as the emoji did appear (pictured here). According to Search Engine Land emoticons and emoji had fallen under the existing guidelines that disallowed the use of unnecessary symbols, but until the recent update, the guidelines only specifically listed “ALL CAPS” as an example of unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization or symbols. Bing last week released their latest apps for both Android and iOS respectively, the apps feature some handy features such as like a barcode scanner for price comparisons, a tool to find the cheapest nearby gas prices, and, on iOS to start, a new deals browser. Tech Crunch point out that the refresh is more notable for users on Android, as the iOS app previously included some of these features.

We think this app is great and love hoe versatile it is as mobile users are becoming more and more overwhelmed with the amount of apps they have on their devices.
If you are a keen Reditor and are an Android user this new item will definitely interest you. First of all, when looking at the app, it has some nice visuals with the Reddit Snoo and it really has a smooth feel to it, the night mode option is pretty handy too. With most Betas from experience you always have a bug or two and this is the case with Reddit’s Android app. For an app that is still currently in development, from what we have seen and read the mobile experience seems pretty good despite the occasional bugs. A recent report from comScore has shown that more than one hundred million people in the US used the app on their smartphones at the end of last year, making it top of the pile for both iOS and Android. Youtube has the potential to dominate in the next quarter after the service launched its own music streaming service called  YouTube Music.
It will definitely be interesting to see how things look in the next quarter, do you think Facebook will lose its crown or do you think it will continue its dynasty at the top of the apps lists for a long period of time?
As you’ve probably guessed by now Google loves to change things or kill things off ( look at Authorship for example!) this time they have axed Google+ Local. If you are not familiar with Google Plus, the platform has had a major revamp (which happened last month), the pages are a lot more mobile friendly and the user experience has been made a lot easier to navigate and search. He also mentions that nothing with Google My Business (GMB) has changed and you should continue to use your dashboard to manage your business information. During the setup stage, Yahoo wants access to your contacts, calendar and location so that it can cater for a deeper and more personalised and meaningful experience. Also this year Facebook has has rolled out many tools to help people with their video efforts on the platform. Last Friday, Facebook’s Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza wrote a blog post on using video publishing tools. A very handy feature, as Gomez-Oritgoza mentions, whether you’re planning an exclusive release or preparing for an under-staffed weekend, scheduling videos for your Page can help you organize and automate your content calendar on Facebook. Research from Australia shows that more than 500 real estate Facebook pages were being mishandled by many agents when it came to local marketing. Starting with engagement and posting, analysis of 53,111 posts on 560 real estate Facebook pages found that the most popular time for agencies to post content was on Friday between 9am and 11am – even though this was actually a period of minimal engagement for the audiences of those pages.
The Australian report mentioned that agents need to develop a strong understanding of what resonates with their local community so that people will read, share and comment on their posts. It would definitely be interesting to see if the same kind of research from the UK had similar results.
On Google’s blog, the company mention that the new version of Google Plus is a lot simpler to use which is great for newbies. The revamp, as previously mentioned focuses on communities and collections so it tailors to bring people together and share their common interests.
Tornar-se um grande lider e um processo de aprendizado e de constante mudanca, movido majoritariamente pela experiencia pessoal.O que torna essa jornada interessante e que as licoes envolvidas resultam de aprendizagem baseada em vivencias. Simply put, because of big data, managers can measure, and hence know, radically more about their businesses, and directly translate that knowledge into improved decision making and performance. So does accurate information about flight arrival times: If a plane lands before the ground staff is ready for it, the passengers and crew are effectively trapped, and if it shows up later than expected, the staff sits idle, driving up costs.
The pilots made these estimates during their final approach to the airport, when they had many other demands on their time and attention. It calculated these times by combining publicly available data about weather, flight schedules, and other factors with proprietary data the company itself collected, including feeds from a network of passive radar stations it had installed near airports to gather data about every plane in the local sky. PASSUR believes that enabling an airline to know when its planes are going to land and plan accordingly is worth several million dollars a year at each airport. According to Marketing Land’s Tim Peterson, Twitter had started showing ads to its logged-out visitors in December 2015 but limited the first phase of the test to desktop visitors. Twitter will target its ads to its logged-out visitors based on a specific tweet or profile page they have viewed.
In addition, you’ll receive native notifications, and updates will show up on Vine’s Start menu Live Tile.
This is our last 5:5 of the month and as usual we have put together the latest news in the digital marketing world especially for you! Bitstrips is a cartoon emoji app that allows users to create an avatar of themselves and them send them via an in app keyboard. Publishers will have to update their website’s coding to reflect the HTML markup language to identify specific features within their content for Facebook Instant Articles – as stated and show by Aleh here. We know that Google keeps its card to its chest so another Penguin update COULD be on the loose – only time will tell if and when an update is rolled out. As usual, we will be looking at an array of digital marketing news from the past week and kick things off with two of our main interests here at The Digital Marketing Bureau, tech and social media, and look at how Facebook wants to add social to VR to looking at Google’s page speed. They plan to add a fourth ad above the search results, but only on the grounds to serve highly commercial queries.
Here’s more, publishers will keep 100% of the revenue made from ads not sold through Facebook. It’s meant that many marketers are carefully considering Snapchat on a brand-by-brand basis as to the appropriateness, role and nature of content in this environment and indeed the reach opportunities as mentioned by The Drum’s Seph Joseph. I suppose for now, brands will play a waiting game and waiting to see if Snapchat will roll out more tools that will cater for promoting their brand at a reasonable cost. They might have scored full marks when it comes to user experience, but for speed, it seems the tortoise has caught up with the hare on this one. As usual we will be covering an array of stories and today will be focusing on quite a lot of mobile and app based stories as well starting our round up with the current goings-on at Twitter. The timeline as many sources have reported would reorder tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see, as opposed to the traditional model of showing tweets in chronocological order. The emoji was eventually removed and coincidentally enough Google updated its store name guidelines and it mentions that emojis are simply a big no-no. Previously on the iOS version, the price comparison feature was on the 6.1 version of the app which was released in December. Because of this, they are now turning to the likes of virtual assistants and other portals such as Google Now.
Reddit not long along closed its Beta testing on the Android app and we discovered that Android Authority has previewed the app already and this is what we have learnt about the app so far. Sometimes the settings don’t always kick in and you have to restart the app to put them into effect. Android Authority mention that they recommend for the meantime it is worth using a third party app, rather than searching for an unauthorized .apk of the beta. As usual, we have an array stories to share with you from Google Kills Off Google+ Local to an industry that we have a particular interest in (the real estate industry) and look at how it has been given a social media reality check.
Google gave very little warning or explanation to business owners about these changes, which has created plenty of confusion and frustration among many SMBs.

These Google+ Local pages originally displayed all the vital data that Google holds about a business, and Google linked these pages from local and map search results. The app offers a range of new capabilities and utility and it’s fair to say that Yahoo has done a nice job with the UI and overall search experience. In addition, it also wants you to sign in to your Yahoo account for the full experience, though this is an optional requirement.
Mark Zuckerberg revealed last month that daily video views more than doubled since January and the view counts are now sitting at around the 8 billion mark. You can also set an expiration date for your video! When a video expires it is automatically unpublished, which means it will no longer be visible on your Page or anywhere else it was shared on Facebook. This is particularly useful for videos with licensing restrictions.
Therefore, it’s important to think about how to tell your story without sound. Gomez-Oritgoza writes in her blog post that they have seen publishers provide text overlays and banners to keep viewers engaged even with muted audio, while others have experimented by narrating data points and statistics with moving graphics and images. That was followed by Tuesday 5pm to 8pm, Wednesday 5am to 8am, Thursday 1pm to 4pm, Friday 5pm to 8pm, Saturday 1pm to 4pm and Sunday 1pm to 4pm. Using social media for any local estate agent needs that local voice and as the above paragraph mentions needs those posts to be amplified by their audience from having likes, shares, and comments.
As usual we look at an array of stories from both the digital marketing and social media worlds.
Though this has always been the case, the platform has always been about connecting with others who share similar interests, I guess with the revamp, it makes Google Plus more user friendly and the stripped down feel will definitely attract new users. Liderar e usar a si mesmo como um instrumento para fazer as coisas acontecerem – logo, e questao de autodesenvolvimento.
In search of a better solution, the airline turned to PASSUR Aerospace, a provider of decision-support technologies for the aviation industry.
What’s more, the company keeps all the data it has gathered over time, so it has an immense body of multidimensional information spanning more than a decade.
As we always say here at The DMB – there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing!
At the time, Twitter said the majority of its logged-out audience of more than 500 million people was visiting its site on desktop. The single tweet or profile page is a strong signal of someone’s interest that Twitter uses it to promote to its logged-out and logged-in visitors into the same target audience. Alternatively, if you prefer to tweet us, feel free to to tweet James, Mark, and myself (David Dhannoo). Today we will be looking at an array of digital marketing news stories from Periscope hits 200 million live video broadcasts to Google brings Pinterest-like Search feature to desktops. If you want to take a look back at Periscope in its infancy check out our Mid Week Marketing Mix – James chats to Mike Allton (the author of The Unofficial Book On Hootsuite) about the video app, which you can watch here. Created in 2007 Bitstrips had raised $11m from investors, according to the Wall Street Journal. Naturally, images you star on the desktop are accessible even when you’re on mobile, and vice versa. Th change will also bring Google’s desktop search results page closer with mobile search results, where ads do not fit on the right hand side of the screen.
Web articles take an average of 8 seconds to load on Facebook’s app, which is the slowest of any single content type. Like we say in a majority of our blog posts, there’s never a dull moment in the world of digital marketing! Buzzfeed and many other sources have mentioned that it was unclear whether a new timeline would be presented as an option to users or whether they would be forced to change.
In addition, on the 6.1 version,Uber integration, GIF support, a restaurant finder, OpenTable integration, and a music and movie finder were also featured. An alternative is to add captions in order for viewers to follow along whilst the video plays, it’s definitely a handy feature to have even when the sound is turned on. Content should have the power to educate and entertain your targeted audience, from experience and looking at estate agent and realtor pages this hasn’t been the case with a lot of pages lacking consistency with their postings. Our latest addition covers quite a few stories from Google including the revamp of Google Plus to looking at the search engine giant’s mortgage shopping tool. After all, we expect companies that were born digital to accomplish things that business executives could only dream of a generation ago.
RightETA essentially works by asking itself “What happened all the previous times a plane approached this airport under these conditions? But Twitter makes most of its ad money — 88 percent in the first quarter — and sees most of its monthly logged-in audience of 310 million people — 83 percent in Q1 — on mobile.
The approach of having a few articles a month will not cut it as a minimum of 50 articles is required just to get approved. Instant Articles is said to be able to load articles up to 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles according to Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern. Some still feel that just using a phone is enough to gain leads and to also help customers and this has to change in the industry. As we always say in our 5:5 posts, there’s never a dull moment in the digital marketing world!
Voce e qualquer outra pessoa deve aprender as licoes sozinhos, com base em sua propria experiencia como gestor.Para ajuda-lo a solidificar o seu conhecimento desse processo de lideranca e ajuda-lo assim a melhor interpretar essas suas vivencias, criamos o Programa de Desenvolvimento Pessoal para Lideres Intensivo. But in fact the use of big data has the potential to transform traditional businesses as well.
So it was only a matter of time before Twitter would bring this part of its business to mobile.
Um treinamento, realizado em dois dias, voltado para quem deseja se tornar um lider eficaz.Durante o programa serao apresentados estudos de alguns dos maiores nomes mundiais da gestao como Daniel Goleman, Robert Cialdini, Linda Hill, Michael Watkins, dentre outros. But as the magazinea€™s 90th birthday approached in November, De Vries seized an opportunity to incorporate outside analytics expertise. After a chance meeting with Kaggle executives at SXSW Interactive last year, De Vries decided to use the companya€™s platform to launch a competition for the best data visualization of the magazinea€™s complete archives. Harvard Business Schoola€™s Baker library had just delivered metadata and abstracts for the 12,000 HBR articles published since its 1922 launch. HBRa€™s editorial team spent three weeks working with Kaggle to set up the parameters of the contest. Kaggle members could analyze the data, visualize patterns and relationships, and submit their proposals, which could then be commented on and voted on by Kaggle members, with HBR making the final selection of a winner and two runners up from the 10 most popular visualizations.The HBR data was a particular challenge.
The more difficult part was determining which of the leading analyses would receive the $1,500 prize and be featured in the magazine.a€?There was a fair bit of argument internally about which one was the best visual representation,a€? says de Vries. The circles start in the 1950s, and the biggest (most cited) ones are from the 1990s, covering topics such as global business (a€?The Competitive Advantage of Nations,a€? by Michael E. For the last few issues, Berinato has begun working on visualizations that will vary in presentation from the printed page to the iPad.

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