On either site you can also subscribe to a Gold Membership where you'll enjoy additional benefits and features, such as video and audio messaging, high ranked profile search results and full access to chatrooms. You can browse, search, post photos and show interest in other members on the site, in either Spanish or English. It has been proven that profiles with photos tend to receive twenty times more invitations to chat. Once you've joined you can browse all the profiles and photos on the site, create your own profile, and use the 'Show Interest' feature, which sends your profile to the individual you are interested in.

Members can chat in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, and can browse thousands of photos of latin singles on the site.
Enter a username and password, and you'll be directed to the personal information registration form.
If you wish to make use of advanced features, such as email, instant messaging and the chat room, simply upgrade your account and become a Gold Member.
Once your profile is created, you are free to browse the member list and show interests to whomever you like.

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